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  September 6, 2013

How a Little Girl Who Never Spoke 
a Word Changed the World

A friend of the Good Deed Brigade told us to check out Sharon's Ministry, a non-profit organization that provides FREE blankets and ponchos for kids with Cerebral Palsy.   The orgnaziation is run by Elicia Oliver who has dedicated her time, skills, and heart to a great cause.


Elicia Oliver - Sharon's Ministry
Elicia Oliver-Founder of Sharon's Ministry


The efforts, kindness, and goodwill of people like Elicia Oliver and organizations like Sharon's Ministry do make this world a better place through the distribution of the free blankets and ponchos and its message of hope and faith to others. Elicia provided the Good Deed Brigade with more information regarding Sharon's Ministry and its work to comfort children throughout the United States.


Sharon's Ministry was started in February of 2012.  Our Non-Profit Organization was started in memory of my niece, Sharon Ruth Tonner, who in spite of her four short years on earth impacted me more than any other person I have ever met.  Sharon was born on September 6, 2006 and from the moment she was born, it was known, anything she would be able to accomplish would be done with great difficulty.  


Sharon was not breathing at birth and there was severe brain damage.  Doctors diagnosed her with Spastic quadriplegia which is a form of cerebral palsy.  I watched this little girl grow and develop at her own speed.  Often times, it is easy to step back and wonder how and why this could happen.  But I began to see things very clearly... 


After you strip away all of the schedules, iPods, jobs, school, plans for the future, concerns about success, it is easy to see she was just a little girl with basic needs whose parents adored and treasured every moment with her.  She lit up to her parents (my brother and sister in law) voices and loved her brother and sister.  When she became very sick, my mother (her grandmother) made a poncho because keeping her warm and comfortable was difficult.  In addition, this was coupled with the difficult task of putting a coat on her that would fit in a wheelchair.  


After her passing in January of 2011, our family wanted to keep her memory alive and the ponchos were a perfect solution.  They are made with fun, exciting prints and given to children with special needs who may have difficulty with wearing coats (at no charge.)  It is our way to give something special to the most special people of all and their families to make everyday life a little easier.  Over the past two years, we have sent ponchos to over 35 states in the US.  Our goal is to have one of Sharon's Ponchos in every state by the end of 2013.   


What an amazing tribute to an amazing girl.  A little girl, who never spoke a word and who by society's terms would never "do anything" has impacted the world, more than most people could ever dream.  Everyone is capable of something amazing. 


The Good Deed Brigade salutes Elicia Oliver and Sharon's Ministry for their dedication to children, families, hope, and faith.   Here is a link to read more about Sharon's Ministry and its wonderful work:


Official Website for Sharon's Ministry


Sharon's Ministry  

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