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Below are events that LTO Ventures attends, produces, supports, or relate to our mission.

1/27-29: Autism Speaks - Extraordinary Ventures Small Business Conference, Chapel Hill, NC
2/18-19: Brookwood Network Days, Brookshire, TX
LTO Ventures
Board of Directors
Mark L. Olson*
LTO Ventures
Founder, President, CEO

Kim Breitling
Special Needs Attorney

Angela Burnette*
Hand Over Hand

Jessica Campbell
Campbell Center for Autism
Founder, Director

Jenai Gaccione
HELP of Southern Nevada

Michelle Salley-Shappie*
Invitation Homes

(*Parent of child or adult with autism)
December 2013 Newsletter

Welcome to e-newsletter #14 from LTO Ventures. 

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Please Consider an End-of-Year Donation

LTO Ventures is a tax-exempt non-profit company under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code since Sept. 2011.  If you are an individual, organization or foundation evaluating charities for end-of-fiscal-year donations, we would be deeply grateful if you would consider LTO Ventures.  Please read down through this newsletter to see how we use donated monies and our plans for 2014. For options on making a charitable contribution, visit the DONATE page of our website.

2013 Accomplishments

LTO Ventures had its best year so far in 2013 and we're not quite done. (P.S.  You can still help make it even better!)

  • Donations increased 138% over 2012, including several of our largest ever single charitable contributions, from a rapidly-growing base of supporters
  • Launched our Autism Entrepreneurs Center
  • Added two new extraordinary board members
  • Advocated for the human and civil rights of persons with disabilities, including those with autism, to choose their residential setting from the broadest array of options, including taking our message to Capitol Hill
  • Consulted on existing and emerging planned community projects around the US
  • Helped found the Coalition for Community Choice (read below in this newsletter)
2014 Plans

We expect our momentum of 2013 to build in 2014 and bring our community vision closer to reality, but the truth is we just can't move fast enough.  An estimated 50,000 kids with autism reach adulthood every year in the U.S., and many of them will need a place to live.  In Nevada, the number of school-age children with autism in 2013 is 5,145, up 79% from 2,875 in 2008.


We have a $50,000 fundraising goal for 2014 to help us:

- rent space to house our Autism Entrepreneurs Center

- recruit board of directors, advisory board members
- engage legal and accounting professionals
- develop our concept plan with our architect/planner
- implement outreach programs to adults with autism

- advocate in Nevada and across the US

- put on fundraising and informational events

Please visit the DONATE page of our website and use one of the methods we provide to make a donation in any amount to help us develop residences, jobs and social and recreational activities for hundreds of adults with autism. 


Please visit our Careers page if you would like a role in the LTO Ventures organization, or would like to recommend someone to us.

Jenai Gaccione Joins Board of Directors

We are pleased to announce the addition of Jenai Gaccione to our board of directors. Jenai is a social worker with several years experience in community development. She has more than 10 years experience working directly with families and more than four years experience developing and managing housing programs. She takes pride in being a part of the Airmount Woods development team in Ramsey, NJ, along with other special needs housing communities including award-winning Orchard Commons and Crescent Commons. Jenai has a BSW degree from Dominican College and a Master's Degree in Social Work from Fordham University, with a concentration in Client-centered Management.

LTO Ventures is a Founding Member of Coalition for Community Choice
LTO Ventures is pleased to share with our followers that we are one of a large group of founding members of the Coalition for Community Choice.
Coalition for Community Choice (CCC) is a national grassroots collaboration of persons with disabilities and their families and friends, disability rights advocates, professionals, educators, and housing and services providers to advance the principle that community can be experienced in all residential settings.  CCC was created to: 1) promote and defend the rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) and autism to choose their residential settings from the broadest range of options; 2) educate federal and state governments on innovative Olmstead-compliant housing alternatives to "one-size fits all" approaches; and, 3) preserve access to essential, publicly-funded services and supports in these settings.
More information about the coalition will be available soon and we will share it with you as it becomes available.  If you have questions and want to be involved now, please contact Mark Olson at
Facebook Posts, Links

The following are news, links, articles, and reports that we posted on our Facebook page.  If you "like" our Facebook page you'll see these as soon as they are posted -
Great blog post by good friend and fellow advocate Desiree' Kameka about breaking good news regarding two innovative projects in Florida. [click here to read]
Research paper - "The Safety of Low and Non-Verbal People in the Autism Community" - written by Contributing Editor Natalie Palumbo, who is sister to an older brother with autism. [click here to read] 
New affordable homes for adults with disabilities in Jamestown, RI.  [click here to read]
Check out p. 7 for the stories of Stuttering King Bakery and  SMILE Biscotti. Congrats to two great entrepreneurs. And "Like" the SMILE Biscotti page. [click here to read] 
Previous Newsletters Available Online

The previous 13 LTO Ventures newsletters are available online and can be accessed by visiting this page of our website -
Thank You to Our Generous Donors

The following individuals & organizations have shown their support of LTO Ventures through monetary contributions. We are deeply grateful for your support of our mission:

Joanne Zawitaj Holubetz          Wendy Swanberg

LeighAnne Varney                   Richard Fitzpatrick

Jamie Santoro Sowers             Dan & Claire Olson

Ralph Toddre                         Eric L. Lucas

Sandy Lynch                         George Wilson

Gloria McCollum                      Kristina Pierce

Julie Ostrovsky                      Susan & Michael O'Rourke

Jeanne Quinn                        Charles M. Hoard

Galiana Georgieva                   Randy & Gail Frost

Michelle Salley-Shappie           Kim Breitling

Janet Moley Wilcox                 The SSADH Research Alliance

C. Mason Hoard & Associates    Scott & Megan Frost

Peter & Phyllis Olson                Desiree Kameka

Campbell Center for Autism       Autism Community Trust

Dean Shulman                        Sheila Saint

Andrea Hoard                         Michelle Gordon

Meagan Murphy                      Jamie Santoro Sowers

Carolina Huettinger                  Desert Frost Ventures

Parents Planning Programs for the DD of FL, Inc.

No Status Quo Creative (Petra Sokolova)

Communication Resource Group, Inc.

Grant-a-Gift Autism Foundation

How You Can Help Us

We are an early-stage company with an innovative model in a rapidly-growing market.  We are always looking for people, money and ideas in the areas below.  Call or email me if you think you can and want to help, or you have someone you want to refer/recommend.
  • Funding - We are presently raising our $50,000 "Groundwork" round to fund LTO Ventures operations and model development.  (visit the DONATE page of our website for details on how you can contribute).
  • Board Members - Visit the Careers section of our website for details on the characteristics of the people we would like to consider joining our board.
  • Advisory Board Members - We are looking for professionals in finance, tax credits, legal, planned community development, and fundraising to be part of a structured advisory board.
  • Subject Matter Experts - We always want to hear from people who have extensive knowledge and experience in all areas related to residential development, and employment of adults with autism.
  • Adults with Autism and/or their Families - Our best source of input and ideas comes from the persons and families who live every day with autism.  You are the people for whom we are creating our communities.
Mark L. Olson, President & CEO
LTO Ventures
Contact: Mark L. Olson, President & CEO; 702 353 6540;