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October 2014
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We are excited to see you all in Las Vegas at Solar Power International!  We will be exhibiting in booth 148.  In addition to having our Inverter on site, our VP of Technical Sales Peter Gerhardinger will be presenting his poster called "Reliability - The Remaining Differentiator for Utility Scale Solar Inverters".  


Nextronex continues to contribute to important solar with projects like the 1.5 MW array for the USDA.  The details regarding this array can be found in the article below.


We look forward to working with you to bring solar forward. Please let me know if you will be in Las Vegas - see you there!




Rudy Magasrevy                                           

VP of Sales Development                          


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Nextronex Inc. Power Podium Installation Video


Nextronex Inc. has a video to share showing the simplicity of the on-sight installation of our Power Podium solution. You can see the fact that this 1.2 MW was delivered on two truck beds and simply placed on the prepared site.  


The RAY-MAX® Power Podium simplifies on-site wiring, facilitates construction scheduling and reduces field concrete and labor expenses.  Because all equipment is pre-assembled onto the platform, fully wired and tested at the Nextronex manufacturing facility, the highest levels of quality control are assured. The Power Podium™ offers a plug-and-play solution that requires only simple AC and DC connections in the field. Nextronex is able to offer the Power Podium™ configurations to matches the specific design needs of the client and the site. 


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Nextronex Inc. Announces USDA Photovoltaic Solar Farm Project


Nextronex Inc. is pleased to announce that our RAY-MAX ® Distributed Architecture

TM Inverter System has been specified for the 1.5 MWDC PV solar farm project located at the United States Department of Agriculture's George Washington Carver Center (GWCC).  "This project will be the largest solar photovoltaics project in the Washington DC metropolitan area," states Jay Troger, Nextronex's CEO. Mr. Troger and Mr. Rudy Magasrevy, VP Sales Development, who attended on September 30th the ground breaking ceremony at the GWCC, led by native Ohioan Dr. Gregory L. Parham, Assistant Secretary of Agriculture for Administration. The USDA is meeting the President's challenge to deploy solar renewable energy at federal locations across the National Capital Region.


The project will consist of American made 4,750 SolarWorld 315 watt high efficiency solar panels and Nextronex's patented inverter system which converts the DC power from the solar array to AC power with 98% efficiency. This system will reduce energy consumption required by the GWCC buildings by 2,140,000 kwh per year. Not only will the energy savings will be equivalent to planting 37,345 trees per year, the carbon offset (CO2) per year equals 2,110,500 tons. Over the system's lifetime, it is estimated that 591.5 rail cars of coal will be saved.


Nextronex is honored to having been chosen by the USDA and Amber Enterprises as the inverter solution for this historical project.


Amber Enterprises will construct the project in two phases, commissioning the first phase of this project by December 2014. Inverters that will be employed in the GWCC field include the complete solution Gen 1 with podium and LC medium voltage. Nextronex's inverter systems have a reputation for consistently providing higher energy output and 100% uptime. 




Nextronex, Inc. exhibiting at

Solar Power International


Booth 148


October 20-23 2014 in Las Vegas