July, 2014 Edition 
23 Days 
12 Hours 
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15 Seconds 
till Dudley Camp!!! 
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The countdown is on! Only 23 days and Chris Dudley Basketball Camp 2014 will be underway! CDF staff is looking forward to this wonderful year! 
National Diabetes Prevention Program
The highly successful National Diabetes Prevention Program has recognized programs in hundreds of locations around the U.S. where organizations work together to support the approach of an evidence-based lifestyle change that is working to help delay and prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes. Explore the 10 DPP recognized programs in Oregon and the 28 recognized DPP programs in Washington.
Defeat Diabetes! 
July 4
Given that a shocking 86 million people in the U.S. have pre-diabetes, the Defeat Diabetes Foundation is encouraging everyone to get active for July, especially on the 4th, with lots of physical activity, including a nature scavenger hunt!
Patriotism and Health
American Flag July 2013
Believe it or not, patriotism and civic pride appear to be linked to happiness, health, less depression and thus even staving off diabetes! Can it be true??... Portland, Oregon itself is doing amazingly well and has been ranked the 3rd healthiest city of 2014 by the American College of Sports Medicine!  Learn where every State falls in the rankings of the healthiest states by the United Health Foundation
Oregon currently ranks 13th and Washington ranks 14th.
Diabetes Awareness Week - Australia
July 13 - 19
Join our Aussie pals in bringing awareness to diabetes in Australia! And it's a good thing- the news in Australia about diabetes rates and risks are not looking good according to their government's latest reports. On the bright side, read about Australians who have been triumphing, in spite of their diabetes, including major athletes and even cancer survivors!
Diabetes Education & Camping Association 
It's that time of year - and while camps fill up fast, some camps still have room; and families can always go camping on their own! Find a camp, or read about camping tips and other resources. Speaking of diabetes camps, Nascar driver Ryan Reed and cross country skier Kris Freeman will be touring with Lilly Diabetes to provide inspirational visits to numerous camp locations.
Legendary Tennis Coach Vic Braden & Diabetes 
As a senior, Vic Braden is actively combating diabetes himself, inspiring others to assist him as ambassadors in spreading an attitude of health, and helping inspire the blind and role modeling for children. What a legacy! 
Recipe of the Month: 
Red White & Blue Pudding Trifle
1 ounce sugar-free, fat-free instant vanilla pudding mix
2 cups fat-free milk
8 ounces light whipped topping
2 1/2 cups raspberries, divided
2 1/2 cups blueberries, divided
1 1/2 cups sliced strawberries 

1. In a large bowl, prepare pudding according to package directions. Cool in refrigerator for 5 minutes

2. Fold whipped topping into pudding and incorporate well.

3. In a trifle bowl, spread 1/3 pudding mixture in bottom of bowl. Top with 2 cups raspberries; spread evenly. Layer another 1/3 of pudding mixture and top with 2 cups blueberries; spread evenly. Spread remaining pudding mixture on top of blueberries. Top pudding with cup blueberries, cup raspberries and all of strawberries.

Confirm all ingredients are gluten-free and this recipe can be made gluten-free.

Nutritional Facts: 
Serving Size: 1/2 cup
Calories - 75
Carbohydrate - 15 g
Protein - 2 g
Fat - 2.0 g
Saturated Fat - 1.6 g
Sugar - 10 g
Dietary Fiber - 2 g
Cholesterol - 0 mg
Sodium - 100 mg
Potassium - 135 mg

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Back on Track: Rosemary Makar and the Diabetes Prevention Program 
"I've learned that it's really possible to enjoy what I'm eating that's not 
cheese or chocolate." 
~Rosemary Makar 

Rosemary's health trajectory was headed in a direction that the comfort foods of cheese and chocolate simply would not cure. Coming from a familial history where her mother and grandmother had type 2 diabetes, Rosemary had grown up accustomed to a sedentary lifestyle that persisted into adulthood. As a result, in her early 50's, it wasn't entirely a surprise when she was diagnosed with "prediabetes".


Changing Direction 

Through a recommendation from her doctor, Rosemary connected with the Diabetes Prevention Program at OHSU's Harold Schnitzer Diabetes Centerand began what would become a year-long, intensive effort to revamp her way of life. Meeting in a group of approximately 8-15 other participants with a trained "Lifestyle Coach", Rosemary and her peers would collaborate together - at first weekly for 16 weeks, and then monthly - to incorporate healthy eating and regular physical activity into their lives. By tracking consumption patterns, food choices and exercise opportunities, they would support each other to move beyond the usual short term fixes posed by diet or exercise fads, or medication alone. As Rosemary described to a friend, "it's a change of habits and lifestyle rather than a diet."

Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) is a renowned, evidence-based national effort that catches participants in the critical prediabetes window to help them tackle two primary goals: a weight loss of 7% and 150 minutes of weekly physical activity. Research has shown that the risk of developing type 2 diabetes can be reduced up to 58% with lifestyle changes focused on healthier eating, exercise and modest weight loss! Candidates for DPP must be 18 years of age with a minimum body index of 24, and diagnosed as high risk for diabetes. OHSU's DPP program launched in 2013 and has plans for significant expansion. 


Diving In


"...once she got involved she 

was all in." 

~ Don Kain, Diabetes Educator, OHSU


In her DPP sessions, Rosemary practiced new habits for food planning, portion control and integrating movement into her life. She was struck by the variations in what other participants described and encountered in the program. "Different people had different ideas and suggestions of ways they have found for better eating and exercise habits. I've experienced that you learn these things through trial and error, and that what may work for one person doesn't work for another." Rosemary found the condensed weekly group sessions and food tracking essential, and reiterated that follow up support was critical to maintaining her momentum.



Don Kain, Diabetes Program Education and Outreach Manager for the OHSU DPP Program, notes that one of the program's most important strengths is the small group format which offers the opportunity for participants to converse, compare and share their experiences among supportive peers. He has been especially pleased to be a part of Rosemary's accomplishments. He reflects, "Rosemary admittedly entered into National DPP with some ambivalence... However, once she got involved she was all in. I think she would be the first person to tell you that the program was challenging, but she stuck with it, and ultimately reaped huge benefits."

Sticking With It

As one of the nearly 80 million people nationwide with prediabetes, Rosemary has been fortunate enough to seize on this opportunity for health, and has learned a lot along the way. She believes it would help the community if local restaurants featured healthier options and more accurate nutrition information. While nutritional information is often available online, her experience is that, with the exception of Panera, it is not necessarily available in restaurants. Rosemary describes her frustration: "The waitress at Applebee's had no idea if they had it; Outback admitted they didn't; Starbucks couldn't find it, and the baristas just started quoting numbers..."

Rosemary's Tips:

  • Snack on fruits & veggies frequently
  • Try fat free yogurt with fruit as dessert
  • Keep protein bars in the car just in case
  • Don't beat yourself up if you slip up... Just get back on track!

Having long surpassed the initial DPP goals, Rosemary's ongoing personal goals are to continue losing weight and exercising regularly to improve her cardiac status. By committing to walking, water aerobics and healthy meal planning, her intention is to stave off diabetes for good. Rosemary's motivation is impressive, and her experience defeating diabetes quite successful. She is well on her way to a healthy future, and recommends the DPP program to others. Rosemary's words of wisdom for those seeking to steer their own health back on track?  "Make it a priority and be aware of the excuses you may come up with; because that's all they are: excuses."


Way to go Rosemary! 

Special thanks to Rosemary Makar for being willing to share her inspirational story, and to Donald Kain for connecting CDF with Rosemary and the DPP Program.
Where Are They Now?...  

Clark Crumpacker...

Have you wondered what your favorite counselor does for their day job? Or, perhaps you've lost touch with a CDF pal and would love to know what they're up to. Search no more! You can find out here in the alumni spotlight "Where Are They Now?"... Oh, and please remember to email and let us know what you are up to so we can feature YOU too!


1. How many years did you attend camp and what was the last year that you attended?  

I went to camp for about 6 years I believe. My last year was my sophomore year in High school so that would have been 2008.


2. What is your favorite camp memory? 

Honestly everything about the camp but if I had to pick one thing over Big Mike's song and outfit choices, cracking jokes with the night counselors or Big Mike's death defying leap off a ladder on top of the lifeguard stand in an Elvis suit, it would probably be the night every year where we sit around and tell what is so special about Camp Dudley. One year in particular is my favorite: The year Tyler Byrne wrote the camp song and Scott gave us the infamous Muffin Joke.  


3. Did you learn anything at camp to improve your diabetes care? 

Test don't guess. Use that everyday to tell myself to check.


4. Do you stay in contact with anyone you met while attending camp? 

I do. I still talk to Micaela Westby sometimes, and I currently live in Nashville and run into Ben Rue all the time (who by the way just signed a publishing deal I believe with Sony Records!)


5. Do you have any advice for present or future campers? 


Don't miss Dudley camp for anything in the world because you'll find it's a home and family more than a basketball camp!

6. Tell us about yourself since your camper days...

Since my camper days, I graduated high school and left Texas for Florida in which I graduated from Full Sail University with a Bachelors of Science in Music Business. Currently,  I am an Executive Assistant Booking Agent at Red11 Music in Nashville, TN. We deal with mostly Americana, Texas Country, and Southern Rock genres of music. I love it - between working with artists that I grew up with and all the free perks, it's awesome.  I am trying however to work my way up to a full time Agents position which would mean I would be booking bands and finding new talent.  Other than that I'm just enjoying life and living it to the fullest.
  Chris Dudley Head shot PT
Have a Safe & Happy 4th of July!

Chris Dudley and  
Chris Dudley Foundation