Volume: 1 - Issue:  32712 November 2012
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Iran Update



We are delighted to present you with the current issue of Iran Update, a publication of International Solidarity for Democratic Change in Iran (ISDCI).  You can see ISDCI's latest events on our website at: International Conferences 

Iranian vice president says Tehran will break Obama's 'grasping hands'
The Washington Post

Iran's vice president said Monday that Tehran will break the 'grasping hands' of newly re-elected President Barack Obama, the official IRNA news agency reported. Read On... 

Iran's Currency Crisis May Worsen GDP Shrinkage

Iran's currency crisis will probably deepen the Islamic republic's economic contraction this year by more than the International Monetary Fund had estimated, the fund's Middle East chief said.  Read On... 

Threat-focused Iran launches "biggest ever" air drills

Iran launched military drills across half the country on Monday, warning it would act against aggressors less than a week after Washington accused Iranian warplanes of firing on a U.S. drone. Read On... 

Afghans Tortured in Iran for Reporting to UN Rapporteur
Stop Fundamentalism

Three Afghan nationals are receiving torture in Iran for apparently passing on a list of executed Afghans to Dr. Ahmed Shaheed, the United Nations Human Rights Rapporteur on Iran, reported the Human Rights Activists for Democracy in Iran on Monday. Read On... 

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