Volume: 1 - Issue:  429
30 August 2013
Iran Update



We are delighted to present you with the current issue of Iran Update, a publication of International Solidarity for Democratic Change in Iran (ISDCI).  You can see ISDCI's latest events on our website at: International Conferences 

Ex-intelligence chief says; UN is working in sync with us to destroy the PMOI

Ex-Iranian regime's intelligence chief says; "The United Nations is working in sync with us to destroy the PMOI". Iranian opposition calls for accountability in UNAMI-Iran relations on PMOI (MEK)..Read On 

US: Iran Can't Access Much Oil Income
Associated Press
The U.S. has concluded that nearly half of Iran's monthly earnings from crude oil exports are accumulating in accounts overseas because of sanctions that restrict Tehran's access to the money.
The estimates, provided to The Associated Press by a senior U.S. official and never released before, are the latest indication that new sanctions imposed in February are deepening Iran's economic distress and making it increasingly difficult to access billions of dollars in vital oil revenues....Read On

Interview with Rumsfeld on Syria, Iran: "Obama needs to clearly define US mission..."
FOX News

"...The second most important thing, or maybe equally, would be the Iranian nuclear program and their relationship with Syria and their support of terrorist organizations. 

To the extent the president does something and it leaves Bashar Assad standing, who has, A, presumably used chemical weapons, B, been complicit in terrorist acts in supporting various terrorist organizations in close complicity with Iran, it's going to tell Iran that the United States of America is willing to draw a red line and it really doesn't mean anything.... Read On 

Iran Walking Fine Line on Syria

As Western calls for military action against the Syrian government increase, Iran's defense of Syria has also strengthened. 

Steven Heydemann at the United States Institute of Peace says that's because Tehran has much to lose..Read On 

Iranian regime builds forced labour camp in Tehran to punish prisoners

The Head of the Iranian regime's Prisons Organization has announced the construction of a forced labour camp in Tehran in a bid to punish imprisoned drug addicts..Read On 

Syrian coalition urges strike on Assad, military support Syrian coalition urges strike on Assad, military support
The opposition Syrian National Coalition urged Western powers to launch a punitive strike against Bashar al-Assad's government quickly and offer real military and political support to stop people being "exterminated"..Read On

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