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  March 21, 2014

Time Spent Mentoring Is Time Well Spent:
Reginald Estell, Jr.


Managing a busy law practice is not an easy task. Running a record label is also a challenging endeavor.  Meet Reginald Estell, Jr. - the founder of the Law Offices of Reginald Estell, Jr. and No Compromise Records.  Reggie handles the commitments of each position with great pride, energy, and confidence.  In addition, he knows the importance of giving back and serving the community.   Whether it is a church related activity or some other event or fundraiser, you will find Reggie in the community doing his part to make a difference.  During the Duval County School District spring break period, Reggie showed his commitment to both community and education by mentoring a young man by the name of Joseph Bush, an 8th grade student at the Duval County Charter School. 



Reggie volunteered to serve as a mentor for Joseph who has a keen interest in law.  During a busy Thursday calendar filled with court hearings, client meetings, and research, Reggie and Joseph spent the day together.  It was a great day for Joseph to shadow a busy and caring attorney who represents his clients with both zest and professionalism.   


When asked why he wanted to be an attorney, Joseph responded, "It's quite simple. I want to help people just like Mr. Estell does on a daily basis." This positive attitude and persective has served Joseph well in his studies and other activities like church, track, and reading.  In an age filled with computers and tablets, Joseph prefers hard and soft bound books as his chosen reading materials.  He is intrigued by both fiction and non-fiction books alike. Joseph's appetite for reading and learning will serve as a great foundation as he works in school to achieve his goal of being an attorney. 


At the end of that long Thursday work day, Reggie thanked Joseph for being his law partner for the day. As noted by Reggie, "Joseph's enthusiam, good manners, and quick thinking will all combine together to form one great attorney in the future.  It was certainly an honor to work with Joseph today and I look forward to Joseph's bright future."


The Good Deed Brigade salutes both Reginald Estell, Jr. and Joseph Bush for their dedication to education, learning, and service to the community. Follow the example set by the actions of Reginald Estell, Jr. and Joseph Bush and go out in your community to do your share of good deeds.  Remember, wherever you see the Good Deed Brigade, it's all good. 


Here is a link to read more about Reginald Estell, Jr. and his law practice. 


Law Offices of Reginald Estell, Jr. 


If you have a story to share about your good deeds or the good deeds of others in the community, please e-mail us at or visit our Contact Us Page on the Official Website for the Good Deed Brigade.  


*For those who want to read more about the origin of the term "Pay It Forward" Click Here. 

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