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April 13, 2015

Life Lessons in Overcoming Obstacles From a Carpet Cleaner



There are life lessons to be learned every day. Certainly, life lessons can be learned from great leaders and historic speeches, but there are also plenty of lessons to be learned from work efforts and deeds by everyday people in and around the community. Dave Gill and Michel Gill are the owners and operators of the family business - Julington Creek Carpet Care.   Dave, Michel, and  and the staff are not just ordinary, everyday carpet and floor cleaners. They take their work and craft very seriously and go out on each job with the mission to get the work done no matter the obstacle or mess.   Along with this serious and dedicated work ethic comes a 30 day guarantee that the carpet / floor remains clean even if you or a guest mess up the carpet or floor again during the 30 day period following the cleaning.   Going back to the topic at hand, what life lessons can be learned from a carpet cleaner of all people? Well, there are plenty of life lessons but one recent cleaning adventure spoke volumes of the wonderful hard-working people with Julington Creek Carpet Care.  


Julington Creek Carpet Care periodically provides service to Marineland, which is located in St. Augustine, Florida.   As a tourist attraction and year-round classroom, the floors and carpet need maintenance and cleaning to make sure that the common and private areas are clean, hygienic, and safe.   During most visits to Marineland, the cleaning process is no different that the many movie theaters and businesses that Dave and his staff are called in to clean. However, on one occasion recently, the cleaning mission was much different. One of the staff members called Dave over and asked Dave to clean another part of Marineland. The staff member pointed to a large research shipping vessel that was anchored offshore within Dave's vision but nowhere near the dock or land.   Not afraid of new challenges, Dave immediately put his mind to work as to how to get his staff and $4,000 piece of cleaning equipment on that ship. A smaller boat was called in by Marineland to transport the staff and the equipment; however, Dave still had to carry the large and heavy piece of equipment from the dock to the small boat.   There was a 4 to 5 foot gap or drop involved with the transfer.   One slip of the wrist and the equipment would have been submerged and ruined beyond repair.   Dave took this risk because he wanted to be able to provide the needed service to the client. With some muscle and careful work, the equipment was put in place and the research vessel was cleaned and serviced as needed.


Yes, there it is . . . a life lesson from a Carpet Cleaner. Actually, there were many life lessons including the following:


*Provide quality work and you will get more of it;


*Guarantee the quality of your work;


*Do not shy away from new challenges;


*Keep words like "can't" and "unable to" out of your business vocabulary whenever possible; and


*With tough tasks, roll up your sleeves and also pay attention to detail.


You see how much can be learned from a Carpet Cleaner.


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This article originally appeared in the April 2015 Edition of Durbin Crossing Living - a publication of the Florida Times Union.  

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This article originally appeared in the April 2015 issue of Durbin Crossing Living, published by the Florida-Times Union.   

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