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  March 17, 2014

Improving Smiles and the Community:  
Alan Krantz, D.D.S.


Long work days often make it difficult to have any time left over for community service and the spirit of giving.  While this may be the case for some people, a full work day starting at 6:00 a.m. and ending into the afternoon and evening hours has not slowed down Alan Krantz, his family, or his staff.   


Raised in New York, Alan's parents taught him the importance of four keys to a purpose driven life:  


1. Education; 


2. Work Ethic; 


3. Family; and


4. Community Service.





Dr. Krantz is a graduate of Case Western School of Dentistry and has been in practice for 30 years.   Since graduation, he has dedicated hundreds of hours to continuing education, seminars, and workshops to keep current with the advances and current techniques in dentistry. 


Work Ethic

You will not hear Dr. Krantz complain about the work flow or long work days. He thrives on challenges and truly enjoys being productive throughout the day.  His energy level at 6:00 a.m. does not seem much different than his energy level late into the afternoon.  Dr. Krantz maintains a good diet and exercise regimen so he can keep pace with his demanding schedule. 



Along with his wife, Adria, and his three children, Alan is proud to be a resident of Jacksonville, Florida where he enjoys the great weather, beaches, and the people.   Alan truly put his parents' life lessons to good use by making a commitment to his family where he has passed on the four keys of a purpose driven life to his children. 


Community Service

For the past 6 years, Dr. Krantz and his staff have collected over 4,000 pounds, yes four thousand pounds, of candy to send over to our troops serving around the world.  While it does take some work, coordination, effort, and expense, Dr. Krantz is happy to encourage his patients - young and old - to donate candy to our troops.  Krantz Dental also participates in an Annual Food Drive to help needy families in and around the North Florida area. Dr. Krantz's charitable efforts also extend to local youth baseball and softball teams. 


Krantz Dental and the Krantz family are dedicated to good dental health as well as good general health. Each member of the Krantz family rode in the Multiple Schlerosis (MS - 150 Mile Bicycle Ride) and raised over a $1,000 during the most recent ride. 


Dr. Krantz provides free dental care to women through a local women's shelter.   The new and improved smiles help the patients' self esteem and give them confidence as they interview and seeks jobs.  As noted by Dr. Krantz, "It is amazing to see some of the transformations and hear about the success stories that have taken these women from the shelter to full time jobs to their own homes."


In March 2014, Dr. Krantz and five of his team members will travel to Tampa, Florida to donate his time, effort, and skills to Florida's Mission of Mercy. This event targets underserved populations and provides free dental care to anyone who shows up. You can read more about the Florida's Mission of Mercy by clicking on the link below.


Florida's Mission of Mercy   



Finally, Krantz Dental is an annual sponsor of the Walk and Wag Dog Fair which raises money for Ayla's Acres - an animal rescue facility.  You can read more about Ayla's Acres by clicking on the link below.


Ayla's Acres - No Kill Animal Rescue



The Good Deed Brigade salutes Alan Krantz for his dedication to his family and his community. Follow the example set by the actions of Alan Krantz and go out in your community to do your share of good deeds.  Remember, wherever you see the Good Deed Brigade, it's all good. 


Here is a link to read more about Dr. Krantz and his dental practice. 


Krantz Dental Care



If you have a story to share about your good deeds or the good deeds of others in the community, please e-mail us at or visit our Contact Us Page on the Official Website for the Good Deed Brigade.  


*For those who want to read more about the origin of the term "Pay It Forward" Click Here. 

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