New Plan to Allow Families to Spread Out College Payments 


Georgia Southern University today announced that it is going to provide its students and families with the option to pay for college through a unique payment plan - all with the goal of making college more affordable.


Georgia Southern is teaming with NelNet Business Solutions to provide students with the ability to pay tuition and fees over time.  Beginning today, students and/or their parents will be able to enroll in the new program which offers an easy online enrollment, flexible payment options, and no interest.

Brooks Keel, Ph.D.
Georgia Southern University President

"We are always looking for new ways to make college more affordable for both our in and out-of-state students. This new payment plan will offer students and/or their parents an additional option to spread their payments out making college more affordable. Our goal is to not only recruit outstanding students, but to encourage them to complete their degrees. One of the ways we can help is by offering them an opportunity to pay their tuition and fees over a period of time -something we feel like many of our parents and students, particularly those working full-time, will appreciate."


How does it work?
Students enroll in the program at a cost of $50 per semester. They then pay 60 percent of their bill upfront and will then have two additional months to pay the remaining 40 percent.   The payment plan will cover the cost of tuition, student fees, meal plans and on-campus housing for each semester/term. 
In addition to being able to enroll online, the plan also offers flexible payment options including automatic bank payments and credit and debit card payments including American Express, Discover, and Mastercard. When students or families enroll, they may finance up to $5,500 per semester using NelNet; if their bill is larger than that, they simply pay the difference directly to the University as they normally would have. 

The Payment Plan is an interest-free alternative to paying each semester's tuition.  In addition to more manageable payments, students and parents have 24-hour access to their account, receive convenient online statements, and can also set up recurring payments.

How can I join?

To join the plan students must be registered to attend classes at Georgia Southern for the term in which they want to enroll in the payment plan and do so by the designated deadline. Because a checking account or a credit card is required to use the plan, students should work with one of the many local banks or credit unions to set up an account. As an alternative to a checking account, they may also choose to pay from a savings account.


Use the Plan for Summer Classes

Students interested in taking summer classes at Georgia Southern may use the new payment plan, but must be registered for classes prior to May 20, 2013 and have followed all NelNet application and payment requirements.  The University is encouraging students to register as soon as possible for summer to ensure courses will be available.

"When we first started talking about this program, we immediately received very positive feedback from both parents and students.  If we can make it easier to pay for college by stretching out the payments, it is a win-win." - President Keel



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