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June 2013
Nextronex Exhibits at Intersolar!



Our installation base has grown to 22MW and the Nextronex Inverter Systems continue to out perform customer expectations. Customers are documenting AC energy output from 4-8% higher than predictive models.  We would like to share our story with you at Intersolar this year.


We are exhibiting in booth 8015
at Intersolar North America 2013,
July 9-11 in San Francisco, CA.
We want to see you there!


Be sure to visit Nextronex Inc. at Intersolar North America, July 9-11, 2013 in San Francisco where we will have our exciting product and service offerings on display and will have experts and top executives on hand to answer your questions. Please contact Greg Knudson to make an appointment or stop by the booth.




Greg Knudson                                            VP of Sales and Marketing                               419-350-5004



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The Ray-Max Inverter Systems
Increase Your ROI

Completely Different from the Rest:


The distributed architecture design of the Ray Max® Power Island Inverter system has proven itself in the field with 4 to 8% higher AC energy output.  The Ray Max ® Inverter System incorporates a patented distributed architecture which optimizes low light energy harvesting. These systems are capable of exporting energy starting at 650 watts for early morning, late evening and during cloudy conditions.


The Best Solution:


Up to 8 % higher AC energy output

                  Predictive Models and Customer Validation document up to 8% higher energy output with the Nextronex RayMax Inverter systems. Low light energy harvesting, distributed architecture and equipment reliability are a few of the factors that translate into higher ROIs for our customers.

Distributed Architecture - optimizing energy harvesting

                  Nextronex inverters begin exporting energy at only 650 watts and continue optimizing inverter performance during early morning, late afternoon and cloudy conditions. Using the entire solar field the Smart Controller funnels the energy to the minimum number of inverters allowing each to run at peak efficiency.


Reliability - Inverter system uptime and extended lifetime

Inverter switching algorithms with a Master/Slave operation increase system reliability and uptime and extend inverter lifetime. The ability to switch inverters minimizes the effect of a single inverter failure by allowing the operation to bypass an inverter if one is available. 


System Efficiency - design and installation

1,000 V DC configurations, with low profile inverters for center-of-array placement, represent a 40% increase in operating voltage and a 40% reduction in home run wiring. Transformerless inverters, operating up to 98% efficiency, feed our medium voltage, air-cooled, TP1 Load Centers to combine the functions of a low voltage inverter side with a medium voltage step-up to 15 and 35 kV class allowing the system to achieve an efficiency of greater then 96%.


Smart Controller - Optimizing your investment

The smart-grid ready Smart Controllers handle all inverter sequencing, monitoring and telemetry functions with automated communications of data with Nextronex-supplied revenue grade metering. 



Meet us at 


Booth 8015 

If you would like to set up a specific meeting please contact: 
Greg Knudson 419-350-5004 or
Exhibit Dates and Hours:
July 09 8:00-5:00
July 10 8:00-5:00
July 11 8:00-4:00

We look forward to helping your solar projects move forward!
Just as the Sun comes up every day, you can count on us for our Enthusiasm for solar!