October, 2015 Edition 
Gluten Free Candy
Here's our gluten free candy list that's separated by candy manufacturers. Just note that this is the U.S. only listing only because ingredients and facilities are different in other countries. For example, Smarties is gluten free in the U.S. but isn't in Canada because their versions include wheat flour. Crazy, right?

Just a couple gluten free candy below:

Hershey's Milk Duds
Heath Bars
Brach's Candy Corn
Red Hots 
3 Musketeers Bar
Snickers Bars
Tootsie Rolls 
Junior Mints 

Supporting Student Athletes 
The NCAA helps demystify diabetes for coaches and colleges in this article on supporting t1d athletes. Boy, diabetes perspectives have sure come a long way from the days of restricting the activities of youth with diabetes!

Scoring on T1D - Dominique Cirnigliaro  

College soccer t1d athlete shares how she, and those around her, had to really face up to her diabetes and bolster her inner conviction in order for her to succeed, both on and off the field

Halloween & Candy Alternatives 

People can get really creative about dealing with the excess of Halloween treats! One group offers a Candy Buy Back that replaces candy with sugarfree treats PLUS donates the candy to troops overseas: a win-win!
Or, in New Jersey, kids with diabetes can do a candy exchange. Other folks out East head to nature instead of to houses. What will you think of?

Count Those Sweet Carbs! 

However, it wouldn't be a real Halloween without candy OR without the all-important handy carb-count list of popular sweets from the American Diabetes Association!

United Nations Day
October 24 

United Nations Day is a most appropriate time to consider the impact diabetes is having world wide. Using the latest info-graphics, Diabetes Atlas and interactive fact sheets from the International Diabetes Federation to look at all the countries and regions, the big take-home message is that as of last year, 387 million people had diabetes. This number will nearly double in the next 20 years!

Recipe of the Month: 
Skeleton Veggie Tray
lettuce leaves
Sliced olives
Veggie dip in a small bowl
baby carrots
bell pepper
cherry or grape

Arrange the veggies on a platter in the shape of a skeleton, top with an appropriate sized bowl of veggie dip for the head. (I'm sure your presentation will look better than mine. Note to self: skip the waxed paper next time. I'm not really sure WHY I used it in the first place.)



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Happy 20th Anniversary to Camp Dudley! 

Thank you to the many, the lucky, and the few who have made Camp unforgettable; to the wise and generous Docs who sacrificed their vacation time (again); and to the uplifting counselors, nurses and volunteers who have carried us through. We would not be here without you!

(291 days, 19 hours until camp 2016 just saying:)
Cooper Dreams BIG
One year ago on October 18, Cooper was diagnosed. Preceded by some of the classic symptoms of excessive thirst and urination following a difficult flu, the news that their five-year-old had developed diabetes shocked Ezra and Kristy Kilfoil. Their family and friends immediately rallied around them in support, and Cooper was a brave as he could be. As Kristy puts it, "Cooper did an amazing job with all of it" despite trauma from the many shots and finger pokes. His questions, "Why me, why do I have to have this?'' or "I really hate poking my finger!" were heartbreaking to hear and to answer.

Elijah, Ezra, Cooper, Kristy & Mirabella Kilfoil
"We all have things that we 'deal' with but those things will not stop us from living our lives fully."  
                                                   ~ Kristy Kilfoil 

Ironically and painfully, this was the family's second hallmark voyage back up to Doernbecher Children's Hospital. They were already very skilled and experienced in parenting children with special or extraordinary needs. Cooper's thirteen-year-old sister, Bella, has a very rare genetic syndrome called Wolf-Hirschhorn. Nonverbal, with limited mobility and prone to seizures, Bella has required extensive specialized care all of her life. The Kilfoils have had to solicit help in fashioning a special bed for Bella so that she can sleep safely, comfortably and independently. In partnership with The Joinery in Portland, they even went so far as to create a special nonprofit, The Bella Fund, so that families in Oregon and Washington can get assistance to obtain these one-of-a-kind miraculous beds!

Nonetheless, despite their experience with these other challenges, adding type 1 diabetes into their already complex lives was devastating for the Kilfoils. Courageous and resilient, both Cooper and the family grew to face his new condition with impressive fortitude. Beginning with the original "Rufus" (the bear with diabetes), teddy bears have offered him the nightly reassurance that only soft fuzzy companions can. By now his bed is thoroughly covered, leaving little room for Cooper!
Teddy Bear Fun 

"I know that Chris' book has helped build that 
confidence in him."
                                          ~ Kristy Kilfoil 

Cooper also welcomed some BIG surprise support and inspiration. A gift from Karis Tsolomitis of JDRF, the children's book Chris Dreams BIG immediately grabbed Cooper's full focus. A beautiful rendition showing children of all differing needs, Chris Dreams BIG is equally a tale of love and acceptance as it is one of living triumphantly with t1d. As Cooper recites the book from memory, the Kilfoil's nightly ritual includes taking turns putting their hands and feet on the BIG outlines of Dudley's own hand and
 foot. Recently, it was clear that Cooper had internalized Dudley's message of hope. A little girl, attempting to be kind and empathetic, commented on diabetes as being a "sad" thing. Without missing a beat, Cooper cheerfully retorted, "No! It's not gonna stop me from doing anything I want!" Meanwhile, Cooper practices daily on his own basketball hoop, getting ready for the day he will finally be old enough for Camp!  
"Someday there will be a cure and God is working in this even if we can't 'see' him..."   
                                                     ~Kristy Kilfoil      
Happy Halloween from Cooper! 

In just one year, this little boy - and his family - have come so far. Every night, Cooper (and his bears) are dreaming BIG; Bella is dreaming safe (in her special bed); and we sincerely hope that you are dreaming BIG too!

A special thanks to Kristy Kilfoil, Cooper and Karis for providing information and inspiration for this article! 

Click here for more information about the book Chris Dreams BIG
Chris Dudley Head shot PT


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