Volume 1, No.11


The following are reports from state control media and sources of the Iranian Resistance within Iran during the second week of February 2014.


A. Executions, Suppression 

15 Political Prisoners Executed in Chabahar;

107 Executed Since the Start of the New Year

February 5, 2014

On February 5, fifteen Baluchi political prisoners were secretly executed on masse at the Chabahar prison (southern Iran). Among those executed were Khosrow Barahoui, a resident of Loutak in Zabol, Two Rigi brothers, two brothers from the Mir clan and a merchant named Afzal Rigi. On February 3, seven prisoners were also secretly executed and buried in unmarked graves at Zahedan cemetery (southeast Iran). Two prisoners were also hanged in Bandar Abbas, bringing the total number of executions in the first 5 weeks of 2014 to 107.


Nine Sunni Prisoners Under Interrogation


January 31, 2014

On January 29, nine Sunnis being held at Ward 8 of Karaj's Rajaishahr prison, which is run by the regime's Ministry of Intelligence, were once again interrogated by an intelligence agent. Currently, more than 100 Sunni prisoners are being held at hall 10 of ward 4 of Rajaishahr prison, 40 of whom are sentenced to death.


Dissident Cleric Transferred to Evin's Ward 209

January 30, 2014

An imprisoned cleric critical of the Iranian regime has been moved to Evin prison's Ward 209 from the special clerics' ward. Mohammad-Sadeq (Arash) Honarvar Shojai suffers from a heart condition as well as epilepsy. He has been imprisoned since November 2010. The regime has opened three judicial cases against him at the special branch of the courts for clerics.


No Visits for Six Years and Counting


January 27, 2014

After more than six years in prison, the Iranian regime is preventing two Baluchi political prisoners being held at Zahedan's central prison to have visits from their family members.


More Satellite Dishes Destroyed and Confiscated


February 2, 2014

Members of the Iranian regime's State Security Forces (SSF) have raided people's houses in several parts of the western city of Ilam to confiscate and destroy satellite dishes. In some cases, the SSF agents went to the rooftops and threw down the dishes to destroy them.


Two Baluchi Prisoners Placed Under Torture


February 6, 2014

Two Baluchi political prisoners have been placed under severe torture by the regime as part of attempts to obtain forced statements from them. For the past several days, the two have been placed under severe physical and psychological torture by the regime's Ministry of Intelligence in Zahedan city in order to force them to make false televised confessions.


Former University President Summoned by Intelligence Ministry

Radio Farda

February 5, 2014

Immediately after Hassan Rouhani's suggestion to university professors to express their opinions, the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS), summoned the first president of the University of Tehran, Mohammad Maleki, and his son, for questioning.


More Pressure on Political Prisoners and Families of MEK


The Iranian regime is preventing political prisoner Ahmad Daneshpour Moqaddam, a relative of MEK members, to have access to an independent lawyer. The regime's prosecutor in Tehran has said that since he has already been sentenced to death, he will not need a lawyer. The health condition of Mr. Moqaddam, who has been sentenced to death along with his father on bogus charges of "Moharebeh" (waging war on God), has deteriorated significantly, and his life is now in danger. Another political prisoner, Jafar Eqdami, has not been allowed to have family visits for unknown reasons. In other news, prison guards at Mashhad's Vakil Abad prison are denying medical treatment for political prisoner Ali Ebadi. Mr. Ebadi, who is over 60 years old, has been imprisoned for the past 4 years. He now has kidney stones and other illnesses and has suffered from internal bleeding on a number of occasions.


Civic Protests Undermine National Security!

Deutsche Welle

February 4, 2014

The regime's General Prosecutor, Mohseni Ejei, said at a news conference about the arrest of workers: We will confront people who undermine public order and national security under the guise of civic protests.






27 Workers Released from Prison

ILNA (State-affiliated)

February 4, 2014

27 workers who had been arrested at Chadermalou Mine in Ardakan of Yazd were released on Monday after 2,000 workers of the mine went on strike. 


C. Miscellaneous Reports

13 Million Workers Deprived of Rouhani's Food Basket Handouts

Radio France

February 1, 2014

After the Iranian government announced only people with less that  5,000,000 rial (roughly $200) income would be awarded free handouts of food, more than 13 million workers were automatically denied the aid.


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