Volume 1, No.7


The following are reports from state control media and sources of the Iranian Resistance within Iran during the second week of January 2014.


A. Suppression 

Hanging, Murders, and Arbitrary Arrests

  • January 4: One prisoner executed in Sari.
  • January 7: four prisoners were executed in Qazvin and Gachsaran.
  • January 8: Two prisoners taken to solitary confinement in Bandar Abbas as a prelude to their execution.
  • January 5: Fifty-nine people arrested in the city of Mashhad.
  • Three prisoners publicly flogged in the city of Dehdasht.
  • January 4: State Security Forces shot and killed a 26-year-old man in Sardasht. They then tied his body to their vehicle and pulled it for two km.
  • January 2: Two young people were shot and killed by State Security Forces in Seqez and Elsam Abad.
  • January 9: "Four prisoners executed in Oroumieh prison ... (while) two others were executed in Salmas prison." (Forat News Agency)
30 prisoners sentenced to death in Khuzestan
Radio Zamaneh- January 7, 2014
The head of the Revolutionary Court in Khuzestan province stated: 30 individuals were sentenced to death in the province and are awaiting the execution of their sentences.

Pictures of a Beaten Political Prisoner
January 6, 2014
These pictures show a 62-year-old Kurdish political prisoner named "Nameq Mahmoudi" who was beaten when being transferred to a clinic.

Amnesty International Concerned about Bloggers
Radio Farda- January 11, 2014
Amnesty International has expressed concern about the deteriorating of Mohammad-Reza Pourshajari's health. He is a 53-year-old blogger imprisoned at Karaj's Qezelhesar prison. He is denied access to medical care even though he has had two heart attacks.

Guitar Player Steps Away from the Gallows
January 7, 2014
Abbas Matlabi is a 25-year-old professional guitar player in Isfahan, who has had many pupils. He has been arrested with bogus charges of drug possession and is facing a death sentence.


Religious Decrees Issued by Mullahs


Khamenei: Men are banned from chatting with women, on religious grounds

Head of Supreme Court: Hand amputations benefit society

Tasnim News- January 7, 2014

The head of the Supreme Court, Ayatollah Mohseni Gorkani, has said that cutting a thief's hand is actually beneficial for the community of Muslims. ... People charged with enmity against God are sentenced to death. If anyone commits armed robbery, their hand and leg must be amputated.


Satellite Possession a Crime

Fars News- January 7, 2014

The head of judiciary in Anbar Abad said: Possession of satellite dishes is illegal and there are prescribed punishments in law.


C. Acts of Protest and Resistance

Criminal Mullah Punished

January 5, 2014

On January 5, youth in Borouhen city shot and killed a criminal mullah named Hossein Niazi.


Hunger Strikes in Prisons

Forat News- January 8, 2014

Families of four prisoners on hunger strike at Qezelhesar prison, who have been sentenced to death, have started their own hunger strike in solidarity with the prisoners.

Amnesty International Concerned about Fate of Political Prisoners

January 7, 2014

Amnesty International has expressed concern about the situation of four Kurdish political prisoners, who have been on hunger strike for 64 days in protest to their death sentence.


Statement by Seven Political Prisoners Condemning Attack on Camp Liberty

Seven political prisoners at Evin prison have issued a statement condemning the missile attack on Camp Liberty on December 26, 2013. Part of the statement reads: We, the undersigned, vehemently condemn the attack and call on the United Nations and international organizations, governments and especially the irresponsible and passive U.S. government, to fulfill its commitments of protecting the defenceless MEK members in Camp Liberty and pressure the criminal Maliki government to stop such vicious attacks and to release the 7 hostages."

In other news, another political prisoner, Ali Moezzi, has also condemned the attack. He is the father of two MEK members at Camp Liberty. He wrote in a letter: Both hated regimes in Iran and Iraq are once again acting in unison and see the answer to their gloomy situation in cowardly attacks against the defenceless, unarmed and besieged epicentre of the Iranian people's resistance movement.


Nine Female Political Prisoners on Hunger Strike in Evin

Nine female political prisoners at Evin's Ward 350 have staged a hunger strike in protest to the brutal attack by prison guards. The assailants, who included nearly 20 torturers, beat the prisoners, carried out humiliating body searches and psychological torture of the political prisoners.

26 political prisoners from Gohardasht prison in Karaj have also issued a statement condemning the attack at Evin, saying: We, as political prisoners, condemn the inhumane treatments at Evin prison and express concern over the health situation of prisoners on hunger strike at Ward 350.


Statement by 218 Artists and Writers

Saham News- January 4, 2014

218 artists and writers in Iran have signed a letter calling for the release of Mehdi Moussavi and Fatemeh Ekhtesari, two young poets.

D. Economic and Social News

Five Thousand Deaths as a Result of Hepatitis

ILNA- January 5, 2014

The head of the Hepatitis Association of Iran has said: Each year, over 5,000 people die in Iran as a result of contracting Hepatitis B and C.


Iran Ranks First in Destroying Natural Resources

Tabnak-January 9, 2014

Masoumeh Ebtekar, the head of the Environment Organization said: Over the past ten years, Iran has sunk 61 spots in global and regional environmental rankings. National criteria underline this situation as well. ... When it comes to destroying water resources and rivers, we rank first in the world.


70% of Prisoners are Either Sick or on Drugs

Forat News -January 5, 2014

The head of the Prisons Bureau has said: 70 percent of prisoners in Iran are either ill or on drugs.


11 Million Uneducated

BBC -January 5, 2014

The Education Ministry of Iran has said that 11 million people cannot read or write in Iran.


Picture: Political Prisoners in Gohardasht prison celebrating the New Year.


Despite enormous pressure by the guards to intimidate the prisoners and to demoralize them, they use every opportunity they get to celebrate. This picture which has now been smuggled out of prison was taken last year on the eve of Iranian New Year.  

ISDCI News Team
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