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  June 20, 2013

A "20 Year" Connection,
Friendship, and Bond   


The book titled The Good Deed Brigade - Life Lessons and InspNew York City Summer 2012iration from A Through Z is in the final editing stage and will soon be released in August 2013.  It is a simple book with an important message.  Go out and spread the message and spirit of the Good Deed Brigade in the community. In addition to the book's preface pages,  there is a page for each letter of the alphabet including Assist, Believe, Care, and so on.   On a number of these keyword pages, I note how acts of kindness benefit both the person doing the good deed and the recipient. 
In 1993, I volunteered to be a Big Brother (a mentor) for the Big Brother and Big Sister Program.  After submitting my application, I was matched with Harrison Markey,  a 9 year old boy who enjoyed soccer, reading, and playing with Legos.  We would hang out a few times each month.  Our activities including going to the park, kicking field goals, having lunch, and, yes,  browsing through the aisles of Office Depot.    We kept in touch as Harrison continued his education through middle school and high school. It was a proud moment for me when Harrison graduated from high school.  It was even a prouder moment when Harrison graduated from college at the University of Florida.

Just yesterday, I spoke to my good friend Harrison who now works as an associate producer and editor of sporting events for a variety of companies in New York City.  While Harrison is just 29 years old, he has traveled the country and the world covering events like Monday Night Football, Wimbledon, the French Open, and the Australian Open.  In fact, he just returned from the French Open and will soon be heading back to England to cover Wimbledon. 

During our telephone call, it dawned on me that Harrison and I have been friends for over 20 years and our friendship only grows stronger each year.  Last summer, my family traveled to "The Big Apple". It was the highlight of the trip to hang out, once again, with my friend Harrison. We took the subway to a New York Yankees game.   Harrison was a gracious host  and was truly excited to have the Wolf family there to enjoy many of the city landmarks including Times Square, Broadway, Central Park, and other locations.  

My "20 Year" connection, friendship and bond with Harrison resulted from my  desire to make a difference as a volunteer in a great organization.  This act of kindness has truly enhanced my life and provided me a reliable and trusted friend. 
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Thank you for reading this Issue of the Good Deed Brigade Newsletter.  Also, thank you in advance for all of your good deeds that you do today and will do in the future. 
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The mission of the Good Deed Brigade is to promote the actions and kindness of people making a difference in the community.

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