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Below are events that LTO Ventures attends, produces, supports, or relate to our mission.

11/2: Las Vegas Walk Now for Autism Speaks, UNLV Main Campus
11/12-14: Autism Speaks Policy & Action Summit, Washington, DC
3/28-29/14: FRED Conference, LAX Marriott, Los Angeles 
November 2013 Newsletter

Welcome to e-newsletter #13 from LTO Ventures. 

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Lindsay Turns 18

I adopted my daughter Lindsay at age 2 with my now ex-wife 16 years ago from an orphanage in an industrial fishing village in the southern tip of Vietnam. We had only a minimal medical dossier, and a handful of Polaroids before we made the trip to get her. But we had tried unsuccessfully every other way to have a child, so we celebrated that day like a birth.  

Over the next months and years, the depth of Lindsay's challenges revealed themselves. Grand mal seizures. No verbal communication. Aggressive behaviors. Finding the right school setting. Striking the balance of meds that would help, but not hurt.  By 2007 my ex wanted no more, and Lindsay and I found ourselves on our own new journey together.

But I'm 38 years older than her and as much as I like to believe that I'm immortal, I realized I needed a Plan B. So in 2009, I researched the options for the kind of life could Lindsay have when I'm gone. There were and are some very good options, but not many and all had waiting lists. And funding was insufficient, hard to get, and shrinking.

So with what I knew of her desires and aspirations, cognizant of her abilities and potential, and armed with mountains of research, a vision for an ideal life for her and our live/work/ play community model was formed. In 2010, I founded a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation to make it a reality and named it after her.  LTO = Lindsay Thu Loan Olson

Today, Nov. 1st, Lindsay turns 18. She is now one of the more than 50,000 kids with autism who reach adulthood every year. And our adventure continues.

We'd like your help. Making the LTO Ventures vision a reality takes money.  Please visit the DONATE page [here] of our website and use one of the methods we provide to make a donation of $18, $50, $100 or any amount to help us develop residences, jobs and social and recreational activities for hundreds of adults with autism like Lindsay. Thank you.

Angela Burnette Joins Board of Directors

We are pleased to announce the addition of Angela Burnette to the LTO Ventures board of directors. Angela is a parent of two young children including a daughter with a moderate level of autism and developmental delays.  She is President of Hand Over Hand, a non-profit organization focused on bringing all-inclusive playgrounds to Southern Nevada.  Angela has a Bachelor's degree in Accounting and a Master's degree in Public Administration. She has 11 years of experience as an auditor for the gaming industry and local government.

Nevada Congressional Delegation Unites to Tell CMS to Preserve Jobs & Housing Choices for Persons with ID/DD/ASD
Please visit our July newsletter to read about our fight against repeated efforts by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services ("CMS") to restrict the options for housing and employment for adults with ID/DD/ASD.
Please click on the link below to read the letter to CMS signed by all four members of the Nevada Congressional delegation:
Facebook Posts, Links

The following are news, links, articles, and reports that we posted on our Facebook page.  If you "like" our Facebook page you'll see these as soon as they are posted -
Blog post by Leslie Long, Director of Adult Services, Autism Speaks about the grand opening of the Airmount Woods housing complex in Ramsey, NJ.

Heartbreaking article by David Royko about the financial impact of caring for his son with autism.

Fox News story: "Feds try to eliminate housing for the deaf -- at complex built for hearing-impaired"

Las Vegas Review Journal: "Opportunity Village and other Las Vegas charities face major funding cuts"
How You Can Help Us

We are an early-stage company with an innovative model in a rapidly-growing market.  We are always looking for people, money and ideas in the areas below.  Call or email me if you think you can and want to help, or you have someone you want to refer/recommend.
  • Funding - We are presently raising our $50,000 "Groundwork" round to fund LTO Ventures operations and model development.  We also are raising $5.5 million to secure and operate our Maryland community (see above for more information).
  • Board Members - Visit the Careers section of our website for details on the characteristics of the people we would like to consider joining our board.
  • Advisory Board Members - We are looking for professionals in finance, tax credits, legal, planned community development, and fundraising to be part of a structured advisory board.
  • Subject Matter Experts - We always want to hear from people who have extensive knowledge and experience in all areas related to residential development, and employment of adults with autism.
  • Adults with Autism and/or their Families - Our best source of input and ideas comes from the persons and families who live every day with autism.  You are the people for whom we are creating our communities.
Mark L. Olson, President & CEO
LTO Ventures
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