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We support the efforts of other housing and employment innovators across the U.S.  In this space we will provide links to profiles on our website of communities we think represent the types of new models needed to meet the growing demand for adults with Autism.
This month, please check out:

Bancroft Lakeside Village
Franklin Township, NJ
Cape Cod, MA
Cary, NC
December 2012 Newsletter

Welcome to e-newsletter #7 from LTO Ventures. To the left you will see icons for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  We invite you to "like" us, "follow" us, or just visit us on those social media channels.

At the bottom is a link to forward this email to a friend if you think others might be interested in our mission.  If there is anything you would like to share with me directly, email me at
Please Consider Us for End of Year Donations
LTO Ventures is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity and any donation to us may be tax deductible based on your individual tax situation.  If you have funds you would like or need to contribute to an exempt organization, we ask that you consider us.
We currently are in our second round of fundraising to move closer to making our live/work/play community model a reality for adults with autism.  Our $50,000 "Groundwork" fundraising will enable us to bring on professionals in architecture, planning, finance, and legal.
The yellow "Donate" button will take you to the Donate page on our website where you can make a contribution via credit card. Every $20, $50, $100 or more is very important to us and the adults with autism we serve.
Message from Founder, President & CEO
Thank you for your support in 2012 and we look forward to even greater accomplishments together in 2013.  The following is a recap of this year:
  • Fundraising - We completed our "Friends & Family" fundraising round, and began our "Groundwork" round to raise $50,000 to add the professional services we need to take our community planning and development to the next level. [DONATE
  • New Board Members - We were pleased to add Jessica Campbell and Michelle Salley Shappie to our board.  If you want to learn more about them, please visit the Leadership page on our website.  We are looking for additional board members in specific areas of expertise.  Read the position descriptions in the Careers section of our website.
  • Concept Site Plan - We published a conceptual site plan for our community.  A picture truly is worth thousands of words and while this rendering is an early-stage effort, it has helped many of our supporters to visualize our future. [MORE
  • Advocating for Choice - We continue to fight for "choice" in housing, employment and funding.  We submitted public comment to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services in response to their efforts to restrict choice and access to federal and state funding.  We also submitted public testimony to the Oversight and Government Reform Committee for the Nov. 29 hearing on the Federal Response to Autism.
  • Autism Entrepreneurs Center - We announced the creation of this initiative and our first session is scheduled for January 10th.  Business creation is fundamental to the LTO Ventures vision and for achieving our financial self-sustainability. [MORE
  • Sharing Our Knowledge - Many of the issues around housing, employment, quality of life and funding for adults with autism are very complex.  We have devoted considerable time and resources to understanding and trying to shape them.  We shared that knowledge with many groups including Agricultural Communities for Adults with Autism (ACAA); Autism Housing Network; 3 Irish Jewels Farm in Cary, NC; Clark County School District; and, the Nevada Autism Commission.
  • Goals for 2013: 1) Raise $50,000; 2) Add 4 new board members; 3) Create 2 new businesses within the "Work" segment of our model; 4) Complete a detailed site plan and community financial model; and, 5) Achieve national recognition for our "Choice" advocacy and the LTO Ventures Community Model.  
  • Lindsay and Adulthood - LTO Ventures was named after my daughter Lindsay who has autism and is nonverbal, and was inspired by the need to provide for her and others like her after I am no longer around.  She turns 18 in November 2013, which means that as her only parent, I live the issues of transition and adulthood with autism every day.
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Autism Entrepreneurs Center First Session Set for January 10th

We're pleased to announce that the first  Opening Flyer for AEC  session of our Autism Entrepreneurs Center will be held on Thursday, January 10 from 2 to 4pm at the offices of the Autism Center of Southern Nevada, 72 N. Pecos Road, Suite C, Henderson, NV.  Adults with autism parents, caregivers, and support teams are invited to attend.  There is no cost to attend.


We especially welcome entrepreneurs, businesspeople, educators, agencies, and anyone else who wants to be part of creating new businesses that would employ adults with Autism. 


For more information about the Autism Entrepreneurs Center, please visit our website here

How You Can Help
We are an early-stage company with an innovative model in a rapidly-growing market.  We are always looking for people, money and ideas in the areas below.  Call or email me if you think you can and want to help, or you have someone you want to refer/recommend.
  • Funding - We are presently raising a $50,000 "Groundwork" round.  Every $20, $50, $100 or more moves us that much closer to our goal of making this vision a reality.
  • Board Members - Visit the Careers section of our website for details on the characteristics of the people we would like to consider joining our board.
  • Advisory Board Members - We are looking for professionals in finance, tax credits, legal, planned community development, and fundraising to be part of a structured advisory board.
  • Subject Matter Experts - We always want to hear from people who have extensive knowledge and experience in all areas related to residential development, and employment of adults with autism.
  • Adults with Autism and/or their Families - Our best source of input and ideas comes from the persons and families who live every day with autism.  You are the people for whom we are creating our communities.
Mark L. Olson, President & CEO
LTO Ventures
Contact: Mark L. Olson, President & CEO; 702 353 6540;