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Raging Wool Customer Perks
Baby Life Ring Socks
Spring 2013 Building Blocks
Upcoming Classes
Knit Swirl Trunk Show
Welcome our Newest Yarn Brands
New Yarns & Accessories
From First Needles Knit
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Love Knits Friends Anew
Knit Swirl by Sandra McIver
Knit, Swirl! Comes to the Raging Wool
Raging Wool 
Customer Perks
Now, five more reasons to visit us as often as you can!

We know the feeling!  You walk into the Raging Wool Yarn Shop and you see a combination of weight, color, texture, fabric and design of yarn that is appealing and interesting, if not, dare we say, intoxicating?  As you examine it closely, you wonder, (sometimes, aloud, we've discovered), "Gosh, I wonder if I can afford to feed my creativity"?


Well, we have some raging good news for you! Here's FIVE ways you can make your enjoyment of the fabric arts stretch much further at the Raging Wool Yarn Shop.


[1] Earn an "on-the-spot" discount, in the amount of 3% everytime you use a debit card.  Similar to savings at some gas stations, you can refuel (your yarn tank) anytime you use debit. 


[2] Earn $10 for every $200 of Raging Wool Yarn Shop purchases.  That's right, each purchase at the shop accrues, automatically, to your account, so that, after every $200, we will automatically apply $10 towards your next purchase, which, itself, counts towards your next $200 threshold! 


[3] Earn a handmade stitch-marker, made by Alice, after 5 check-ins on either Facebook, Yelp or Foursquare!


[4] Earn your choice of an uber-hip Raging Wool Coffee Mug anytime you upload a picture, write a review or rate your experience on  Google, Yelp, Foursquare, Knitmap or any other site that you bring our attention to!


[5] In-store promotions.  We occasionally provide a deep discount on special yarns that the average knitter or crocheter doesn't have much experience with.  For example, we are currently offering 25% introductory discounts towards our fast, frilly and ruffled scarf yarns!


Darn Raging Good Service.  Unlike other shops with steep markups and then less steep discounts, our in-store pricing has no hidden markups or fees for winding or personal, friendly, free, expert assistance.


Add in our free freshly ground whole-bean coffees, teas, and Wi-Fi, and it becomes clear that we want to make sure that we continually deliver an exceptional fabric arts experience for you and your friends. 

Cat Bordhi's
Baby Life Ring Socks


This is a great way to try out "Toe Up" Socks!  It's perfect for making really beautiful - and functional - socks for babies and young children, based on the patterns of Cat Bordhi.

Who is Cat?  She is the author of one novel and is the artisan publisher of five knitting books, as well as a new eBook collection, and a number of single patterns
Cat Bordhi Baby Socks
Learn Cat Bordhi's Baby Life Ring Socks
Cat Bordhi wrote, "I designed these little socks over a decade ago, and they have been knit by many a knitter and stayed on many a baby's feet.  The little "life-rings" around the leg insure that they do not fall off..." 

The class is 2 hours long and you take it over the course of three consecutive weeks on the same day, same time.  Check the monthly schedule for start dates. 

Building Blocks Spring 2013 Begins
Building blocks

This is one of the most popular and rewarding programs at the Raging Wool Shop! 


The Block of the Month Club is a 12 month knitting program whereby our inspired students learn a brand new technique every month and then combine and build upon the prior month's lessons.


This approach allows you time to learn new skills in a stress-free, supportive environment, to see and make progress towards a goal, and, to enjoy seeing your friends on a regular basis.

Building Blocks
Begins Again in April!


If you'd like to join the program with the first lesson, please join us for the first session on either:

Friday, April 26th at 3:00pm
- or -
Saturday, April 27th at 2:00
Your next class in the sequence will then occur on the last Friday or Saturday of each following month.

Call or visit the shop if you have questions if you would like to join a class or workshop!


Upcoming Classes
Sandra McIver's Rubies & Ribbons Coat
Knit Swirl Classes
Knit, Swirl! Classes. In support of the "Knit, Swirl!" Coat and book show, I'll have new classes in March & April that will help you make your dream coat come alive.

Crocodile Stitch Booties
Crocodile Stitch Baby Booty Crochet Class
 Crochet Crocodile Stitch. This is an advanced, single-session crochet class, that teaches you how to make the Crocodile Stitch used in making these beautiful booties!   
Indian Trace Dining

Here's a convenient list of the Weston Indian Trace Center area restaurants, to help you plan your next visit to the Raging Wool Yarn Shop! 


Each of these fine restaurants are within a short walk or drive from the shop.   


La Perla Peruvian Restaurant 

Vignetos Italian Grill  

Weston Sushi Tom   

Wings Plus Weston  



You know it's wintertime in Florida, right? I mean, I think we've seen the temperature plummet, at least once, below 50 degrees, after all.


Another way to tell, though, is that a lot of our seasonal customers are back, after experiencing a prolonged and agonizing separation from the Raging Wool and it's fabric-obsessed denizens.


One of the easiest ways to tell it's the winter season is because I've just returned from the winter TNNA (The National Needle Arts Association) convention with a bunch of new yarns, designers and classes to share.


In this issue, I'll catch you up on some of the new yarns, gadgets, shenanigans, shows and classes you can expect to find in the shop on your next visit. If you haven't seen us in a while, I think you'll really enjoy seeing how our yarns "selection" has grown even further, with about 60 popular brands and independent dyers, overflowing across 500 bins, baskets, and racks of heavenly yarns.


We strive to make your visits here enjoyable and to help you refill yourself with creativity and a renewed spirit of peace, kinship and accomplishment. To make the Raging Wool a really special place we try to provide you with a touch of escapism and free, friendly and expert level project support, for good measure. Based on your feedback, we've also recently added frequent fabric addict perks to help you stretch your dollars across multiple visits to the shop. 


I look forward to more pleasant South Florida weather and to seeing each of you produce works that fill your soul and the lives of others with beauty, warmth and love.


Alice Clary
The Raging Wool Yarn Shop


The Knit Swirl Coat Show
Experience & Learn to Knit Sandra McIver's Gorgeous Coats
March 8 - 28
Sandra McIver's at TNNA 2013 Long Beach
Sandra McIver, Knit Swirl Designer & Author

We think Sandra McIver is pretty darn cool. You'll really enjoy her book about making her famous "Knit Swirl!" designs while using our stunningly beautiful and comfy yarns.  Her designs are easy to make and flattering to all body types, shapes and curves.  At the upcoming coat show, you can try the coats on, before you knit one!


Who is Sandra? Well, it first helps to understand that her story begins with something we really enjoy at the Raging Wool Yarn Shop - WINE!  Yes, wine! Sandra planted her first vineyard in the early 1970's and by 1977, her Matanzas Creek Winery was producing 45,000 cases annually. Cheers!


What a wonderful achievement, but, the part that really gets me excited is what she did next: after twenty-five years in the industry, she sold the winery and "turned her attention to her lifelong love of knitting"!


And this is one the best parts of why you want to learn her technique, as she writes that:
 "...The designs are unusual but easily done. Most require little more than basic knitting skills. All offer relaxing, rhythmic knitting at its best..."
The Knit Swirl Coat Show comes to the Raging Wool Shop. 


From March 8 through March 24, we'll showcase her coats made with this technique, along with a limited supply of her book, "Knit, Swirl!".  I will be teaching the technique, so, stop in, and keep your eyes open for classes and "Knit-Swirl a-longs".  


In support of your projects, I've ordered a variety of yarn kits for Knit, Swirl patterns - at special pricing for you - from Artyarns and Mountain Colors, to support your creativity. See you soon! 


New Yarn Brand Arrivals 
We welcome new Yarn brands and dyers to the shop! 

We couldn't help ourselves - again!  Since the last newsletter and Alice's recent trip to the Winter TNNA, an additional 20 new yarn brands, yarns and colorways have been added to the shop.

We continue bringing in more comfortable, offbeat, exciting and colorful yarn choices and designers so that you have a wide selection of choices so that you don't have to make compromises on creativity, quality, texture, fabrics, materials and colors. Our Raging Wool customers enjoy unique yarns that feel great and have an eclectic variety of textures and colors.

Here's the new brands & dyers that are joining the Raging Wool family this winter.  

Lotus Yarns
Mimi Mink & 2-Ply Cashmere
Lotus Yarns Mimi Pattern
Mink Shawl Norka pattern(available in the shop)by Diana Rozenshteyn
Mimi Mink is a 100% mink yarn that we have in a wide variety of colors.  Anything you make from these yarns is super soft and luxurio
us.Mimi is perfect for gorgeous sweaters, coats, shawls and scarves. 
We did our homework and we are proud to provide yarns that are combed from the minks without harming the minks in the process
Additionally, we also brought in 100% Cashmere 2-ply yarns from Lotus. These yarns are beautiful and a delight to wear! 



Feza Yarns
Alp Premier, Chanel, Viva Glitz & Tokyo
Feza Tokyo Shawl
Shawl made with
Feza Tokyo 
Feza makes excellent yarns for fun, 
fast-to-make scarves. We brought in a nice collection of affordable, unique and tasteful yarns for knitting.

In the production of the Alp collections, impoverished women were employed to hand tie these mixed content worsted weight yarns to support their households.
Chanel is a worsted weight blend that features a 10% metallic fabric. Tokyo is a fun, worsted yarn, with just a hint of glitz, and, when knit in a scarf, will produce a "Hidden Diamonds" effect. 

Good For Ewe
Sultry Steps Sock Yarn


Sultry Steps
Sock Yarns 
New to our fingering weight yarns, we are now adding Good For Ewe's sock yarns. it's a really great yarn of 40% superwash merino, 40% baby llama, 20% nylon and kettle-dyed, which makes for yummy and long lasting socks! 



Freia Yarns 
Slow Stripe Yarn
Freia Hand Painted
Freia Slow Stripe Worsted Yarns
(Due in Spring) 
Freia joins our large hand-painted yarn collection.  It's   a 100% wool yarn blend of Rambouillet, Corriedale and Columbia wool from sheep raised in Colorado. The fibers are worsted spun into a single-ply yarn that is surprisingly strong, yet still lofty.

The fibers are
soft to the touch, and retains a rustic look, emphasized by their hand dyeing technique. 
Prism Yarns
Tensel Tape & Delicato
Tencel Tape Yarn
Tencel Tape Yarn
(Coming Soon) 
Tencel Tape is a 100% Tencel knitting yarn which joins our hand-painted yarns family. Tencel is a unique fiber; it's very eco-friendly and harvested from sustainable trees,

Tencel has more moisture absorbing capability than cotton, takes dye beautifully, which makes it hypo-allergenic and breathable since considerably less dye is used in the hand-painting process. 
Stole Idea Madelinetosh Pashmina Pattern by Laura Aylor
by Laura Aylor
using Madelinetosh Pashmina
(Coming Soon) 
Pashmina is fine cashmere wool. The name comes from "Pashmineh" which translates to "made from Persian pashm" (wool). The wool comes from the pashmina goat, which is a special breed of goat indigenous to high altitudes of the Himalayas in Nepal, Pakistan and northern India

Madelinetosh Pashmina is a 3-ply yarn made up of 75% superwash merino wool, 15% silk and 10% cashmere, a similar fiber blend to the famous woven pashmina scarves.

This machine washable blend is hand-dyed in small dye lots and knits up to create a soft fabric with great drape. 
The Yarns of
Richard Devrieze 

Alice and Rhichard Devrieze
Yarns of Rhichard Devrieze 

Rhichard Devrieze is a renowned fiber artist who creates one of a kind hand painted and hand dyed yarns with unique blends of the world's finest artisan fabrics.

He uses Southern Hemisphere merino yarn to ensure that there is a consistency in the micro count along the length of individual fibers. Through his experience in raising his our own merinos, he's discovered that fibers grown through four very different seasons lack uniformity. Rhichard's merino fingering yarn is machine-washable and is an ever-expanding collection of hand-dyed solid colors, variegated colors and stippled colors.


Yarns & Goodies Update
New Colors, Kits, Yarns, Needles, Buttons & Pins expand your creative choices 
Raging Wool Book Racks
New Yarns, Button, Books and Beads arriving at the Raging Wool

As many of you know, we stock about 60 different brands of yarns in the shop.  Each of these brands constantly innovate and develop new colors and yarns to further meet the needs of fabric artists.  In this section, check out what's been added to our existing and eclectic yarn brands line up since the Fall Newsletter! 
  • Alchemy Yarns Update.  To make really great Shibori Knits by Gina Wilde, try out the new new Silken Twine and Sanctuary yarns, which will be arriving soon!
  • Mountain Colors Update. Also for your Knit, Swirl! coat projects, we've added Bearfoot, Crazyfoot, Tizzle, Mountain Goat, Silk and Ewe yarns arriving in time for the Knit, Swirl Coat show.  These new yarns complement our existing Cashmere and Silk Louisa Mountain Color yarns.  
  • Cascade Yarns Update.  Check out the chunky's from Cascade; Baby Alpaca Chunky, & Pacific Chunky.  We also brought in all new colors for Cascade's Cloud, Eco Alpaca and Eco Duo yarns.
  • Jade Sapphire Update.  We recently added new colorways to our 4-ply 100% Mongolian Cashmere yarn selections.
  • Lang Yarns Update.  Sol Degrade is a nice, soft cotton tape, in aran weight & can be used for worsted and bulkier patterns.  Soon to arrive Sol and Sol Lux as well!
  • Malabrigo Update.  New yarns include Silkpaca & Rastita, as well as new colorways for our large selections of Malabrigo's Rasta, Rios, Arroyo, Sock and Lace yarns. 
  • Mango Moon Update.  Love silk? If so, you'll love a new yarn made of 100% recycled silk Sari's!
  • Schoppel-Wolle Update.  New to the shop is Zauberball, a unique single-ply yarn which is a blend of 75% Merino Wool and 25% Nylon, which makes it a great, slow striping sock yarn.   The Schoppel-Wolle colors are absolutely stunning and fun to wear. 
  • Trendsetter Yarns Update.  New "all-in-one" yarn kits, for easy-to-make, yet, stunning, sweaters, shawls and scarfs will be added to our already extensive selection of Trendsetter's yarns.


Great yarns and your beautiful projects deserve stunning finishing touches. Come in and check out some new cool and unique beads, buttons, pins, needles, sticks and French Curves.


  • JUL Designs. Just arrived are new JUL Design Pedestal Buttons. What makes JUL so cool?    They have richly textured designs that often have the quality of unearthed artifacts, old things recovered from an archeological dig and achieve a high level of rich elegance.  These designs are then realized by hand directly in material-wax, wood, precious and non-precious metal, semi-precious stones, leather, and resin; handmade by skilled craftspeople in Bali    


  • Becky Caraco Designs. Becky makes somewhat offbeat designs - all her beads and buttons are all handmade!  Each one is different and unique because of free-form shaping on each and every one! She does little tweaks and off centers here and there, plus, a few polka dots and ruffles here and there - sometimes. Her approach gives you something that allows you to accessorize your projects in a truly unique way.

Becky Designs   

  • Chaio Goo Needles.   Joining the Raging Wool family of needles and hooks, the Chiao Goo RED Lace Circulars have awesome red cables, joins and superb quality. These new RED Lace circulars have no bend in the needle and the tips are pointier - just spectacular! Needle size is laser imprinted on each RED Lace circular.


See You Soon!

Thank you for making it such a joy to serve you and the rest of our knitting, crochet and weaving community! We can't wait to see you again and to hear your ideas of what we can continually do to help you further your enjoyment of this wonderfully creative and relaxing method of self expression.

Alice, Debra, Sharon and Wayne 

Raging Wool Yarn Shop
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