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  November 1, 2013

Hard Working Mom and Furniture Store Making Better Dreams Possible

Tori Benjamin, a hard working mother of three, and Ashley Furniture HomeStores are making better dreams possible for children.  As noted by Tori, the Director of Marketing for Ashley Furniture HomeStores, Jacksonville, "it is all about giving back and doing something that can and will make a difference today and well into the future."  




With a similar spirit and attitude, A Hope to Dream program was initiated by Howard Fineman, Managing Member and CEO for Ashley Furniture HomeStores, Jacksonville.   A Hope to Dream "seeks to provide less fortunate children a mattress set that is essential to a good night's sleep. For every mattress sold, $5 will be donated to provide mattress sets to local children in need."  A Hope to Dream started in Jacksonville, Florida in 2011 and has been adopted by over 250 Ashley Furniture HomeStores nationwide.  


A parent, family friend, or another person can fill out an Application for a deserving child to get a FREE twin mattress set. Along with some contact information, the Application has a section for the following:


Please describe the child in need of a new twin mattress set.


If you know of a child in need of a mattress set, Ashley Furniture HomeStore is providing a great resource for families. Here is a link to the Website for A Hope to Dream:


Ashley Furniture HomeStores - A Hope to Dream



As noted by Tori, "I count my blessings every day and am thankful for my children, parents, and everything that I have.  A Hope to Dream gave me a better appreciation and understanding of the needs of others and what could be done to help.  I am proud to be involved with such a worthy project that makes an impact every time that a child gets a good night's sleep and is able to have better dreams."


Being part of the Good Deed Brigade can be as simple as a random act of kindness or as involved as a lifetime of giving and charity.   You can be a force for good as part of the Good Deed Brigade. 


Take the initiative and Make a Difference.   


If you have a story to share about your good deeds or the good deeds of others in the community, please e-mail us at or visit our Contact Us Page on the Official Website for the Good Deed Brigade.  


*For those who want to read more about the origin of the term "Pay It Forward" Click Here. 

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