January, 2015 Edition 
Inspirational Quotes on Diabetes for 2015 
What better way to ring in the New Year with inspirational quotes gathered on Pinterest, or browse a collection gathered by the Health Monitor team. 

Joslin Diabetes' 14 Best of 2014!  
Read a series of some of the most noteworthy diabetes stories from Speaking of Diabetes this past year.

Honoring Seniors with Diabetes 
Individuals living successfully with t1d for many years have a lot to teach their juniors, and to offer to science. Read about inspirational folks who have learned many tricks of the trade that they can both share with others and contribute to research efforts. Also, take the opportunity to nominate a medalist through the Lilly Diabetes Journey Award program that you might know for the 50, 75 and 80 year categories so they can join the honored ranks! Those living with diabetes for 25 years can get a certificate as well.

January 25-26, Ohio
Its basketball season - what better way to raise money, awareness and education around diabetes than putting on a basketball extravaganza!? Held at Walsh University in North Canton, Ohio the American Diabetes Association partners with Dunk4Diabetes to unite all "ballers" in the fight against this disease!

The Sisterhood of Diabetes: Facing Challenges and Living Dreams
In this the book by t1d author Judith Jones Ambrosini, she profiles 5 successful and competitive female athletes, all living and learning with Type 1 diabetes. InsulinNation features excerpts from one of the stories highlighting basketball-turned-football player Shaakira Hassell.

Cedric Takes a Jab at Diabetes - Step on Up
Cedric thinks most things are funny - that is, except for diabetes. In his interview with Queen Latifah,  he talks about his father's diabetes, including diabetic nerve pain and how that has inspired him to create a new awareness program called Step on Up.
A Type 1 Diabetes Guide to the Universe
In his new interactive ebook, A Type 1 Diabetes Guide to the Universe,  
t1d author Joe 
Solowiejczyk creates the feel and presence of real-time companions and practitioners who help families to feel stronger, supported and more capable of getting through the incredible ups and downs of the disease. On A Sweet Life, Riva Greenberg interviews Solowiejczyk to hear the backstory.
Recipe of the Month: 
Southern Pasta Salad with Black Eyed Peas

Nutritional Facts Per Serving: 
377 Calories
8 g fat 
15 mg cholesterol
58 g carbohydrates
21 protein
8 g fiber
767 mg sodium
508 mg potassium 

3 starch
1 1/2 vegetable
2 lean meat
1 fat


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2014 Kudos and New Year's Cheers!  

Thank you to all of the incredible and generous sponsors,donors, supporters, partners, participants, family and friends who made this year's Pacific Northwest Diabetes Week 2014 such an exciting and rewarding experience. 

All over the Pacific Northwest community in multiple locations and countless households, education and awareness about diabetes was spread, inspiration was shared, and the rousing fun and electric energy of the 30 for 30 Chris Dudley & Chris McGowan Live Active, Dream BIG Challenge got all of us moving towards a healthier

lifestyle!  The festivities culminated with a memorable evening of "Circle on the Court" where we got to celebrate

both a BIG win for diabetes and a win for the Portland Trail Blazers home team. 















Kudos to everyone who lent a hand, big or small. May each and every one of you have a healthy, active and energizing New Year!

CDF Will Miss 
Lisa Dansie Daley

Dear CDF Community,


The New Year and the excitement of a fresh start inevitably come with some poignant goodbyes and farewells. We are very sad to announce that Lisa Dansie Daley, who has held our Corporate Development and Event Management position for the last 1 1/2 years is leaving the Chris Dudley Foundation. We have truly enjoyed Lisa's company, her creative efforts and her hard work. Lisa brought a refreshing energy and an unmatched enthusiasm and passion to her work in helping others to learn about diabetes. A genuine and caring person, she maintained heartfelt empathy for others, regardless of whether their stories were uplifting or a struggle. Her contributions and accomplishments with the 2014 Pacific Northwest Diabetes Week were particularly invaluable for the Foundation, and we have been very blessed to have her be a part of our lives.


Lisa writes:


"It is with mixed emotions I have decided to leave the Chris Dudley Foundation. While I am excited to pursue this next chapter of my life I will miss being a part of an amazing team and this life-changing Foundation. I feel very blessed and proud to have been a part of it and hope that I changed the way diabetes evolved in the Northwest just a bit.


Thank you so much! Here's to health, happiness and lots of fun in 2015!"


Lisa, while you will be greatly missed, we are also happy that you will have the opportunity to embark on some new adventures of your own. We are wishing you nothing but the best in whatever you do, and hope to hear from you often.


Yours truly,

Chris Dudley and the Chris Dudley Foundation Staff

Where Are They Now?...  

Ellen Esterhay 

Have you wondered what your favorite counselor does for their day job? Or, perhaps you've lost touch with a CDF pal and would love to know what they're up to. Search no more! You can find out here in the alumni spotlight "Where Are They Now?"... Oh, and please remember to email and let us know what you are up to so we can feature YOU too!


1. How many years did you attend camp and what was the last year that you attended? 

Whew, you're making me do math already? I believe I started camp when I was 11 or 12. I attended every year until the cut-off, then became a staffer for two (or three?) years. So 2011 was (probably) my last year at camp.  


2. What is your favorite camp memory? 

There are so many to choose from! Memories of the campfire nights, and hearing personal stories from campers and staff has always stuck with me. Staff and coach skits on Talent Show night were hilarious every year, without fail. But I also remember the smaller things - impromptu games of Tips, joking around with people waiting in line for the doctor, the low table.  


I think one of my stand-out memories was winning several of the ladders/quick feet competitions when Trail Blazers conditioning coach, Bobby Medina, came for a day. I was declared winner and he tossed me a pair of NBA Blazer socks that were way too big for me, and a Scottie Pippen sweatband. I still have them to this day! I am also very proud of getting the "Camper of the Week" award from the coaches and staff - that really meant a lot, and still does. 


3. Did you learn anything at camp to improve your diabetes care? 

Test don't guess! But really, that is an invaluable lesson that every diabetic needs reminding of from time to time. I carried that with me while playing college lacrosse, and I still follow it now. It's always better to be on the safe side. I also try to always test before I get behind the steering wheel. 


4. Do you stay in contact with anyone you met while attending camp? 

I do! Actually, I owe Pat Reilingh a phone call as I write this. I keep in touch with quite a few people. And even if we don't speak regularly, it's always wonderful to hear from any fellow CDBC camper, and learn about their successes. I hear that Ben Rue is taking the country music world by storm, and Kayley Wolf is engaged! 


5. Do you have any advice for present or future campers? 

Don't waste time, and don't be scared to put yourself out there and make friends. Chris Dudley Camp is a special place because everyone is accepted for just being 100% themselves - working pancreas or not. And as amazing as the camp experience is, it's only 5 days out of every year. So if you want help with your game, don't be afraid to ask a coach. If you want to meet people, introduce yourself within the first five minutes of getting there! Be yourself, have fun, and value every minute.


6. Tell us about yourself since your camper days...did you attend college and where...are you working...are you married...do you have children...anything else you would like to share.

I graduated from Hamilton College in New York this past May with a Chinese and World Politics double major. For the past five months, I worked in the press shop for the U.S. Senate campaign in my home state of Kentucky. I'm now debating next moves, ranging from going back to China, to finding communications/foreign policy work in DC (but I won't rule out a move to the west coast, either!).



Happy 2015! 
Chris Dudley Head shot PT   

Chris Dudley and  
Chris Dudley Foundation