Volume 3, Issue 8
August 2013
Greetings from CATCH USA

Peter Cribb, M.Ed. National CATCH Director with CATCH Champion Tiffany Herzer at Walsh Middle School
A picture is worth a thousand words and pictures from CATCH schools and after-schools represent all of the outstanding work going on in our communities. 

We just wanted to say thanks and acknowledge all of the wonderful pictures we receive from our CATCH communities. Our banner above comes from Westside Elementary in Leander ISD, and we have published several from Walsh Middle School where we visited recently.

You can always tell a CATCH school when you enter one by their banners and signage in the hallways and cafeteria so please send along your pictures and let us know what's happening in your community!

Great News (and not so great news)
If you have been following the news lately you would have read that obesity levels in kids have leveled off and even dropped in some cases (CDC Report). That's the great news. It validates all of the work we do teaching kids how to be healthy and live healthy lifestyles. The second report is not that great as it also points out that obesity is playing a larger role than the experts thought in mortality rates (Read More). 

logotransparent What does all of this mean? For us on the CATCH Team it means we still have a long way to go but we are at least turning the corner on this epidemic. Catching kids early and teaching them healthy habits has never been more important. We would love to hear from our CATCH Communities to get your feedback on what changes you have seen in your school or after-school.

Please write me and we will post your answers over the coming months to share with others. 

Connecting the Dots
Jenny Eyer

On July 24th, 2013 in Garland, Texas our very own Jenny Eyer presented the CATCH Middle School Program at the second annual Connecting the Dots for Coordinated School Health Symposium. Over 300 school health professionals and educators came together to understand the impact and prevention of diabetes on the core components of Coordinated School Health and the community. Marissa Rathbone, Active Life's Director of Policy and Programs delivered the Key note address. We wish Marissa well in her new career back in her home state of Washington.





Wright State does it Right 
wrightstate You need to check out our community highlight this month on Wright State in Ohio. We had the pleasure of training them a few years ago and now they have taken the ball and run way, way down the field and hold their own training workshops. Our good friend Mary Chace helped make it happen and we wanted to showcase how our CATCH Communities can really make a difference in the lives of children. Make sure to check it out. 

And be sure to visit the
CATCH USA website to see how you can bring CATCH to your community.

As always, the CATCH Team is available for your calls, messages, comments and news!  

Peter Cribb, M.Ed.
National CATCH Director 


[email protected]


Have you been to the  
site lately?
We have plenty of videos up about CATCH and the CATCH Communities we serve. If you haven't visited lately maybe now is a great time to watch some activities, promotional videos and some great videos about the communities who have adopted CATCH as their program of choice. 


Here are a few you might have missed!
CATCH Early Childhood Activity
CATCH Early Childhood Activity
Middle School Parachute Activities
Middle School Parachute Activities
Jared and CATCH Press Conference
Jared and CATCH Press Conference
How CATCH Works
How CATCH Works
CATCH P.E. Program
CATCH P.E. Program
CATCH Success in El Paso, TX
CATCH Success in El Paso, TX
Introduction to CATCH class
Introduction to CATCH class
Random Grid Passing CATCH Activity
Random Grid Passing CATCH Activity
CATCH Triangle Tag
CATCH Triangle Tag
Health Taste Test
Health Taste Test
CATCH Montana
CATCH Montana
CATCH Greater Rochester YMCA
CATCH Greater Rochester YMCA
2013 YMCA General Assembly

The 2013 YMCA General Assembly took place at the Philadelphia Convention Center July 18-20, and CATCH was highlighted and featured aligning with the Y's mission to promote healthy lifestyles.   ymcalogo


CATCH Kids Club for After School and the CATCH Early Childhood programs received lots of attention at the exhibit booth, and were also featured in a collaborative product showcase focused on "healthy living".  


At the YMCA's opening conference keynote, the New Jersey YMCA State Alliance was honored for their "Healthy U" statewide program. Thanks to a grant partnership with The Horizon Foundation for New Jersey, Healthy U utilizes CATCH in after-school, preschool and school based programs, impacting 30,000 NJ youth. CATCH Kids Club, implemented in more than 400 NJ YMCA after school sites, is completing the fourth year of implementation and program evaluation, and has shown marked improvement in participants physical activity levels and nutrition habits. The program expanded to NJ school based implementation this year.  


Over 4000 attendees enjoyed the 2013 General Assembly of Y's many speaking presentations, workshops and exhibits designed to strengthen the Y's mission to promote healthy living, healthy families and social responsibility.

Kathy Chichester, Matt Mertens and Carol Caldara from CATCH USA

CATCH representatives Kathy Chichester, Carol Caldara, Matt Mertens and FlagHouse representative John Ruggiero greeted many of the participants at the CATCH/ FlagHouse exhibit booth where a variety of CATCH program resources, training options and equipment choices were displayed. Sue Cornell, Healthy U - State wide director that coordinates CATCH program implementation for NJ Y's also provided consultation to other Y attendees that were curious to learn about the program.


Discover CATCH in Louisville, Tucson



Welcome Louisville, KY and Tucson, AZ JCCs to Discover CATCH

In earlier issues, we introduced you to JCC's in Ohio and Florida implementing Discover: CATCH, and this month we welcome Arizona and Kentucky. In an effort to combat the national obesity epidemic, the national Jewish Community Center Association (JCCA) is supporting Discover: CATCH� Early Childhood, with JCCA Master Trainers travelling to JCC's across the country.


CATCH Early Childhood (CEC) is designed to nurture a love of physical activity, provide an introduction to classroom-based gardening and nutrition, and encourage healthy eating in children ages 3-5. Modeled after the nationally recognized CATCH Program, CEC provides an environment where physical activity, health education, gardening and healthy eating behaviors are valued and taught.


Congratulations Louisville and Tucson JCCs! And a special thank you to the Jay Levine Youth Fund who made the Louisville JCC implementation possible.

Read more: Louisville - Tucson  

Kathy Chichester
CATCH Coordinator


Wright State does it Right!

Wright State Newsroom


After-school program providers will learn techniques to help kids stay active and eat well during a workshop Friday, Aug. 9, at Wright State University.


Wright State Workshop

Scheduled from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Wright State Nutter Center in classrooms 240-241, the CATCH Kids Club workshop is offered by the Dayton/Montgomery Public Health Department, Ohio Action for Healthy Kids and Wright State's Department of Kinesiology and Health.


The CATCH (Coordinated Approach To Childhood Health) Kids Club is a physical activity and nutrition education program for elementary and middle school aged children in after-school and summer settings.


Friday's workshop program is part of a national public health movement to prevent childhood obesity in high-need communities, said Mary Chace, Ph.D., assistant professor of kinesiology and health and an advisor for the Community Health Education program.


Staff from after-school facilities will receive free curriculum and physical activity equipment and learn how to organize fun, effective daily activities for students in their programs.


"Unfortunate budget cuts in some schools have resulted in less time for physical and health education, and some well-meaning administrators are cutting recess to squeeze more time for academics," Chace said. "It is important to find alternative ways to keep young people active."


Read More


cecdrjohn It's all about starting young

Did you read the recent report from the Centers for Disease control and Prevention about obesity levels dropping in low-income preschoolers? This after years of going in the wrong direction. 

There are probably lots of explanations out there for this great news and we would like to think it's a coordinated approach to the problem that has had the biggest impact. That being, all of us working together to teach kids how to eat right and exercise. In the end, it probably does come down to catching them young and teaching them healthy habits in their early learning years. 


Here is a great article from the Washington Post on what one Head Start program is doing in their community, and why it's working!

Read Article



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