Volume: 1 - Issue:  363
04 March 2013
Iran Update



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Senator Robert Torricelli in French Parliament - Feb. 20, 2013
Senator Robert Torricelli in French Parliament - Feb. 20, 2013

Iranian opposition group calls on UN to provide better security for its members in Iraq
The Washington Post
An Iranian opposition group urged the U.N. refugee agency Wednesday to provide better protection for its members in Iraq following a mortar attack on their camp near Baghdad airport in which seven people were killed. Read On...


Shiite Militant Threatens Iranian Exiles in Iraq
The head of a new Shiite militant group in Iraq on Tuesday threatened to carry out more attacks on a camp for Iranian exiles that was struck by dozens of rockets and mortar shells earlier this month.  Read On...
US Congress resolution calls for protection of Camp Liberty residents
US lawmakers from both parties have drafted a resolution condemning the deadly attack on Camp Liberty and demanded that President Barack Obama act now to move the residents back to Camp Ashraf.  Read On...
U.N. nuclear chief presses Iran on access to military base
The U.N. nuclear watchdog raised pressure on Iran to finally address suspicions that it has sought to design an atomic bomb, calling for swift inspector access to a military base where relevant explosives tests are believed to have been carried out. Read On...
Iranian regime bans fire festival in public spaces over fear of protest
The head of Iran's State Security Forces has banned fire festival celebrations from public spaces over fears that people may use the festivities to stage protests against the regime. Read On...

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