August, 2015 Edition 
Camp 2015! 

Wednesday, Brian Grant, was our special guest, as always he was an inspiration to all campers! 

Coach Herb Brown was another special guest, teaching basketball skills and encouraging teamwork! 

Students with Diabetes Take to the Pool

What do Miss America 1999 and competitive Ball State swimmer Tanner Barton have in common? 
T1d! Tanner gives his inside perspective on the happenings of this year's "Students with Diabetes" conference in Florida where he got to hang out with Miss America and many other inspiring individuals with diabetes. Tanner has certainly not let diabetes cause him too many waves!

Swimming with Diabetes 

Swimming along, some additional competitive swimmers are equally inspiring, such as recent Miami University graduate Courtney Collett 
and teen swimmer Katherine O'Malley in Massachusetts. Diabetes UK highlights how swimming is a great low impact cardiovascular activity, while Diabetic Lifestyle makes it clear: swimming is perfect for folks with type 1 or type 2 diabetes! 

End of Summer Travel with Diabetes 

No matter where you're headed for your summer finale, reviewing diabetes travel tips is a good reminder.  As blogger Kate Cornell points out, camping with type 2 requires a bit of extra preparation and she and her friend Laddie discuss the differences and similarities in going camping with type 1 versus type 2. The Huffington Post reminds us that camping is actually great for everyone in terms of helping you sleep!

Candace Rose Discovers Ask.Screen.Know.

Candace Rose interviews Rev Run and Vanessa Simmons who share about the importance of screening for Type 2 diabetes, and about their new diabetes outreach program called Ask.Screen.Know

Marshmallow Toasting Time 

What better way to finish up summer than with an outdoor marshmallow roast & toast, particularly on an official day to commemorate it! Better yet, there are a number of sugarfree recipes that enable everyone to enjoy these sticky, sometimes-fiery treats. Sugarfree recipes and marshmallow stories abound from Marshmallow Madness and The Beautiful Diabetic to Desserts with Benefits. And, as one mom explains in Diabetes on the Side, diabetes does not have to put an end to the ritual of s'more making. 

Recipe of the Month: 
Marshmallow Creme and 
Sugar Free
3 envelopes unflavored gelatin
1/4 cup cold water
3/4 cup boiling water
3 tablespoons granulated sugar substitute or granulated fructose
1 teaspoon white vanilla extract 
3 egg whites 



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20 fabulous things about 
Chris Dudley Basketball Camp! 
"Every step we take is on common ground and there is nothing to explain" 
                                     ~ Dudley Camp 

V this way pt sept
1. Good Ole Vernonia, Oregon 
2. Basketball - all day, everyday!
3. Checking your cell phone in:( 
4.  Conditioning Drills - you know you love them! 
5. The AMAZING staff & coaches... priceless
6.  Test Don't Guess! 
7.  Slip-in-slide
8. Mustache Day
9. Talent show
10. Coming to camp as strangers and leaving camp as friends for life! 
11. The two who started it all 20 years ago! 
12. The hills - we love walking those...all- day... long!
13. Volleyball 
14. Meeting life long friends
15. BIG Mike - fearless year after year!
16. Umm.... these guys....
17. Thursday Night - Pass the ball
This is the original Camp Photo - 20 years ago! 
18. Annual Camp photo
19. Those Evergreens! 
20. Being a part of one Family - The Lucky Few
Chris Dudley Head shot PT

Happy end of Summer!!


Chris Dudley and  
Chris Dudley Foundation