Volume: 1 - Issue:  437
23 September 2013
Iran Update


We are delighted to present you with the current issue of Iran Update, a publication of International Solidarity for Democratic Change in Iran (ISDCI).  You can see ISDCI's latest events on our website at: International Conferences 

Fallacy of a moderate mullah
United Press International

New information about the Iranian dissidents taken hostage in Iraq reveals that an American delegation has met and talked three times with the hostages at the prison of "Golden Division" near Baghdad airport. This division is affiliated to the office of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. 

Based on the same information, when a UN delegation subsequently planned to meet the hostages at this place, Iraqi police, under a new order from Maliki, denied the presence of hostages at the Airport prison. Read On 

Envoys urge U.N. probe of massacre at Iranian exile camp in Iraq

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2013/09/06/5713866/united-states-bears-legal-moral.html#storylink=cpy
Los Angeles Times

A massacre this month at an Iranian exile camp in Iraq that killed 52 people under international protection was an act of premeditated slaughter and should be thoroughly investigated by the United Nations, two former foreign ministers told the world body Thursday...Read On 

Massacre of 52 Iranians at exile camp in Iraq draws international attention
Fox News

Initially, it was a massacre that much of the world greeted with silence. 

While controversy raged about chemical weapons in Syria, in neighboring Iraq 52 Iranians living in an exile camp were killed. Relatives of the victims say Iraqi-backed forces committed the Sep.1 slaughter. Iraq denies the allegation. Among the dead was Amir Emadi's 56 year old father. He says the Iraqis "were there to execute."...Read On 

Independent UN expert urges Iran to release remaining political prisoners

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2013/09/06/5713866/united-states-bears-legal-moral.html#storylink=cpy
UN News Centre

Calling the recent prisoner release in Iran "a step in the right direction," an independent United Nations human rights expert today urged the Government to let go hundreds of others detained for exercising their rights to freedom of expression, association and assembly...Read On 

Iraq is lost

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2013/09/06/5713866/united-states-bears-legal-moral.html#storylink=cpy

Iraq's support of Assad and in turn of Iran goes much further. Multiple reports throughout the past year suggest that Maliki is allowing Iran to fly weaponry into Syria through Iraqi airspace, which prompted US Secretary of State John Kerry to make an unannounced visit to Baghdad this past March to lobby Maliki for greater air scrutiny across Iraq. 

Meanwhile, on September 1, at least 52 Iranian dissidents of the Mujahedin- e Khalq (MEK) group were killed, mostly execution style, in Camp Ashraf, less than 100 km. from Baghdad; a massacre which followed on the very heels of the August 27 visit to Iraq by Qasem Soleimani, commander of Iran's Quds Force. .. Read On 

Iran's Military Shows Off Missiles Promising 'Death to America'

Waashington Free Beacon

Iran held a large-scale military demonstration over the weekend, parading ballistic missiles and other weapons that were painted with the slogans, "Death to America" and "Death to Israel," according to regional reports. Read On

Message to John Kerry

Washington Times

From Capitol Hill to Brussels, supporters of the Iranian opposition are urging Secretary of State John F. Kerry to take action against Iraq for the massacre of 52 Iranian exiles by Iraqi gunmen.
Thirty-four House members urged Mr. Kerry to cut funds for Iraq until Baghdad takes "clear and verifiable efforts" to protect more than 3,000 dissidents in a refugee camp near the international airport...  
Read On

Iran's Disinformation War

Gatestone Institute

In an effort to discredit Iranian opposition figures abroad, agitators in the Iranian regime doctored a website screenshot and invented a crime. There are number of problems with the Iranian version. Not only has the British newspaper never printed any such story, but the journalist named as its author, Brian Craig, does not even exist...  Read On

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