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  August 14, 2013

Pie in the Sky - Providing Hope, Help &
One Million Pounds of Food to People in Hastings, Florida

Malea Guiriba is the Founder and Executive Director 
of Pie in the Sky - a non-profit organization based in Hastings, Florida.  What is Pie in the Sky?  Where is Hastings, Florida?  Two exellent questions.  


Malea Guirba on the Radio - Pie in the Sky
Malea Guiriba on
Radio Station WFOY 


Pie in the Sky provides food and services to a number of needy residents in Hastings, Florida.  Malea wears many hats in the organization which is mainly supported by private donations and run by volunteers. 


On special occasions, there are pies baked personally by Malea and then distributed to lucky recipients or sold to help further support the fine work of this organization.   Hastings is located in the Southwest part of St. Johns County, Florida.  It is a small town filled with hard working and friendly people.  


Pie in the Sky - Hastings Approximately 9 years ago, I was assigned to work in the Hastings area by a non-profit organization.   Prior to this time period, I had not been to Hastings and did not know much about the area. I had no idea when I first started traveling and working in Hastings what impact the people and the area would have on my life and my way of thinking.  


Many residents and families in Hastings have limited resources for the basic necessities of life including food, shelter, and clothing.  Based on my observations and the needs of the residents, I started Pie in the Sky in 2009 to help serve the wonderful people of Hastings. 


Over the past 4 years, Pie in the Sky has served over one million pounds of food to the local residents.   There is a still a great need in the community. I am so thankful that I am able to help such deserving people and work with such dedicated volunteers. I am also thankful for the many friendships that I have formed in the community which have greatly enriched my life. Malea Guiriba.


You can learn more about Pie in the Sky and all of its great work and people by visiting the Website or Facebook Fan Page:


Official Website for Pie in the Sky Hastings


Facebook Fan Page for Pie in the Sky Hastings


Being part of the Good Deed Brigade can be as simple as a random act of kindness or as invovled as a life time of giving, charity, and good will.   You can be a force for good as part of the Good Deed Brigade. 


Take the initiative like Malea Guiriba and Make a Difference.   


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