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June 11, 2015

Simple Way to 
Feel and Be Valuable
Marcus Laster


Right here in Durbin Crossing (St. Johns, Florida) which is between Jacksonville and St. Augustine, we are quite fortunate to live in a neighborhood that is safe, supportive, and friendly.  We have sidewalks, parks, and lots of greenery.  Most importantly, we have each other.  Whether it is a kind note on Facebook or NextDoor or a warm hello at Publix, the people who call Durbin Crossing home are genuine, down to earth, and, yes, neighborly.  It is important to step back during our normal routines and give thanks for what we have, who we are, and what we can do for others.  


One of our wonderful neighbors - Marcus Laster - has done just that and more.   After achieving what outwardly appeared to be "success" through higher education and career advancement, Marcus knew that there was something more to life and certainly a greater mission in life that he not only should be doing but needed to do for himself and others.   As such, Marcus, through some concerted thought, organization, and, yes, prayer, set out to write a book to help others.   Life's Simple Equation - Ridiculously Easy Ways to Feel and Be Valuable - was recently published and is available in hardback, paperback, and e-book formats.  


When you first meet Marcus, you will see a well-spoken, tall, athletic, educated, and friendly husband and father of two.  As a former sportscaster, Marcus is quite articulate but he is also a terrific listener. Marcus genuinely cares for his friends, neighbors, and even people he meets for the first time.  By outward appearances, you would never know that Marcus grew up in what seemed to be an endless cycle of poverty, eviction, and strife in Missouri and Pennsylvania. Thanks to some wonderful mentors and a love for basketball, Marcus was able to get through college - Winthrop University - where in his senior year he was a scoring leader.  He then embarked on careers in modeling, broadcasting, and finally a sales management career with a national pharmaceutical company. 


You will read about Marcus' journey in the book.  As pointed out by Marcus, "the book is less about me and more about you."  Marcus was able to write this book based on his life experiences, struggles, successes, and most importantly his faith.   Yes, there is a simple equation set forth in the book that every person can evaluate, study, reflect, and master through the wonderful and real life advice that effortlessly flow page by page in the book.  It was quite interesting to read about Marcus' life experiences and how they have affected him in both the positive and negative.  It is also refreshing to read about Marcus' epiphany in getting most out of "Life's Simple Equation" and truly living a more fulfilled life.   

You can read more about our wonderful neighbor at his website -  Marcus and his wife, Molly, a fitness coach, along with their two boys, are proud to call Durbin Crossing home.  Certainly, the tranquility, support, and beauty of Durbin Crossing helped Marcus fulfill one of his many life goals in writing the book and getting it published.  Do you want to lead a more fulfilled life and feel valuable?  Then, follow the example set by Marcus Laster.   "Despite life's past or present challenges, you can take steps to build yourself up and make the conscious choice to do those things that make us feel and be valuable."


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This article originally appeared in the June 2015 issue of Durbin Crossing Living, published by the Florida-Times Union.   


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