Volume 1, No.6


The following are reports from state control media and sources of the Iranian Resistance within Iran during the first week of January 2014.



16 Executions in a Week in Iranian Prisons

Four people at Central Prison of Oroumieh, five prisoners in Kermanshah's Dizelabad Prison, one secret execution at Zahedan Prison, two executions in Mashhad city, three people executed in Miandoab, and one prisoner killed in Karaj after being beaten with a baton.


726 Executions in the Year 2013

Kordpa Website,January 3, 2014

In 2013, at least 726 people were executed in 46 prisons in various cities across Iran. 49 cases have been public. 52 victims were Kurds, three of whom were political prisoners. Three other Kurdish political prisoners and 11 Sunnis have also been sentenced to death. 28 people were executed on charges of enmity against God (Moharebeh), among which there are Baluchis and Arabs. Five of those executed were under 18 years of age at the commission of the crime. And Two more have been sentenced to death. 21 of those executed are Afghans


Daily Secret Executions at Zahedan Prison

Forat News Agency-January 1, 2014

During the last few weeks, there have been secret executions at Zahedan prison almost on a daily basis. 

B. Resistance

Political Prisoners in Zahedan Condemn Attack on Camp Liberty
Hrana News Agency-December 31, 2013
Excerpts of a statement signed by 27 political prisoners in Zahedan: "We, political prisoners at Zaehdan prison, strongly condemn the terrorist crime against members of the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (MEK) at Camp Liberty, and offer our condolences for the loss of these beloved people to their families and freedom-loving people across the globe. The ruling dictators, who have no connection with God, must know that they will be uprooted on the basis of their conduct. ... Political prisoners of Zahedan and freedom-loving people in Iran from all strips and religions call on international institutions and human rights organizations to condemn this crime and take immediate necessary steps to confront it..." 


C. Resistance in Prisons

Prisoners Hunger Strike Surpasses Two Months
Four Kurdish Sunni prisoners sentenced to death at Gohardasht prison have been on hunger strike for the past two months. Their health is now critical. They were initially six, but prison officials announced to the families of two of them that their death sentence has been lifted.


Political Prisoners Flee Prison
Two political prisoners escaped Sardasht prison (West Azerbaijan) on December 23, 2013.


D. Workers Protests in Various Cities

- 500 workers of Poli Ekril Company in Isfahan staged a protest at the company's manufacturing facilities on December 28, 2013. Their slogans called for the removal of injustices imposed on them.

- Workers working on a dam in Nahavand have not been paid 8 months. They protested against lack of pay in front of the Nahavand governor's office.

- Workers at Colheim company of Seqez have staged a protest at company headquarters after the expulsion of 60 of their colleagues on December 28, 2013.

- Workers at Kouhdasht Factory of Seqez have staged a protest gathering in protest to not being paid for 10 months.

- Postal workers in Eastern Azerbaijan have staged a protest in front of the provincial post office in Tabriz after not being paid for 4 months.

- Workers at Damavand Power Plant have protested after their demands were ignored and attempts to form a union were blocked.

- Workers at Abadan's Abfai staged a protest against four months lack of pay.

- Workers at Bandar Abbas municipality are refusing to work and staged a protest after not being paid for several months.


E. Socio-economic News:

Sale of Livers as a Source of Income
January 3, 2014
Sharq newspaper has interviewed 10 people volunteering to sell livers, writing: "On average, for every liver transplant candidate, there are at least four sellers. ... The ten volunteers told Sharq newspaper that they want to sell their livers to due to "financial needs."


The Financial Corruption Case of Babak Zanjani
Jomhouri Eslami Editorial
January 3, 2014
Babak Zanjani, is charged in one of the largest financial corruption cases ever. ... Initial estimates show that the magnitude of this case is at least 10 times the size of the three billion dollar embezzlement case from the banks. ... It appears now that Ahmadinejad's government, which sought to portray itself as the "Pure Government" in Iranian history has been one of the most corrupt in Iranian history. ... Why is the case of the former Vice President still unresolved after four years? Why have the ministers and senior figures who laid the foundation for such corruption, including the 3 billion dollar, 30 billion dollar and the social security embezzlement cases, not been held accountable?


Picture: "Shoulder Carriers" in Iran, who are employed to move merchandise o their shoulders at the Ir an-Iraq border. On many occasions, they have been killed by the Iranian regime's State Security Forces.




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