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CATCH had a quick visit with one of our biggest supporters, Donovon DePreist. Donovon manages Sodexo's food service at Del Valle ISD and is a big GO, SLOW and WHOA fan!

Halloween means there will be plenty of WHOA foods consumed the next 24 hours or so. This year instead of that "candy hangover" many kids experience, think about making this Halloween a teaching moment for your kids. Kids are attracted to sweets but if you teach them at a young age to respect Halloween you will be doing them a favor. 


First, have a snack before you go out trick or treating. It's always better to have a little food in your stomach so you can keep the aches away later. Next, instead of that huge pillow case we see many kids lugging around think about a smaller container. One of those pumpkin containers will do just fine. Another great tip is to stay close to home, you don't need to visit every neighborhood in town. That way you can get in a walk, enjoy the neighbors and cut down on the amount of candy haul that can sometimes happen.


There is nothing wrong with enjoying a little candy this time of year, or anytime of year. It's when the kids have lots of sweets available that they start to crave the sugar and the excess amount of calories found in them. Boo!


CATCH Coordination Kit-Second Six Weeks

Creating a healthy environment and setting new expectations for the health of children is an urgent priority.  Change does not happen overnight, but it can if the entire campus makes a commitment to CATCH.

If you have a CATCH Coordination Kit your second six weeks has begun and we have posted some suggestions below from the kit. Also, please consider taking the "My Health Booster Challenge" which is located after your star tasks in the kit.  

  • Use the CATCH Team Coordination Guide to see the big picture of campus-wide implementation. Utilize the Big Picture document and Theme II checklist as the agenda for your Team meeting;
  • Invite your stakeholders (cafeteria manager, principal/asst. principal(s), parent leader, physical education, specialized and support staff, etc.) to your team meeting;
  • Email the faculty and staff their star tasks and resources; and
  • Please remind the individuals on your team to review their star tasks (found on pg. 9 of the CATCH Team Coordination Guide and pg. 6 in their Component Folder) for Theme II and distribute to the other staff in their discipline. 
If you want more information about the CATCH Coordination Kits please visit our website
Our CATCH Communities
snhd1 This month we highlight our friends in Las Vegas and Clark County because they have started something special that they intend to sustain. Supervisor Nicole Bungum gives us an update and our new friend Donna Newman tells us how it's done in North Las Vegas!

Be sure to CATCH our next webinar on November 14th at 11:30 AM (CST) with our special guest Nicole Bungum of the Southern Nevada Health Department.  

If you missed our webinar this week with special guest Dr. Shreela Sharma discussing early childhood, you can still CATCH it on you tube here.
As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or comments or just to let us know what's new at your school or after-school organization. We love to hear your stories. And be sure to visit CATCH USA.


Peter Cribb, National CATCH Director 
Around the country
Clark County Nevada-still going strong
Nicole Bungum, Supervisor-Chronic Disease/Health Promotion

In 2010, The Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD) received a Communities Putting Prevention to Work grant to address obesity in our community by facilitating policy, systems and environmental changes. One of our objectives was to work with local jurisdictions and other organizations to develop and implement physical activity and nutrition policies for their after-school programs. After-school programs are an ideal setting to provide youth with opportunities for physical activity and access to healthy foods and beverages.

We were able to work with a number of key partners including City of Las Vegas, City of Henderson, City of North Las Vegas (see Donna Newman's report below), Boulder City and the YMCA of Southern Nevada to provide training, equipment and resources to implement the CATCH Kids Club program into their ongoing Safe Key and other after-school programs. Many of these same partners went on to adopt physical activity and nutrition policies for their after-school and Safe Key programs

snhd2 In 2012, through a partnership with the Clark County School District, SNHD was able to use funding from the Community Transformation Grant to provide additional support and training for this project.  All of our original partners are on board, and over the next year, we'll be working to ensure each partner has the training, resources and supplies they need to continue CATCH Kids Club at their local Safe Key and after-school sites

Our investment will help to ensure long-term program sustainability. Each month, thousands of local kids participate in Safe Key and other after-school programs around the valley. Ensuring that these kids have opportunities to be physical active and have access to healthy foods and beverages will make a significant contribution to our long term efforts to combat childhood obesity in our community.  


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CATCH Communities
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We continue this month with our CATCH Community updates. We are also highlighting the Southern Nevada Health District this month so please don't miss that report in this newsletter.  
We love getting your stories and invite all of our communities to share what works in your school or after-school setting. Check out below what others are doing to teach their kids how to live a healthy life.

Dayton, Ohio

CATCH Champions
Caira A. Prince, MS, MCHES
Health Promotion Coordinator
Oakwood Healthcare Inc.
Dearborn, Michigan 
This month we honor Caira Prince with Oakwood Healthcare in Dearborn Michigan as our CATCH Champion.

Since 2011, Oakwood has implemented CATCH Kids Club in 17 active after-school sites in Dearborn. Caira continues to recruit and support training to staff, providing a great benefit to the community and helping to improve the fitness and health behaviors of Dearborn's children and families. 


Be sure to read more about Caira and their CATCH Kids Club project on the CATCH USA website.  
Walk to School Month
Left to Right 
Tommy Gray, Joey Walker and Gary Lane take a break from Walk to School Day this month. 
While October was farm-to-school month, we don't want to forget that October 9th was "walk to school" day. 
While we think it should be walk to school day "every" day, we do want to take time to point out one group who took it to the next level this month. 
The Travis County (Texas) Sheriff's Department, East Command Partners got together with River Oaks Elementary School and CATCH to help promote this special day. They ensured a very safe route to school for all of the kids who took part. 
CATCH Communities

snhd4 The City of North Las Vegas Safekey has implemented CATCH into the daily activities of our camps since 2012. We have found success because of the facility used and the ability to provide programming for large groups of kids. During our camps, we have approximately 110 kids a day with our largest group of kids being 2nd and 3rd grade age. Staff benefit tremendously when programming for this age through the utilization of CATCH. Typically, we'll utilize CATCH programming in the gymnasium. By splitting the gymnasium in half, we are able to maximize our use of space. Programming through the use of CATCH provides staff with a large variety of activities that are structured and appealing. The gymnasium allows us to run CATCH activities for two different developmental ages simultaneously. 

One of the most exciting things we have done that are indirectly CATCH related surrounds dance and nutrition. For two summers we have celebrated dance and movement by acknowledging National Dance Day. We also allowed kids to express themselves through dance by creating five Harlem Shake videos. The videos featured kids being active and their progression from slow "Warm-up" style movements to faster, "Go" style movements that represent their increased MVPA. The videos only featured participants with parent permission and highlighted gymnasium play and general activity play. 

Nutrition was highlighted this summer through the use of simple kids cooking activities and some assistance from a nutritionist and graduate students from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Kids made such healthy snacks as their own trail mix using a variety of dried fruits, whole grain Cheerios and a variety of nuts. With the help of UNLV Professor Molly Michelman and her graduate students, camp staff learned how to incorporate the CATCH nutrition lessons into fun but educational play activities highlighting "Go, Slow and Whoa" CATCH terms and how these foods affect the body. Eight of the CATCH nutrition lessons were adapted to reflect physical activity sessions. Overall, we found that kids of all developmental ages served enjoyed them.  

Donna Michelle Newman

Recreation Leader  

Community Services and Development, 

Recreation Division- Safekey 
North Las Vegas, Nevada

Letters to CATCH
This comes from our good friend Sue Cornell with the Healthy U Project in New Jersey.


Attached are pictures from the Stony Brook Elementary school cafeteria.  What a wonderful salad bar selection as well as a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables! 

Sue Cornell

Healthy U Director
New Jersey YMCA Alliance 


Thanks Sue, YUM!
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