Volume 1, No.12


The following are reports from state control media and sources of the Iranian Resistance within Iran during the third week of February 2014.


A. Executions, Suppression 

1,100 Sentenced to Death in One City

Simay Azadi TV

February 14, 2014

Out of the roughly 2,000 prisoners held at Mashhad city's Vakilabad prison, 1,100 have been sentenced to death and are awaiting the execution of their sentences.


Two People Executed in Public

Fars Province Judiciary

 February 13, 2014

Two people have been executed in public in Shiraz city. (The aim of the executions was to instil an atmosphere of fear and intimidation on the brink of the anniversary of anti-regime protests.)


Two Men Murdered in Bandar Abbas


February 4, 2014

On Monday, February 3, the regime's State Security Forces (SSF) opened fire on a boat in Khoon Sorkh region of Bandar Abbas (southern Iran) and killed two people on board.


MEK Relative's House Raided in Iran


February 15, 2014

Iranian regime intelligence agents have raided the residence of Mrs. Hamideh Madadzadeh, searching the house while insulting her. They confiscated her computer as well as pictures of Mahdieh and Akbar Madadzadeh who were killed during the April 8, 2011 attack on Camp Ashraf, Iraq. The agents interrogated Mrs. Madadzadeh, asking her why she visited her sister and brother, Farzad, who were recently released from prison.


200,000 Drug-Related Arrests

Fars News Agency (state-affiliated)

February 10, 2014

The deputy chief of the Drug Enforcement Office said: over the last 9 months, 200,000 people have been arrested around the country for smuggling, distributing and trafficking drugs. (It must be noted that a) IRGC is the main ring leader of distribution of drugs; b) it is common to arrest people for political reason but under different pretext)


28 Arrested at a Birthday Party


February 8, 2014

The regime's State Security Forces (SSF) raided a birthday partyin Khorram Abad city and arrested the 28 young girls and boys attending the party.


Political Prisoner Under Severe Pressure


February 11, 2014

Political prisoner Arzhang Davoodi is held in solitary confinement at cell 5 of Shari'a hall under the most severe pressures and persecution by MOIS interrogators for the past 86 days. He has been in prison since 2003.


Political Prisoner Sentenced to 18 Years and 74 Lashes

HRA News

A political prisoner being held at Evin prison in Tehran has been sentenced to 18 additional years in prison. The regime's Revolutionary Court also sentenced Javad Fouladvand to 74 lashes.


Prisoners Promised Freedom in Exchange for Participating in Rally


Prisoners at Eshnavieh city were promised to be released by the regime if they agreed to participate in pro-regime rallies on February 11.





Anti-Regime Rallies Reignite Across the Country


February 15, 2014

Following the airing of a film by the mullahs' state-run TV, which insulted Iran's Bakhtiari community, a wave of angry protests began on Thursday and Friday in cities like Dezful, Masjed Soleiman, Farsan, Aligudarz, Doroud, Izeh, Azna and Lali. On Friday, February 14, coinciding with the regime's so-called Friday prayer sermons in the cities of Dezful, Masjed Soleiman, Izeh and Lali, protesters took to the streets and chanted "Death to Zarghami" (referring to the head of the regime's state-run radio and TV), "Bakhtiaris will die but will not be insulted" and "Don't make us resort to our guns." Protests in Dezful included battles and hit & run clashes between brave youths and the regime's repressive forces in various parts of the city. In these skirmishes the youth broke the windows of at least 30 security units' vehicles. They also clashed with special agents who had placed barriers and attacked the demonstrators. Demonstrators destroyed the barriers during the clashes.


15 Iranian Prisoners Launch Hunger Strike

February 10, 2014

Fifteen prisoners at Ilam's central prison have gone on hunger strike in protest to the deplorable sanitary and food conditions in the prison, which has thus far caused 70 prisoners to become ill.


Regime Placards Set on Fire

February 11, 2014

Young people in the western city of Ahvaz have set on fire some of the regime's propaganda placards celebrating its coming to power 35 years ago. They also shattered loudspeakers installed in the area. At least six young people were arrested by the regime's plainclothes agents. Separately, in Dehloran, young people disrupted a ceremony by Bassij Force and State Security Forces celebrating the regime's "Fajr Days."


Protests Against Rouhani's Food Basket Program

February 14, 2014

A number of workers gathered in front of stores in the city of Karaj, protesting against the manner in which food baskets are distributed. One of the stores in Tehran was distributing rice that had gone bad, which provoked anger among the people. The recipients showed their protest by throwing the rice back at the distributors. In other news, an elderly woman lost her life while waiting in a line-up for food baskets in Khorram Abad city. The incident also provoke anger among the rest of the people waiting in the area.


Protests in Deholran and Shadegan  February 10, 2014

People in Dehloran staged protests against the regime's food basket distribution program on February 10. They chanted slogans against the regime's officials. People in Khouzestan province's Shadegan city also staged a similar protest. Many of the city's residents, who have no income, have been denied food baskets. Separately, on February 9, a middle-aged man died while waiting in the line-up in the city of Badreh in Ilam province.


"Death to Dictator" Heard on Rooftops

February 12, 2014

Youths in the city of Karaj marked the anniversary of the anti-monarchic revolution of 1979 by chanting "death to dictator" from their rooftops, in reference to the dictatorship of the mullahs.


Regime Agents Beaten

February 9, 2014

Students at the University of Qazvin clashed with the regime's suppressive State Security Forces (SSF) agents, and beat several of them. Separately in Qaemshahr city, an SSF member was beaten by people for arbitrarily confiscating vehicles.


Two Military Vehicles Set on Fire

February 9, 2014

Two military vehicles were set on fire in the border region of Chilat located in between Mehran and Dehloran cities. The incident was reported to have been an act of protest by disenchanted soldiers.



C. Miscellaneous Reports

Iran 174th in Press Freedoms

Radio Farda

February 12, 2014

An annual report released by Reporters Without Borders says that the situation of press freedoms and freedom of expression has worsened in Iran. Iran is among the 10 worst countries in the organization's rankings. Out of the 179 countries evaluated by the organization, Iran ranks 174th, just ahead of the African nation of Somalia.


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