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National CATCH Director Peter Cribb with new CATCH Champion  Yolanda Cortina

November is one of my favorite months. To me, it means another year coming to a close with shorter days and cooler nights. It's also a time for the CATCH Team to reflect on the work and efforts put in by others who teach our children how to be healthy for a lifetime. 


We choose this time of year to honor those individuals with our CATCH Champion Awards. One of those recognized this year is Yolanda Cortinas who is the physical education instructor with Ortiz Elementary in Brownsville, Texas. 


Yolanda being honored by the  Brownsville ISD Board of Trustees

I was honored to present Yolanda her CATCH Champion 2013 Award in front of the Brownsville ISD Board of Trustees on November 5th. Later that evening she also received a proclamation from the City of Brownsville Commissioners at City Hall. Yolanda has worked tirelessly implementing CATCH for the last twelve years in the Brownsville school district. Good job Yolanda, good job! 



The CATCH Top 10 Healthy 
Foods for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is almost upon us which means it's time for the Top 10 CATCH Eat Smart foods for this holiday season. While there are lots of SLOW and WHOA foods on the menu there are plenty of GO foods that can decorate your table. 

For this year's search we happily defer to our friends at the Mayo Clinic on what they recommend and suggest as some healthy dishes. And remember, portion control counts!

Here are the Top 10 CATCH picks we chose from this great list, yum!    

 1. Pumpkin Soup 
 2. Apple salad with figs and almonds

 3. Glazed turkey breast with fruit stuffing

 4. Honey-glazed sweet potatoes

 5. Sweet carrots

 6. Green beans with red pepper and garlic

 7. Apple corn muffins (yum)

 8. Pumpkin-hazelnut tea cake

 9. Tasty apple pie

10. Rustic-apple cranberry tart 


You can find all of these recipes on the Mayo Nutrition and Healthy Eating webpage. CATCH wishes you and yours a very healthy and happy Thanksgiving!

Our CATCH Communities

We knew Halloween would bring out the ghosts and goblins but we were blown away when we saw this picture from Jefferson Elementary in New Jersey. A group of GO-SLOW-WHOA Trick or Treaters! That's awesome ladies! 

CATCH Webinars
Be sure to CATCH our next webinar on December 18th at 11:30 AM (CST). Our special guest will be Dr. John Krampitz who will discuss how to use CATCH Physical Activity to Positively Address Neurologically Based Behavioral Problems.

If you missed our webinar this month with Nicole Bungum and Joyce Barrow-Henderson of the Southern Nevada Health District and Molly Michelman of UNLV you can still view it here. 


As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or comments or just to let us know what's new at your school or after-school organization. We love to hear your stories. And be sure to visit CATCH USA.


Peter Cribb, National CATCH Director 
Around the country
Early education can head off childhood obesity
Teaching kids early is key


Dr. Fuster and his Sesame Street counterpart, Dr. Ruster

In the original CATCH Trials 25 years ago and in subsequent studies since, it was confirmed that teaching kids early about healthy eating and physical activity is imperative in preventing childhood obesity. Those two components along with parental involvement and creating healthy environments for kids is important in shaping a child's behavior now, and in the future. 

These ideas have become today's standard in other programs designed to teach kids how to live healthy lives. One of the proponents of this idea is Dr. Valentin Fuster who is the Heart Director at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. Dr. Fuster works with programs all over the world that help promote healthy lifestyles for children. He insists that teaching them early (3-6) about nutrition and physical activity is important in not only preventing childhood obesity, but to help shape behaviors necessary in preventing being overweight later in life. 

Dr. Fuster has partnered with Sesame Street in promoting early childhood education and even has a muppet character named after him, "Dr. Valentin Ruster". CATCH salutes Dr. Fuster's years of efforts and his dedication in helping shape children's lives. You can read more about Dr. Fuster by clicking below. 

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Metz Elementary School in Austin ISD, Texas created their own homemade hall display exhibiting GO-SLOW and WHOA foods!
   We have some great videos to share with you this month from our CATCH Communities! 

This month we highlight some GO-SLOW-WHOA videos folks are making. The GO-SLOW-WHOA food categorization was developed by CATCH several years ago to help teach kids about everyday and sometime foods. It's caught on and we are delighted! 
We love getting your stories and invite all of our communities to share what works in your school or after-school setting. 

CATCH December Webinar
John Krampitz, PhD
We are happy to announce that our guest speaker for the December webinar will be Dr. John Krampitz. John will be discussing how to use CATCH Physical Activity to Positively Address Neurologically Based Behavioral Problems. 


John is also being honored this year with the 2013 CATCH Living Legacy Award. The Living Legacy Award honors a past CATCH Champion and celebrates the legacy they have left in their tireless effort to making a difference in the health of children, families and their school community. The honoree is a leader who has chartered a course of change, created a culture of expectations and inspired countless others.  

Congratulations John, we appreciate all you have done and look forward to your presentation. 
CATCH Highlights and Communities


CATCH Kids Club Featured at American Public Health Conference  "Moving the Needle on Childhood Obesity"


CATCH Team Members Eileen Avato, Kathy Chichester,
and Beth Gustafson Wheeler, Director of Community
Health, Foundation for Healthy Communities

The CATCH team travels to a great number of trade shows and conferences nationally, and we are always excited to meet CATCH Champions on the road. At the recent American Public Health Association Conference in Boston, we were thrilled to meet and chat with leadership from the Growing Up Healthy initiative from Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare, and the Foundation for Healthy Communities.


Since 2007, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation's leadership and funding initiative, entitled Growing Up Healthy, has had the goal to reduce childhood obesity among children ages 6-12 where Harvard Pilgrim Health Care operates- Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. The strategy behind the Foundation's work is to share knowledge with stakeholders, expand promising efforts from the best, evidence-based practices, and inform policy champions. The Foundation believes that collaboration is critical to make a measurable impact, partnering with other Foundations and organizations on projects that have a wide reach within their state. The NH CATCH Kids Club is one of their featured success stories.


The NH CATCH Kids Club (CKC) project is an initiative that aims to increase physical activity and healthy eating in the out-of-school setting. Aligned with NH's statewide initiative, NH Healthy Eating Active Living (NH HEAL), its goals are to increase the number of out-of-school organizations that: 1) include healthy eating and physical activity in organizational goals; 2) adopt physical activity and healthy eating policies; 3) offer at least 15-20 minutes of daily physical activity; 4) offer healthy snacks. And they have been quite successful!


In five years, CKC has reached 108 sites representing 9 out of 10 counties in NH. Fifty-three training's have been completed, 919 staff have been trained, and 29 CKC trainers developed. Beth Gustafson Wheeler, Director of Community Health, Foundation for Healthy Communities reported that the greatest improvements were seen in: 1) Inclusion of physical activity and healthy eating in organizational goals; 2) implementation of inclusive, non-elimination physical activity; 3) adoption of healthy snack policies; and 4) non-educational screen time discouraged. In addition, policy and practice changes resulted in increased physical activity time, and most project sites offer CKC games at least 25-30 minutes 3 to 5 days/week. "Through training and technical assistance, sites can effectively assess their environments, set measurable goals, and develop strategies that result in increases in activity time."



CATCH USA: Did You Know?
Here are a few facts we uncovered recently about the CATCH USA website. 
* In the last four months people from 87 different countries visited the CATCH USA site

* These countries represent 45 different languages

* 71.7% of visitors to CATCH USA are new visitors 

* Hundreds of free downloadable resources are available on CATCH USA in the CATCH Vault

* There have been tens of thousands of views this year on the CATCH You Tube site

Haven't visited CATCH USA in awhile? Join the fun!

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