Volume: 2 - Issue:  32
28 March 2014
Iran Update


We are delighted to present you with the current issue of Iran Update, a publication of International Solidarity for Democratic Change in Iran (ISDCI).  You can see ISDCI's latest events on our website at: International Conferences 

Iran is Topic A as Obama meets with Saudi King Abdullah

Washington Post

At a tense time in U.S.-Saudi relations over how to handle Iran and Syria, President Obama met with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia in his desert camp outside of Riyadh Friday, seeking to reassure him that the relationship is on solid ground despite some 'tactical differences' in recent months. It was Obama's third meeting with King Abdullah in the last six years...Read On

Veteran intel expert labels Iran-backed Tawhid-Salam as most dangerous terror group

Today's Zaman

Former Istanbul Police Department intelligence bureau chief Ali Fuat Yılmazer has said Iran-linked notorious terrorist organization Tawhid-Salam is "the stealthiest and the most dangerous terrorist organization of recent times" Turkey has ever faced...Read On

UN Security Council must consider Iran's Rights abuses

Scoop World

More than 110 members of both Houses of Parliament including Chairpersons of Parliamentary Committees, former Ministers and religious leaders supported a statement about the Iranian women's struggle for freedom and gender equality. The statement also pressed for assurances on safety, security and well being of 1000 brave women at Camp Liberty who are facing serious threats by Iraqi armed forces at the behest of the Iranian regime...Read On


Daily News

US intelligence agencies have provided irrefutable proof that Iran supplies lethal weapons to extremist groups in Bahrain and the Gulf...Read On

House Lawmakers Preparing Terror-Related Sanctions against Iran

The Tower

Mark Dubowitz, the executive director at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, had assessed in late February that lawmakers would continue to investigate how to impose pressure on Iran, and that there would also be "strong momentum behind another push" should the six-month interim Joint Plan of Action (JPA) expire without a comprehensive agreement for putting Iran's atomic program beyond use for weaponization...Read On

New year a 'determining point' for Iranian regime, IRGC leader declares


IRGC Major General Gholam Ali Rashid also described Iran as being in an 'all out confrontation' at internal and international level in political, cultural, economic, military and propaganda areas...Read On

Iran: At-least six students killed on IRGC war zone tour


The Iranian regime's Ministry of Education jointly with the IRGC and Basij force students to register in this program in which many students have been killed in recent years. The "Rahian-e Noor" field trip stated aim is keeping alive the "culture of resistance" meaning promoting the fundamentalist ideology of mullahs ruling in Iran...Read On

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