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  July 4, 2013

Good Deed Brigade - Life Lessons and Inspiration from A Through Z   
Good Deed Brigade Book

The book titled The Good Deed Brigade - Life Lessons and Inspiration from A Through Z is now available. Simply visit the Good Deed Brigade Contact Us Page and request the book. In the spirit of the Good Deed Brigade, the book is free.  

It is a simple book with an important message. 

Go out and spread the message and spirit of the Good Deed Brigade in the community. 

You can also e-mail us a request for the book at:

The preface of the book includes the following:  

*The Mission of Good Deed Brigade*

*Encouraging and Promoting Good Deeds*

*Good Deed Brigade - A Call to Action*

In addition to the preface pages,  there is a page for each letter of the alphabet including Assist, Believe, and Care.  (See below for the full list of keywords in the book.)

As I sat down to write this newsletter, I initially wrote the following statement:  "The Good Deed Brigade Book is complete."  I then deleted this sentence for a couple of reasons.   First, I intend on writing additional content for the book.  Second, no book, seminar, or article on the topic of good deeds / kindness is "complete". We are and should be constantly adding to the "book" of good deeds and kindness by taking action each and every day to make the community a better place for our family, friends, and others.  

Please request the book and I will gladly send it to you.  Also, you are welcome to share the book with others.   Let me know what you think about the book and if you have any suggestions for additional content for the Second Edition of the book in the future.  Send me a book review which can be as simple as a few sentences in length.  Most importantly, use the book as affirmation of your good deeds in the past and inspiration for your good deeds in the future.   

The book is being released in time for the July 4th Holiday which celebrates the independence of our great nation.  We have both the freedom and ability to help others.  

Happy July 4th!  Be safe, have fun, and, yes, do a kind deed or two on the holiday. 

David A. Wolf
Founder of Good Deed Brigade


Here is a complete list of the keywords in the book - Good Deed Brigade - Life Lessons and Inspiration From A Through Z.

Assist, Believe,  Care, Deed, Effort, Find, Give, Help,
Improve, Job, Kindness, Lead, Might, Need, 
Opportunity, Quality, Resolution, Salute, Teamwork,
Unite, Wonderful, X (marks the spot), Yes, Zip


The Good Deed Brigade - Thank You
Good Deed Brigade Logo

Thank you for reading this Issue of the Good Deed Brigade Newsletter.  Also, thank you in advance for all of your good deeds that you do today and will do in the future. 
Mission Statement:

The mission of the Good Deed Brigade is to promote the actions and kindness of people making a difference in the community.

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