Volume 1, No.8


The following are reports from state control media and sources of the Iranian Resistance within Iran during the third week of January 2014.


A. Hanngings, Suppression 

21 prisoners hanged in just 2 days

Statement by the National Council of Resistance of Iran

January 16, 2014

Twenty-one prisoners have been hanged in Iran in just two days (January 14 and 15). Seven were collectively hanged in Gohardasht prison, five prisoners were collectively hanged in Shahroud, another five in Shiraz, two in the city of Ardebil, and one prisoner was hanged in the prison of Tabas. There was also a public hanging in the city of Saveh

A report from a prison in Shiraz

NCRI website

January 15, 2014

A shocking report has leaked out of Adelabad Prison in Shiraz that discloses repeated secret executions. The leaked report states that on January 4, two prisoners, Hamid Tabkhi and Aghil Mohammadi, were secretly executed. Hamid Tabkhi was a minor. And on January 8, three other inmates, Omid Hosseini, 21, Majid Hayati and Bashir Assadi, were secretly executed. The inmate letter out of the prison reads in part: "Here, they kill men like sheep... this is Adelabad of Shiraz with not even an iota of justice!... This is that foremost dreaded prison of the century. Here, you cannot find any sunshine, light, joy or laughter. This is a graveyard. Everything here has a damp smell of wretchedness and villainy. Here is Adelabad with not an iota of justice!"


Amnesty International: 40 People Executed in 2 weeks

Urgent Appeal

January 16, 2014


Iran has carried out a total of 40 executions since the beginning of 2014, with at least 33 carried out in the past week alone, said Amnesty International today.


Prisoners Sentenced to Death Transferred to Solitary Confinement

January 13, 2014

The Iranian regime has transferred six prisoners sentenced to death at Karaj's Gohardasht prison to solitary confinement. The move is in anticipation of carrying out the execution order.


Baluch Opponent Assassinated

January 13, 2014

A recently freed political prisoner from the Baluchi minority has been assassinated by the terrorist Qods Force of the Iranian regime in the city of Mirjaveh. The man, Khoubiar Rigi, was 35.


Three Internet Cafes Closed in Shahroud

Fars News

January 13, 2014

The head of the Internet police unit in the province of Semnan has said that three different internet cafes have been ordered shut in the town of Shahroud.


Security Forces Attack Protestors During Rouhani Speech

A number of workers protested against mullah Hassan Rouhani, the Iranian regime's president, in the city of Ahvaz. They carried placards protesting against unemployment. Plainclothes agents and regime forces attacked them and took away their placards. At the end of Rouhani's speech, Ahvazi youths also chanted slogans against inflation and unemployment.




Pressure on Political Prisoners


Torture and ill-treatment of political prisoner

J anuary 13, 2014

A political prisoner at Evin prison, who is a family member of Camp Liberty residents, lost consciousness on January 11 after a severe physical convulsion. Ahmad Daneshpour Moqaddam has lost over 40 kg due totorture, inhumane measures and various illnesses while in prison.


Political Prisoner Exiled After Contacting UN Official

Kurdistan Press Agency

January 12, 2014

The Iranian regime's Revolutionary Court in Karaj has sentenced Reza Sharifi Boukani to four years in exile in the city of Golpayegan in Isfahan after "proliferating lies and contacting Ahmed Shaheed," the UN special rapporteur on human rights in Iran.


Political Prisoner Faces Prolonged Sentencing

January 17, 2014

D espite the fact that Arjang Davoudi, a political prisoner, is scheduled to be released, the Iranian regime's Intelligence Ministry is trying to prolong his prison sentence. The regime's intelligence ministry is fabricating another case to put him on trial and continue his arbitrary arrest in Tehran. He is currently incarcerated in Bandar Abbas prison in circumstances effectively similar to solitary confinement.


2 Political Prisoners in Zahedan Sentenced to Death


January 10, 2014

Two political prisoners of Baluchi origin have been sentenced to death. They are 22-year-old Mahmoud Shahbakhsh and 23-year-old Vahid Shahbakhsh, who were arrested two years ago.


Cancer Patient in Prison Denied Treatment


J anuary 11, 2014

Interrogators of the Iranian regime's Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) are denying medical treatment to a prisoner diagnosed with cancer. Ali Moezzi was transferred to a hospital once in chains in order to be humiliated, but he was returned to prison without receiving any treatment. He is the father of two Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) female members in Camp Liberty.


Afshin Baymani Denied Treatment


January 11, 2014

A political prisoner being held at Karaj's Gohardasht prison has been denied treatment despite suffering from two heart attacks. He has spent 13 years of his life in prison.


Doctor Yazerlou Denied Treatment in Prison


January 9, 2014

Evin prison officials in Tehran have denied treatment for political prisoner Dr. Hani Yazerlou for the past three months. They have specifically denied him of access to specialized treatment outside of prison. He has been imprisoned for affiliation with the MEK. 



C. Harassment of Minorities in Iran

25 Prisoners, Including Dervishes, Denied Family Visits

Majzooban-e Nour

January 13, 2014

25 prisoners in Evin prison's Ward 350, including Dervish prisoners, have been denied family visits.


Four Christian Converts Arrested

Radio Zamaneh

January 9, 2014

Four recent converts to Christianity were arrested on December 31 by plainclothes agents in Karaj's Fardis region.


Th ree Bahais Arrested


January 10, 2014

On January 8, three members of the Bahai faith residing in Semnan were arrested by security forces. They were transferred to Semnan prison to face their sentences.
D. Miscellaneous


Brain Drain Costs 1.5 Times More than Iraq War

January 12, 2014

The head of the Islamic University, Hamid Mirzadeh, has commented on the statistics of educated people leaving the country. He pointed to comments made by the Minister of Sciences about the fleeing of 150,000 educated people from the country and said: If we assume that a million dollars is spent on each person from first grade to secondary schools, the fleeing of 150,000 people from the country ever year would cost the country 1.5 times the war, which according to UN statistics equalled 97 billion dollars."  
ISDCI News Team
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