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December 2013
 Happy  Holidays!



Wishing you Happy Holidays! Thank you to all our loyal customers for another fantastic year in solar.  We are pleased to have contributed with our inverter solution to yet another record-shattering year
Are you curious what is really behind the term "distributed architecture"?  When we talk about our Ray Max Inverter solution being built on the distributed architecture solution as the key reason to use our product, it is important to know what that really means.  To fully understand distributed architecture and its advantages we have recently written a white paper that Solar Industry published last week as an E-Feature.  Please follow this link:  Using Distributed Architecture in Large Scale Solar Arrays
We are very excited here at Nextronex as we are in the midst of delivering two of our Power Island Skid to the Indiana Municipal Power Agency by the end of the year.  We believe this skid solution combined with the distributed architecture of our inverter technology provides the best quality and cost effective answer to utility scale applications.  The skid allows us to pre-assemble and pre-wire each 1MW Power Island at our manufacturing facility under a controlled environment so that when it is delivered to the site our customer just have to plug-and-play the system and save most of the on-site labor costs.  The Power Island Skid is also a very effective solution to be deployed on brown field applications. 
If you are a museum or a zoo or other public institution, what would you do with the money that you save on electric bills?  Well, Toledo is a leader in answering that very question.  The Toledo Museum of Art has worked diligently on reducing their electrical consumption through a variety of measures including solar.  Brian Kennedy the director has found it very easy to channel their electrical bill savings straight into new pieces of art and programming.  We expect to see the same result with the Toledo Zoo in the coming year as they have just completed a 2MW solar field installation with Nextronex that will start up on Q1 2014.  We are proud to be part of both of these projects and hope to support more community based projects across the country. See details on both projects below.

Happy Holidays! Thank you all for another fantastic year in solar.  We are happy to be growing solar with our inverter solution.  



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Nextronex Inc. Selected by Indiana Municipal Power Agency

for 2.4MW Utility Solar Projects


November 22, 2013 - Nextronex, Inc. is pleased to announce that the Indiana Municipal Power Agency (IMPA), a wholesale electrical provider serving 60 municipally-owned electric utilities in Indiana and Ohio, has selected the Nextronex Ray-Max® Inverter system  for two (2) 1.2 MW DC solar projects to be located in the cities of Rensselaer and Frankton, Indiana.


"We are excited to have partnered with Inovateus Solar in gaining IMPA as a new customer," said Jay Troger, CEO, "and appreciate their confidence in Nextronex and the 1,000 V DC Ray-Max® distributed architecture. The  solar projects have been designed around our 1MW AC Power Island, fully installed skid solution.  The ability to pre-assemble and pre-wire each 1MW skid solution in the manufacturing facility enables the highest levels of quality control and saves on-site labor costs."


Inovateus Solar LLC, acting as the Engineering Consultant, has been working with IMPA to attain the best design solution. Their VP of Operations, Joe Jancauskas, is excited to work with the Power Island Skid. "This solution is the most effective 1MWAC solar inverter building block for this project," Mr. Jancauskas explained.


 "Using the pre-wired skids will enable IMPA to build utility solar power plants more efficiently and with higher consistency all while enjoying the higher AC energy output that the distributed architecture provides," added Peter Gerhardinger, VP of Technical Sales at Nextronex. "We are very excited to be rolling out this pre-assembled skid solution."


The projects are scheduled to be commissioned early January of 2014, and will be the largest solar project installations to date within IMPA's service territory.




Nextronex Inc.  Celebrates Partnership with Toledo Museum of Art in Solar Initiatives


November 13, 2013 - This October Jay Troger, CEO and  Rudy Magasrevy, P.E. and VP of Sales Development, of Nextronex Energy Systems, were pleased to attend the Toledo of Chamber Commerce Coffee and Connecting event at the Toledo Museum of Art. Carol Bintz, Chief Operating Officer for the Toledo Museum of Art, outlined the many green efforts that the museum has implemented over the last several years. Nextronex Energy Systems, LLC has proudly partnered with the museum for their 100kW rooftop solar project. The Toledo Museum of Art is one of only a few museums in the nation - and the only one in Ohio - to execute such progressive green energy initiatives. 


In 2008, when the museum was considering a solar endeavor, Nextronex's flexible inverter system was selected for the rooftop application. The museum had to carefully consider how to marry the architecture of the 101-year old building with the modern design of green energy. The reliability and superior performance of Nextronex's inverter system, as well as the capability to be a low profile unit made it the clear choice when the museum considered solar power. The rooftop solar panel project was completed in two phases. First, 1450 panels were mounted to the roof of the main Museum building in 2008 followed by more than 1400 panels in the spring of 2011.


For the first time in May 2013, the museum made history by using zero energy from the electrical grid, thanks to all the efficiency and renewable generation initiatives. The museum stopped drawing power from the electrical grid on that particular day and has had many zero energy use days since them. At that time, Ms. Bintz stated, "It takes a variety of ideas and a willingness to take risks to embrace and incorporate these technologies." Nextronex's CEO, Jay Troger recently declared, "We are proud to be part of the museum's success and look forward to supporting other public institutions as they see the potential and benefit in going solar."


Nextronex is committed to customer service and continues to make improvements to their product line. With the 100% up time guarantee and a minimum standard 10-year warranty on all products, Nextronex is positioned to continue its reputation of being on the cutting edge of all green energy initiatives. Nextronex welcomes the opportunity for continued partnerships with those embracing green technologies. 



Nextronex Inc. Announces 

Toledo Zoo New Solar Project


November 20, 2013 - Nextronex Inc., a leader in high performance solar inverter systems, is pleased to announce that our Ray Max Inverter System will be used in the 2 MW solar field project for the Toledo Zoo. Rudolph Libbe, Inc., as a lead developer in Northwest Ohio and solar EPC, has a proud history of committing to new technology and is thrilled to be part of another green energy effort.


Jay Troger, CEO of Nextronex states that Nextronex and Rudolph Libbe have a long-standing relationship of working on solar projects together. This is the fourth solar project in which Rudolph Libbe has selected the Nextronex solution for use of their unique distributed architecture inverter system. Our systems have proven performance in the field consistently providing higher energy output and 100% uptime. Our track record combined with our standard 10 year system warranty makes Nextronex the right choice for solar developers and Independent Power Producers.  Nextronex's reputation of successful installations and quality customer service is a perfect fit for the Toledo Zoo.


Reclaimed industrial land across from the Anthony Wayne Trail, which is currently owned by the Toledo Zoo, will be the site of one of the largest zoo solar projects in the country.  Jason Slattery states, "This partnership is another example of the Toledo Zoo's effort to go green." The Toledo Zoo is not new to green energy. In 2010, they installed SolarWalk, a 1,400-foot solar walkway providing 100kW. That project was in addition to the addition of wind turbines in their parking lot in 2008 as well as the installation of geothermal heating and cooling in many buildings.  


The Toledo Zoo will be commissioning this project in early 2014. The project will install enough solar power so that the Toledo Zoo will not only supplement their electric use but has the potential to meet 100% of their energy requirements during peak periods. In addition to the energy benefits, this project will be taking advantage of a reclaimed land that cannot be used otherwise as well as providing quality jobs to the northwest Ohio area.


 Nextronex Inc. Strengthens Ties with Minnesota        Manufacturer  Crenlo for Solar Inverter Cabinets   


November 12, 2013 - Nextronex Inc., the leader in solar BOS manufacturing, is pleased to announce a new business partnership with Crenlo, a manufacturer and supplier headquartered in Rochester, Minnesota. The increase in demand for the Nextronex RAY-MAX Inverter system had created a need to identify an enclosure manufacturing company that would be able to supply invertor cabinets following this growth. Nextronex was attracted to Crenlo because of its reputation of using the latest manufacturing technologies. Jay Troger, Nextronex CEO, testifies, "The quality of Crenlo products is unmatched. They are responsive to our quick turnaround needs and understand the standards of solar inverter technology."


Nextronex is pleased with the recent Minnesota solar legislation initiative and is ready to partner with more companies in the state. It is exciting to see job growth at Nextronex and we are glad to share that opportunity to grow the green business footprint in Minnesota with a company that is committed to long-term business relationships and superior product quality.


Crenlo is able to utilize their engineering expertise and manufacturing flexibility to design and build complex unique custom enclosures. These custom enclosures are perfectly suited to support and protect Nextronex's inverters, all while making service and inspection simple and hassle free. Crenlo products undergo considerable testing to ensure their product is not only durable but able to withstand environmental elements. In addition, Crenlo recognizes the fast growing energy market is ever-changing and they are able to customize their products to meet the green energy requirements.


Nextronex welcomes a growing business relationship with Crenlo as both have similar corporate missions and professional values. Nextronex is on the cutting edge of solar energy deployment and is committed to continuing strategic partnerships with US corporations. Crenlo recognizes that within the energy market, solar is one of the fastest growing segments. They are ready to embrace this new technology and are devoted to quality product development with exceptional customer service.