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Congratulations 2013 CATCH Champions!
Congratulations to the 2013 CATCH Champions
Left to Right:

Kim Chow (Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD), Jim DeLine (Austin ISD), Yolanda Cortinas (Brownsville ISD), Janice Russo (Humble ISD), Stefanie Ediger (Leander ISD) and Dr. John Krampitz (Legacy Award) 

Presenting John with the
Living Legacy Award


For the past 9 years CATCH has been pleased to honor individuals who have/are successfully implementing the CATCH Program in their schools and communities and have served as role models in the fight against childhood obesity.

This year was special for CATCH as we also recognized our good friend and mentor, Dr. John Krampitz with The CATCH Living Legacy Award. This award honors a past CATCH Champion and celebrates the legacy they have left in their tireless efforts to making a difference in the health of children, families and their school community. Dr. John is a leader who has charted a course of change, created a culture of expectations and inspired countless others. Good on you Dr. John!  


Did you miss our last webinar?
No problem, we recorded it!


Our new Legacy Award Champion, Dr. John Krampitz discusses strategies educators can use with neurologically impaired children and how CATCH-based physical activity can positively address neurologically-based behavior problems. We had great attendance and if you were not able to access it live then please click here to view the recording.

Rubber Chicken Anyone?
The Official Rubber
Chicken of CATCH!

Team Nutritionist Carol Caldara recently attended the 2013 Building Healthy Communities Conference, hosted by the New Jersey Partnership for Healthy Kids. 

The Healthy Communities Network is designed to increase the number of NJ Communities implementing effective community prevention initiatives and to advance public policies that create a culture of health. And CATCH is proud to support their efforts!

Conference attendees were asked to consider, ..."What does a healthy community look like?". Here is what Carol said! 


What do you think CATCH fans? 

Submit your photos with your thoughts on: What does a healthy community look like?

We might even select yours for an upcoming newsletter, and send you a rubber chicken!

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A CATCH Thanksgiving
CATCH Champion Gary Lane was nice enough to share this picture of his school's promotion of CATCH and Thanksgiving this last month. River Oaks Elementary and Coach Lane continue to find fun ways to promote physical activity and nutrition at their school.   

Have a happy and safe holiday season!
As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or comments or just to let us know what's new at your school or after-school organization. We love to hear your stories. And be sure to visit CATCH USA.


Peter Cribb, National CATCH Director 
Around the country
Frenchtown School District Adopts Eat Smart!
By Lisa Tims
Deena Putnam, Kitchen Supervisor, Frenchtown ISD, Missoula, Montana
Frenchtown School successfully adopted the CATCH Eat Smart model and created a personal, warm, and inviting café environment. The Frenchtown school cafeteria is now known as the Colt Café (Frenchtown Colts). Kids, staff, and community members all pitched in to not only provide a cafeteria with school spirit but a place that reinforces healthy habits while kids dine. On the walls you will find professionally framed photos of Frenchtown students posing with fruits and vegetables, a gallery of popular paintings from the high school art class, painted colorful colts mural on the wall and Go, Slow, and Whoa CATCH posters. Donators were thanked with 
horse shoe plaques also hung on the walls. The cafeteria makeover project was spearheaded by Cindy Worrall, retired principal. Deena Putnam, food service manager, initiated the necessary changes as she truly cares about kids' happiness and healthfulness.




Thanks Deena for all you do!
The wellness committee's next plans are to bring in local chefs to refresh recipes by including orange, yellow, and green produce that are now mandated to be served. Kids will vote on their choice recipes and these foods will be marketed as kid's choice GO foods. The wellness committee would like to honor food service manager and school wellness member, Deena Putnam for her passion in providing a healthy environment for
Student art wall
school aged children. She continues to enhance menu items, provide a healthy dining environment, and educate kids on healthy foods. Deena and the wellness committee continue to meet on a monthly basis to enhance and reinforce school-wide healthy habits!  


The Colt Cafe'
School Wellness Council members: 
Jami Romney FitzGerald, Parent

Aaron Griffin, K-4 Principal

Judy McKay, 5-6 Principal

Kathy Weishaar, Nurse

Lisa Tims, CATCH Coordinator

Deena Putnam, Food Service Manager

Torrie Mauerman, Community Health Professional




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New CATCH Communities
Leal Family Fun Night!

A Great Big CATCH Welcome to Leal Elementary in Urbana, Illinois!

The CATCH program recently started in Leal Elementary in Champaign County, IL, and already the teachers, students, and parents are feeling the healthy impact.

Megan McGinty, Leal's CATCH Champion and a LD Teacher, said, "The CATCH Team at Leal hopes to keep CATCH a daily part of the lives of our students and their families.  We are currently planning more family events and in-school initiatives.  Some of these include school-wide competitions for healthiest class snacks and Family Soccer Nights".



CATCH Grant Alert
The Colorado  
Health Foundation

The Colorado Health Foundation works with its partners, nonprofits, businesses, health care leaders, policymakers and educators in three community outcomes to ensure access to the key components of Healthy Living.

To support community outcomes,the foundation works within funding strategies. One of these strategies includes investing in developing and supporting healthy schools.  

Award Amount: Varies depending on proposal

Deadlines: Feb 15,
June 15, Oct 15

Grant Guidelines
Healthy Schools Information
Online Application
CATCH Support Doc

For more information please visit the CATCH USA Grant Page 

CATCH Highlights!


CATCH in Review


CATCH Investigator Dr. Steve Kelder looking over his monthly calendar and "to do" list

CATCH USA thought that it would be fun to share a few pictures of CATCH in motion over the years and some of the people responsible for making CATCH the number one obesity prevention program in the country. 









GO-SLOW-WHOA posters in the early days of CATCH 20 years ago!

This is the original Hearty Heart Media Kit. A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away!

These are the original Hearty Heart episodes on celluloid no less! We have them online these days of course so Hearty (and his friends) have come a long way for sure!

This of course would be a CATCH outing back in the early 90's at a local park after a hard days work! Notice anyone familiar in this picture? 
That would be our future National CATCH Director in the middle and future CATCH Principal Investigator Dr. Kelder on the right.

That was fun! Have any old CATCH photos you want to share? After 25 years of CATCH we are sure there are plenty out there!

Send them along to "" and we will share with others!

Happy Holidays from CATCH! 

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