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  February 10, 2014

Commitment to Family, Faith, and Country 
Dave Cooksey


[This article was originally printed in The Creekline Newspaper - February 2014 Edition. You can also read this article on Page 22 of the print or digital edition of The Creekline. The Good Deed Brigade thanks the editors and publishers of The Creekline for publishing this article.]


Dave Cooksey is a life long resident of the Jacksonville area. Along with his wife (Nicole) and their four children, he is proud to call Fruit Cove his home. Dave and the Cooksey family are active in the local schools, sports organizations, and the Church of Our Saviour Episcopal Church. You may have seen Dave at one of the schools or parks watching his daughter play soccer or one of his sons play football or basketball. You may have seen Cooksey at one of the schools or parks watching his daughter play soccer or one of his sons play football, lacrosse, wrestling, or banging the drums in the marching band's drum line. You may also have seen Cooksey in the neighborhood helping a friend or visiting his parents or in-laws who live just down the street. As we all do, he frequently goes to Publix to pick up burgers, hot dogs, and other items for a barbeque or an outing.  


Cooksey is a quiet, friendly person. By design, Cooksey blends in and does not call attention to himself. He seems to have lived by the motto that "actions speak louder than words."  Beyond the neighborhood, Cooksey has really shined as a student, business owner, and military leader. 


Dave is a graduate of Wolfson High School (1985), the United States Air Force Academy (Bachelor of Science, 1989) and the University of South Carolina (Master of Business Administration , 1996) . He served active duty in the United States Air Force for six years where he earned the rank of Captain.  He later enlisted in the U.S. Air Force Reserve.  


In 2010, Lieutentant Colonel David Cooksey was assigned the command of the 920th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron. Lieutentant Colonel Cooksey was recently deployed to an undisclosed area in Africa with the U.S. Air Force Reserve in a combat search and rescue squadron.



Dave wears one "hat" as a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air Force Reserve. He wears quite a different "hat" as the chief financial officer and vice president of a family-owned business.  While one could relish in the accomplishments of each position, Cooksey knows that his real life mission is the devotion to his family.   Again, you will not gather this from any boastful words from Dave but by his actions and commitment on a daily basis to his family.   


The Good Deed Brigade contacted Dave Cooksey prior to his deployment to Africa and asked for a comment or two about his squadron and military service.  


Cooksey stated, "I am just one person among many. I am both honored and humbled by the path that I have traveled in life.  I am very thankful for the support of my wife and chilren, my business partners and brothers Bryan and John Cooksey, squadron, and friends as I head out on this mission. See you in 6 months and tell others to keep up their wonderful work in the community."



The Good Deed Brigade salutes Dave Cooksey, a man devoted to family, faith, and country, who is doing all he can do to make a difference.  Follow the example set by the actions of Dave Cooksey and go out in your community to do your share of good deeds.  Remember, wherever you see the Good Deed Brigade, it's all good. 


If you have a story to share about your good deeds or the good deeds of others in the community, please e-mail us at or visit our Contact Us Page on the Official Website for the Good Deed Brigade.  

[Editor's Note from The Creekline Newspaper - The Good Deed Brigade is a new feature spotlighting positive role models in our community. We welcome David Wolf and his Good Deed Brigade to The Creekline! Be sure to check back next month to meet a new neighbor.]


*For those who want to read more about the origin of the term "Pay It Forward" Click Here. 

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