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:: Fortifact S2E2 RHYTHM
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:: Bring Back the Boom!
:: Snowdown So Good!
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Fortifact S2E2: RHYTHM
Dr. Jonathan Latta, Asst. Prof. of Music
In this episode, we explore the BEAT- what rhythm is, how it works in our lives, and how different cultures use it and pass it along. FLC Asst. Professor of Music Dr. Jonathan Latta demonstrates par excellance, and speaks to FLC outreach in the Durango Community as a shared venture with Music In The Mountains!
FLC Voices

Fort Lewis College's Dr. Heidi Steltzer Named First-Ever Sulzman Award Winner












Dr. Heidi Steltzer, assistant professor of biology at Fort Lewis College, (featured in Season 1 of Fortifact -Biology), is the first-ever recipient of the Sulzman Award for Excellence in Education and Mentoring from the American Geophysical Union. The national award is given for excellence in research, while also excelling in teaching and mentoring the next generation of scientists.


Bring Back the Boom!

New Cannon Commissioned for FLC Athletics! 












FLC's old faithful football cannon had to be retired four years ago for safety reasons. FLC Alumni Services is bringing back the boom! Click below to find out more. 


FLC Alumni and Theatre
Safari So Good at 
Snowdown Parade!


FLC Alumni and Theatre made the grade at Durango's annual Snowdown parade! 

Click on the video to check out the highlights of a very fun, rainy, wild and wooly Snowdown event as only Durango can throw!


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FLC Signs Real Food Challenge Commitment 

Fort Lewis College is only the second college in Colorado to sign the Real Food Challenge (RFC) Commitment. To commemorate this milestone, the College is hosting the Real Food Chow Down on March 18th in the Student Union's San Juan Dining area. The Chow Down showcases the RFC's definition of "real" food, which is food that upholds social welfare, environmental sustainability, and physical health.   


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Notes and Notables 
Michele Peterson


Curious about FLC's spending priorities and how things get allocated? Foundation Executive Director Margie Deane Gray interviews FLC Director of BudgetsMichele Peterson.
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Planned Giving Q&A
Have you considered a planned gift to benefit Fort Lewis College? Here is a brief Planned Giving Q & A to help you get started...

Dr. Dene Kay Thomas
Fort Lewis College

We at Fort Lewis College are very fortunate to be located here in Durango. This community does so much to support the College and our students, and we could not offer our students the kind of life-changing educational experience we do without our friends and neighbors... 


Margie Deane Gray
Executive Director, Foundation

It might seem a bit early to mention an upcoming April event; however, this gathering is one of the most critical Fort Lewis events to raise funds for student scholarships and faculty grants...

Dave Kerns 
Director of 
Alumni Relations


Winter in Durango is winding down a little quicker than we'd like, but the students are preparing for their mid-term exams and getting excited about warming up in toastier climes during spring break. You can almost see springtime peeking her pretty green head over the La Platas as we head into the last part of the term...



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Namoli Brennet 

Monday, March 3 master class &

Tuesday, March 4 concert

Roshong Recital Hall @6:30

Namoli is a transgender singer/songwriter who has been touring since the release of her first album in 2002.  Her live performances are primarily acoustic, although she has been known to augment them using loops, synths, bass pedals and foot percussion



Miss Representation movie

Wednesday, March 5

Center for Southwest Studies Room 120

"Miss Representation" explores women's underrepresentation in positions of power and influence in America by challenging the limited portrayal of women as encouraged by the mainstream media.  Sponsored by The International Studies Program for International Women's Day.



Diane Reyna

Friday, March 7

Student Union Ballroom @2:30

Diane Reyna is an artist and educator from the Pueblos of Taos/Oke Owingeh located in northern New Mexico.  Diane has more than nineteen years of college teaching experience, first, as a video documentary instructor and as a college skills instructor. She is trained in experiential education and facilitation. She will be talking about the Pueblo Revolt of 1680.  Her presentation is part of the Pueblo Feast Day hosted by the Native American Center. 


Gina Brillon

Monday, March 10

Vallecito Room @ 7 pm

Actress/Comedian and writer Gina Brillon's rare mix of femininity and fearlessness have made her a hit with crowds across the globe. The Bronx born Latina has no trouble connecting with her male or female fans with her raw honesty about everything from what it's like being an "Ethnic" to a brutal breakdown of the female mind.  Brought to campus by SUP.



EcoFem  Lenses

Tuesday 11

Vallecito Room @ 7pm

This student panel will focus on Ecofeminism and the future, exploring connections between environmentalism and feminism.  Ecofeminist theories will be applied to current global tribulations to produce a dynamic, inspiring, and engaging conversation.  Keynote speaker will be Marcy Jung.



Ain't I a Woman

Thursday 13 -

Main Stage Theater Building @ 7 pm

A chamber music theatre work for actress and trio (cello, piano & percussion) celebrating the lives and times of four significant African American women:  ex-slave and fiery abolitionist Sojourner Truth, renowned novelist and anthropologist Zora Neale Hurston, exuberant folk artist Clementine Hunter and fervent civil rights worker Fannie Lou Hamer.  The musical score is drawn from the heartfelt spirituals of the Deep South, the urban exuberance of the Jazz Age and concert music by African American composers including Diane Monroe.






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