Volume: 1 - Issue:  521
27 December 2013
Iran Update


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BREAKING NEWS - Photos & Video: Camp Liberty attacked with rockets, 3 killed, at-least 50 wounded


Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, and the Iranian regime's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei are attempting to cover up the disgrace over the September 1st execution-style massacre at Camp Ashraf. The missile attack on Camp Liberty came after the trip to Tehran by Maliki and his security officials. Read On

Attack on Camp Liberty, December 2013
Attack on Camp Liberty, December 2013


UNHCR Ashraf Massacre UNHCR shocked by another attack affecting Camp Hurriya in Iraq, renews calls for safety and immediate relocation of residents

Press Release

UNHCR remains deeply concerned for the safety of the residents of Camp Hurriya and is calling on the government of Iraq to urgently scale up security measures in the camp to ensure the safety and security of its residents. We are also urging the government to launch a full scale independent investigation into all the incidents...Read On

Rockets hits Iranian dissidents' Baghdad camp, kill three


A Paris-based spokesman for the MEK, Shahin Gobadi, said three people had been killed when "Camp Liberty," located in a former U.S. military compound, was hit with dozens of missiles...Read On

Iran dissidents 'killed in Iraq missile attack'

BBC News

A rocket attack has killed three members of an Iranian opposition group in Iraq. 

The Iraqi authorities have made no public comments on the report. However, one security official was quoted by the Associated Press as saying four rockets hit the camp, injuring two people...Read On

Iran nuclear chief says country is developing new centrifuges

FOX News

Under a landmark nuclear deal reached last month between Iran and world powers, Iran promised not to bring new centrifuges into operation for six months. But the deal does not stop it from developing centrifuges...Read On

No halt to executions while EU delegation visits Iran

United Press International

During their Dec. 13-18 visit at least 38 death sentences were carried out official Iranian media sources said. This while many executions in prisons are conducted in secret and news of those is rarely released....Read On

Iran's Turkish Gold Rush

Foreign Policy

Iranian Ambassador to Turkey Ali Reza Bikdeli recently praised Halkbank for its "smart management decisions in recent years [that] have played an important role in Iranian-Turkish relations."...Read On

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