Volume 3, Issue 4
April 2013
Peter Cribb, MEd
National CATCH Director
Greetings from CATCH USA

The feedback and reception we received from our first CATCH USA newsletter has been overwhelming and all of us here at CATCH wish to thank those who took the time to write. Your comments and suggestions are very important to us as we move forward into the next 25 years of the CATCH Programs.  


This month we are shining the spotlight on Shannon McCall who works with Cadence Health at Delnor Hospital in Geneva, Illinois. Shannon and her group have recently implemented the CATCH Early Childhood program in some of their local pre-schools and the comments they have gotten from students and parents are encouraging to all of us. You don't want to miss this interview from Carol Caldara. Good job Shannon!

Lisa Tims and Hearty Heart
at a recent health fair 


We also want to welcome one of our newest contributors to CATCH USA, Lisa Tims. 

Lisa is a native Montanan and has been at the Missoula City-County Health Department as a Senior Community Health Specialist since 2000. She has spent her professional career improving health literacy for a wide array of topics including nutrition, tobacco, osteoporosis, obesity, emergency preparedness and oral health. 

Her varied experience has prepared her to expertly coordinate Missoula's CATCH program. Her role is to support CATCH in schools and community sites through funding of curriculum materials and by providing staff members with ongoing technical support and training in conjunction with St. Patrick Hospital's sponsorship.

Lisa also helps community sites reach out to families with the CATCH messages of heart-healthy eating and fun physical activity for kids and adults. Lisa's strong connections with Partnership Health Center, public and private schools, the Montana State University system, and a network of recreational sites bring in a steady stream of volunteers and opportunities for CATCH.

Because the University of Montana has a strong health promotion program, Missoula is brimming with talented health promotion specialists. Even against this competitive backdrop, however, Lisa stands out in the field as a mentor and leader for the Missoula and Western Montana Community.

Lisa is on the webinar schedule for May to give us a little insight as to how the community works with CATCH and vice versa. Welcome Lisa! 


Upcoming Grants and Funding
Don't forget to get your PEP grant proposal in as the deadline for submission is fast approaching. We have all of the information  in our new Resource Vault on our website. More information is available in this newsletter. 
We also want to alert you to a new funding opportunity available through Action for Healthy Kids. School Grants for Healthy Kids will be funding around 400 schools with significant in-kind contributions from Action for Healthy Kids in the form of people, programs, and school breakfast and physical activity expertise.

And be sure to visit the new CATCH USA website to see how you can bring CATCH to your community.

Peter Cribb, MEd
National CATCH Director 


[email protected] 


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Activity of the Month
This month we feature a great activity for improving skills for passing and catching in middle school, "Random Grid Passing'. 
Random Grid Passing
  Cllick HERE to watch!
New CATCH Report Available
The new CATCH Report is complete and is now available online at the CATCH USA website. If you would like to have a hard copy of the report please write:
Kathy Chichester
and get your copy! 
April 25th 

This month we will highlight the great state of Illinois with special guest
Margie Harris, RN, BSN, MPH

Margie is the Program Manager for Nutrition and Physical Activity in the Illinois Department of Health and will be discussing the impact of CATCH in her state.

CATCH was first introduced to Illinois several years ago and has been implemented in hundreds of schools all across the state.  

Please join us April 25th at 12:30am (CST). 

If you have any questions for for this webinar please submit to: [email protected]
Shannon McCall
Education Specialist
Cadence Health
Delnor Hospital 
Good Job-Good Job!

By Carol Caldara
National CATCH Consultant
CATCH USA Contributor

Over the last two years we have been working with Shannon McCall and Cadence Health at Delnor Hospital in Geneva, Illinois to help in implementing the CATCH Early Childhood Program in their community.

Shannon has done such a great job as an advocate for child health that we wanted to recognize her and Cadence Health in this month's newsletter.

We recently interviewed Shannon and would like to share how she and her organization got involved with implementing CATCH Early Childhood in Geneva, Illinois.       

What prompted you to be an advocate for children's health?

I have always been passionate about empowering young people to embrace their own health and well-being.  Therefore, when I was selecting a career, I chose teaching.  I knew I could make a direct impact on the lives of the students I served.   And now, as a teacher at the hospital, I am able to work directly with students, families, school staff and healthcare providers to help promote healthier environments for children.

Read more about Shannon  


goslowwhoaapp New App from
Fred Rogers Center


A new App from the Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning helps preschoolers learn the CATCH GO, SLOW, and WHOA concept of selecting nutritious foods.

 Go NiNi! is a game for children ages three to five that helps young children and their caregivers understand the importance of healthy food choices and active play. Children help NiNi run, jump, and stay active over the course of a day by choosing from a range of available foods. NiNi's health and strength are based on the food choices NiNi makes.

GO, SLOW and WHOA is a simple method developed by the CATCH research team and tested as a tool to help children and their families choose healthier food options everyday. The goal is to eat more GO foods than SLOW foods and more SLOW foods than WHOA foods. 
The app also encourages conversation between adults and children about healthy food and daily activity.

We think it's a great idea!

Read more about this new APP.


Jared's World
As many of you know, Jared Fogle of Subway restaurant fame has adopted CATCH as his wellness program for The Jared Foundation.

Jared was in Arizona last month to receive a $20,000 donation from Subway Kids & Sports to his foundation in support of starting a CATCH program at three Arizona locations, including the Valley of the Sun Jewish Community Center in Scottsdale and the Tucson JCC. You can read more about Jared's visit here.  

Read more about The Jared Foundation and CATCH by visiting the new
CATCH USA website or visit USA Today and to read about Jared and his 15 years with Subway.   

Carol M. White PEP Grant

Attention 2013 PEP Grant Applicants

Time is running out to get your proposal in!

CATCH (Coordinated Approach To Child Health) is a perfect fit for your PEP application and meets all criteria required in the Department of Education's call for proposals. CATCH is a coordinated school health program for students in grades K-8, has been proven to increase physical activity, change student nutrition behaviors and create healthier school environments. CATCH offers full curriculum, equipment and training support, and can customize packages to meet you school and student needs. 

We have provided the materials you need to include CATCH in your proposal on our new Resource Vault pages. These materials include:

  *PEP Grant application

  *CATCH alignment with PECAT and HECAT

  *CATCH Training Overview

  *CATCH Research and History Overview

  *CATCH Equipment Packages

The CATCH Team stands by to assist you in preparing your proposal and for more information please call: 
Peter Cribb (512) 482-6167 or Kathy Chichester (201) 329-7518  


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