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September 2014
Nextronex News




It has been an exciting few months here at Nextronex. Between new products, project commissioning, awards and getting ready for Solar Power International we are doing our part to drive solar forward! Here are the highlights:


Your Vote Needed: 


As you know, our RAY-MAX (r) Distributed Architecture TM solution was used this summer at the Toledo Zoo.  This solar field, known as the Anthony Wayne Solar Array, is one of the 6 finalists for the Ground Mounted Solar Builder's Project of the Year award.  Please cast your vote by September 21 by following this link:


Vote Here: Solar Builder Project of the Year Voting Link



Supplying the inverter system to GEM and Rudolph Libbe to benefit the Toledo Zoo has been a great community effort and it would be fantastic to see this project highlighted through the Solar Builder Publication.


Product Updates:

  • New Integrated Power Strip - traditionally the breaker boxes and power strip were separate components - now no more!  Now the two functions are in one simple product.  See Specification Sheet below.
  • Web Portal Functionality Updated.  See Press Release below.



  • Solar Power International - October 20-23rd in Las Vegas - please come see our booth 148
  • SPI Poster Presentation - Peter Gerhardinger will be presenting the reliability advantage of distributed architecture at the show - don't miss it!


  • Venture Ohio Award Recipients - after recieveing seed funding years ago from the state, our company has been recognized for


We look forward to working with you to bring solar forward. Please contact me to discuss any inverter questions you may have!





Rudy Magasrevy                                           

VP of Sales Development                          


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Nextronex Inc. Integrates Breaker Box with Power Strip


Nextronex Inc., a leader in high performance solar inverter systems, has again simplified the installation and maintenance of the inverter system.  The power strip now comes with the breaker box functionality build inside.  Still with the same easy to expand design, the power strip will be installed to your array specifications.


Please see the Specification Sheet for further detail.






Nextronex Inc. Enhances Web Portal Alert System



Nextronex Inc., a leader in high performance solar inverter systems, has increased the functionality of their web portal monitoring system.  The patented Distributed ArchitectureTM RAY-MAX® Solar Inverter System has always come with remote monitoring capability built in. The new alert options of our remote monitoring that we are unveiling add to the functionality included in the purchase of the Nextronex inverter system.


Providing customers with the convenience of accessing their inverter data through the internet has always been a priority to Nextronex. Power plant owners want to be able to conveniently access their performance data remotely on a real time basis. With the updated web portal system, Nextronex customers now have the option to receive alerts as a standard feature of their RAY-MAX® Inverter solution. The alerts ensure immediate notification of conditions that require attention.


The web portal can be customized to accommodate the features that meet the needs of each client. The system monitors at the zone level, allowing problems areas to be located.  With the "Data Export" and "Event History" functions, extensive historical performance analysis is facilitated.  Data Export provides the client with access to all the data from the site and is available in csv format for download and analysis. The inclusion of this monitoring system in the RAY-MAX® inverter system saves the cost of third party system and is one more way in which the Nextronex solution provides superior value.

"It is vital that we offer our customers the ability to gather and review data on the performance of their inverter system at their convenience. This is especially important to our clients who are monitoring  multiple sites," states Dillon Ashton, Nextronex Chief Technology Officer. "The updates that we have made to our remote monitoring systems were designed specifically with our customer in mind.  We are excited that the information displayed can be customized to the individual customers' needs and as always, the software is included in with our solution along with storage for one year of data."


Nextronex, Inc. exhibiting at

Solar Power International


Booth 148


October 20-23 2014 in Las Vegas





Nextronex One of 4 Award Winners on September 10, 2014


Nextronex, Inc. is pleased to accept an award from Venture Ohio regarding our successful use of initial funding.  Through our growth we have been awarded a patent cover the company's unique solar inverter configuration, Distributed ArchitectureTM. We have generated jobs and continue to innovate solar solutions based on our initial product family.
Please see the Venture Ohio Press Release for more information regarding this award.