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Westport River Watershed Alliance's Mission: to restore, protect, celebrate and sustain the natural resources of the Westport River watershed.   
Wild Edibles Walk
Photo Contest
Beach Clean Up
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Boat for Sale
Thank You Sally Ann
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Dear Members and Friends

"Paz" our quahog friend who resides on the Upper West Branch would like to remind you to renew your membership if you haven't yet, and sends thanks to those who have. We ask for your support twice a year in the Spring with your membership renewal and in the Fall with the year-end Annual Appeal. Membership support is critical for the work that the Alliance does
every day to support our mission to restore, protect, celebrate and sustain the natural resources of the river and watershed. You can renew your membership online, click here to visit our secure website to make a membership donation
Westport River Watershed Ride

Date: Saturday, June 8, 2013

Place:  Buzzards Bay Brewery, 98 Horseneck Road, Westport

Time:  Start 7 to 9 a.m. (estimate 3.5 hours to complete the course at an average 15 mph.)


Here is a chance to have a really good time with your friends and raise some money to protect and preserve the Westport River watershed.  This is not an easy course with several steep hills.  You would do well to get some friends and get into shape with a few practice rides.  The 20 mile course will be a little less hilly.


The Westport River Watershed Ride will begin and end at the Brewery.  There will be two courses: a 46 mile ride and a 23 mile ride.  It's $60 for nonmembers and $50 for members the day of the ride and of course all of the bucolic Westport scenery, along with the beer, is free.  Save $10 by registering early.  At the end there will be a "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" NPR kind of quiz (after a few beers) with prizes for those who can get 2 out of 3 questions right.


Put together a team of five or more and each team member will get a free membership to WRWA.  Children 12 and under, ride for free when accompanied by an adult.

Wild Edible Walk with Russ Cohen

June 23, Sunday  9am-1pm Wild Edible Foraging Walk with well known naturalist Russ Cohen. Participants will explore the coastal shore land at Westport Point and enjoy a tasting of wild treats after the walk.

Meet at 1151 Main Rd. at 9am and carpool to site. Space is limited so pre-registration is required by calling 508 636 3016 or visiting WRWA's website (CLICK here for to register). $25 WRWA members or $30 nonmembers.
WRWA Photo Contest


WRWA is sponsoring a photo contest and is seeking photographers who love the river and the natural world. All entries will be judged and on display at WRWA's River Day Festival, Sat. June 22, at the Head of Westport Landing. Prizes will be awarded for the following categories: Adult, and Junior (grades 1-12).


All entries must be submitted in both hardcopy and digital format to WRWA.  Email JPG format images to water@wrwa.com by June 1. Each entry must also be printed and matted as an 8"x10" and mailed or dropped off at the WRWA office with Attn: Photo Contest to 1151 Main Rd., PO Box 3427 Westport 02790 on or before June.


Each photo entry must be ready for display entry and labeled on the back with the photo's title, name of the contestant, address, phone number and entry class. In addition a 35 card must accompany each entry with the title, name of photographer, and entry category.


While reasonable care will be taken, WRWA will not be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged photographs. Contestants must pick up their photographs at River Day or at the office before July 1. With permission of the photographer, WRWA reserves the right to use photographs in any published materials with credit given to the photographer whenever possible.

Earth Day Beach Clean Up
Celebrate Earth Day buy helping out with WRWA's annual Earth Day clean-up on Saturday, April 20th from 10AM to noon. Join us at Cherry & Webb Beach, to clean up trash that has accumulated along our beaches and stop the debris from polluting the water and endangering wildlife.    

Trash bags, gloves, trash pickers, and refreshments will be provided. For more information on this event and upcoming events visit our website http://westportwatershed.org/news-events/calendar-of-events/

Celebrate River Day - Saturday June 22nd 2013

Mark your calendar today to celebrate the Westport River and all it offers. On Sat. June 22 a full day of River Day festivities will take place at the Head of Westport Landing. Activities are numerous and offer fun for all ages.

  • Annual 2 mile kayak and canoe paddle from Hix Bridge Landing to the Head of Westport Landing takes off at 10:00. Register on-line to save time and to guarantee a free t-shirt. WRWA members $40 (day of $50); nonmembers $50 (day of $60).Click here for more info and to register for the paddle.
  • Westport Historical Society walking tours of the historic Head neighborhood and exhibits in the Bell Schoolhouse
  • Live Raptor and Reptile show
  • Demonstration of a working river skiff complete with "tools of the trade"
  • Exhibits celebrating Westport's farming and fishing heritage
  • Green businesses demonstrating energy options (solar/wind), wastewater solutions, and sustainable practices for everyday living
  • Children's games - stilt making, fish printing, "wee boat" building, old fashion hoop rolling, face painting, and much more
  • Entertainment by the Spindle Rock River Rats
  • Food
  • Photo contest with winners' photos on display

Don't miss this fun-filled day.


Boat for Sale

Thanks to a generous donor, we have a gorgeous Adirondack Guide boat for sale and it would make a great acquisition for the summer. These boats are great for rowing and very stable. The boat is complete with oars and beautiful caned seats. It's dark forest green. Our boat retails new for $4,300. We are looking for the best offer.


So make us an offer we can't refuse. Call 508-636-3016 or email g.gillespie@wrwa.com.

Thank You Sally Ann

Two years ago, only a few months after the WRWA board of directors elected Sally Ann Ledbetter its president, she came face to face with two significant challenges: finding a successor for Gay Gillespie, the WRWA's executive director for over 20 years and "poster child" for every initiative and principle it had stood for over that time; and addressing a structural budget shortfall. Not only did she lead us through those crises with skill and grace, she established a standard of excellence that challenged us throughout her tenure.


As Sally Ann called the WRWA Board meeting to order last week, we paused for a few minutes to reflect on and celebrate her leadership, courage and vision not only to guide us through those challenging early days of her presidency, but also to strengthen our focus, spirit and resolve. Today the WRWA is in the capable hands of a strong, energetic board, and a dynamic, professional staff. Sally Ann's accomplishments are noteworthy, but perhaps her most enduring legacy is the confidence she inspired in the people: board and staff members who are the face of the WRWA. She served ably not only as our president, but also from time to time as referee, confessor, and mother superior-always with dignity, respect and a sense of humor. For all you have given and taught us, Sally Ann, we thank you.

Harvest Rainwater for a Healthy Landscape

As warm weather approaches, gardening will once again be on the minds of many enthusiasts. And once again, WRWA will be offering rain barrels for sale for $30, more than half off retail price. We still have a number of them remaining, and now is the perfect time to incorporate one into your garden plans.


These barrels, when hooked up to the downspouts/drains, provide an ample supply of water that can be used for lawns, gardens, flower pots, car washing, and other water needs. They can save water and money by using rainwater instead of drinking water for uses around the house. Water collected in rain barrels also prevents pollution by keeping rain water from flowing over paved surfaces, picking up pollutants such as fertilizer, pet waste, and motor oil, which eventually reach our rivers and streams.


WRWA encourages residents to purchase a rain barrel as stewards of the Westport River and the environment. Rain barrels are in limited supply, and will available at the WRWA office at 1151 Main Road, Westport.  


Payment may be made by check, cash, or credit card. For questions or inquiries, please call the office at (508) 636-3016, or email Betsy at  b.white@wrwa.com.

Lucky Winners
Congratulations to Dick and Ann Squire! As reported earlier, all the names of contributors to the WRWA Annual Fund Drive were put into a drawing for a beautiful hand-printed block print made by Matt Patrick. The print depicting a shell fisherman working at sunset is a real treasure - lucky winners.   
Five Reasons to Pick Up After Your Dog

Sure, we've all felt the temptation. Maybe you're tired. Maybe you're just not feeling great that day. Maybe the weather is bad and you just want to go home. Maybe you just don't think anyone is looking. But whatever the reason, you're out walking the dog -- and suddenly, you lose your resolve to scoop that poop.


While the urge to leave the dog doo on the ground is normal, even inevitable, it's a temptation that you should resist. Most responsible dog owners pick up after their pets most of the time. But here are five good reasons why ALL dog owners should pick up after their dog ALL of the time.


Reason #1: It's the Law

In most urban and suburban areas of the United States, the law requires you to pick up after your dog when you are on others' property or in public areas like parks and sidewalks. Sure, you won't go to jail if you get caught, but the fine will hurt and the conviction would be quite embarrassing.

Reason #2: It's Your Reputation

In a residential neighborhood, you just never know who's peeking out through those blinds, about to walk out that door, or about to drive down the street -- and catch you in the act. All it takes is one neighbor to tell another that they spotted you walking your dog without the customary plastic bag. Before you know it, the whole neighborhood will be blaming you for every pile of poop for miles around.

Reason #3: It's Healthy

Even the biggest pile of dog poop left on the ground will eventually disappear. Have you ever wondered where it goes? The answer is that it washes away with the rain -- down the storm drain and into the nearest stream. Dog doo is full of germs that can make people who play in the streams (or the animals that live there) sick. In fact, dog doo is a significant source of the pollution.

Reason #4: It's Nice

Let's face it, it's just flat out nasty to end up with that stuff in your shoe. And it's not much better when your dog licks you -- after eating some of that stuff that somebody else left lying around. So remember the golden rule, and pick up after your pet.

Reason #5: It's Easy

One trip to the pet store will reveal all manner of plastic doodads and gimicks that make it easy for you to scoop the poop without even bending over and getting too close to the stuff. And after that, all you have do is toss it in the trash can when you get home. Your friendly neighborhood sanitation workers will take care of it from there.


Another mistake some dog owners make is to toss the stuff into the bushes or in the woods. That may stop people from stepping in it, but dog doo is actually not good fertilizer. No matter where you leave it, dog doo is a big pile of germs that pollutes the environment and that will eventually find its way into local streams. So don't toss dog doo down the stormdrain or into the woods. Put it in a bag and put that bag in the trash!


Have you ever seen that bumper sticker, "I strive to be the person my dog thinks I am." Here's a simple and easy way to live up to your dog's image of you: Scoop the poop and dispose of it properly. Every single time.


adapted from Eric Eckl - Water Words that Work LLC 

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