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  June 10, 2013

The Good Deed Brigade and
the "Kevin Bacon Connection"  


   The Good Deed Brigade was launched last month.   
The Facebook Fan Page is up and running and I thank those who have visited and posted a "Like" to the page and those who will post a "Like" to the page in the future.  I also wanted to thank everybody who has taken the time to read the first newsletter to find out more about the Good Deed Brigade.  We certainly can and will get more traction as people find out more about the Good Deed Brigade and get into the spirit and purpose of the movement.   Here is a link with the full Mission Statement of the Good Deed Brigade.  

The book - The Good Deed Brigade - Life Lessons and Inspiration from A Through Z - has been completed and is in the final editing stages.  Here is a link to the Sneak Preview of the Book.  


What about the "Kevin Bacon Connection"?   Kevin Bacon is a television and movie actor who has appeared in a number of shows / films including Animal House (1978), Footloose (1984), A Few Good Men (1992) , and X-Men: First Class (2011).   The Six Degrees of Separation is a game in which people try to figure out how an actor, director, or someone else in show business is connected directly or by a number of degrees to Kevin Bacon.  For instance, actor Ed Asner was in the movie JFK with Kevin Bacon in 1991.  This would give Ed Asner a Bacon Number of 1.  Ed Asner was in the 1969 movie - Change of Habit - with Elvis Presley.   Even though Elvis and Kevin Bacon never appeared in a film together, Elvis would have a Bacon Number of 2. As a big Elvis fan, I had to find a way to reference Elvis in this story.  Here is a link to read more about the Kevin Bacon Six Degrees of Separation.  


What does the "Kevin Bacon Connection" have to do with the Good Deed Brigade?  It seems that everybody in show business is connected by at least 6 degrees of separation with Kevin Bacon.  The connection is Hollywood, film, television, and, essentially, the entertainment industry.  For the rest of us who are not in show business and not so famous, we are also connected to each other in some way whether the 1st Degree, the 6th Degree, or more by the Good Deeds that we do every day.   Our Good Deeds have a ripple effect and connection that go well beyond the kind act and / or kind words.  For instance, I volunteer and serve on the Board of Directors as Treasurer for the Jewish Community Alliance here in Jacksonville.  The JCA has over 2000 members.   I also volunteer and serve on the Board of Directors as Secretary at Creeks Soccer in St. Johns, Florida which has over 2400 players in the Club.  If you count in the family members, we are talking over 10,000 people that have a connection to me and vice-versa.   You can see the enormity of reach of the ripple effect in action.  Our connection is one of community involvement and service which is a core component of the Good Deed Brigade.   You can read more about some of my community involvement at David Alan Wolf - Community Involvement.  Please send me an e-mail and / or post on the Good Deed Brigade Facebook Fan Page about your Good Deeds, community involvement, etc.  It would be great to hear from you and have others read about the positive difference you are making out there.    


Through the Good Deed Brigade and its projects, you will only read, hear, and see the good and positive inspiration and information.  In a world filled with so much content to the contrary, the Good Deed Brigade should be a bright glow to your day in the morning and a soft glow to your evening at the end of the day.    

Please take a moment to "Like" the Good Deed Brigade on Facebook  and otherwise do your part to let others know about the Good Deed Brigade.  Be a connector and link to the Good Deed Brigade and inform others about it.   


With your help and the effort of others, we can and will make the world a better place for all.  
The Good Deed Brigade - Thank You
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Thank you for reading this Issue of the Good Deed Brigade Newsletter.  Also, thank you in advance for all of your good deeds that you do today and will do in the future. 
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The mission of the Good Deed Brigade is to promote the actions and kindness of people making a difference in the community.

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