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  April 10, 2014

A Life Dedicated to 
Education, Art, & Change 
 Lisa Whittington


Art is all around us. It is a part of our daily lives, culture, and community.  It is easy to say that a community is blessed with art and artists and even more so with talented and caring art educators. Meet Lisa Whittington - an art educator who not only has a talent for art but also a passion for sharing and teaching these skills to children.  It is one thing to teach technique but quite another to  educate others especially school aged children about the the beauty and importance of art.


Lisa is an art educator at Therrell High School located in Atlanta Georgia.  She teaches AP Art History, Fibers, Sculpture, Drawing & Painting,  and Advanced Art. Through her busy school day, she always takes the time and effort to help each student learn and advance. This can be quite challenging due to the range of talents and abilities of the students in her various classes.  Lisa is also a student of the arts herself who has constantly elevated the level of her knowledge and teaching skills.   After over 5 years of hard work combined with a full time job, Lisa will be awarded a Ph.D. in Art Education from the University of Georgia in May 2014. It will be a proud moment for Lisa, her family, the school, and the community.


Raised in New York by a single mom, Lisa dedicated herself to her studies and created her own opportunities. Lisa always made sure that school and education were her top priorities over everything else. It was not easy by any means for Lisa to rise to her current position and soon to be title of Dr. Lisa Whittington.  Along the journey of her education and advancement of her career, Lisa never saw her challenges as "brick walls" but merely "hurdles" to jump over with pride, class, and grace.  

Lisa completed her doctorate dissertation in the area of Urban Art Education. She relied upon her life experiences both as a child and now as an adult for inspiration and her dedicated and meticulous research to write the dissertation.   As noted by Lisa, "I want to bring the opportunities and beauties of art to every child with a desire to learn, work, and advance regardless of economic background or other challenges in life."

It is a blessing to have the skills of an artist to share with others.  Lisa Whittington is doing her part to educate and empower young artists so that the Atlanta community and other communities will have the blessing of wonderful art well into the future.

The Good Deed Brigade salutes Lisa Whittington aka Lisa Whittington, Ph.D. in May 2014 for her good deeds and for the wonderful work as an art educator.   


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