Volume 3, Issue 3
March 2013
Peter Cribb, MEd
National CATCH Director
Greetings from the new CATCH USA

Hard to believe that CATCH is celebrating its 25th anniversary. That's right, 25 years and what a better way to kick off the next 25 years than with a brand new website and newsletter.

After months of planning and development we are proud to launch our new website,


To accompany our new website, we are expanding the CATCH newsletter to include more articles, commentary and information about child health and the ongoing battle against childhood obesity. We are recruiting contributors from all over the country to bring you the latest news.     

Also in the news is the US Department of Education's call for proposals for the 2013 Carol M. White Physical Education Program (PEP) grant. This grant is a great opportunity for your school, district or after-school organization to initiate or expand your CATCH Program. The 2013 PEP Grant stipulates applications must include a coordinated and balanced approach to physical activity, nutrition, and education - a perfect fit for CATCH!  


Being awarded a PEP grant is a tremendous opportunity for any school or organization, and funding can range from $100,000 to $750,000! We encourage you to consider submitting a proposal, and have posted all of the materials you need to include CATCH in our new Resource Vault. The Vault resources reflect years of CATCH research experience and best practices, and we stand by to assist you in all of your grant and funding proposals. Just give us a holler! And be sure to visit the new CATCH USA website.

Peter Cribb, MEd
National CATCH Director 

[email protected] 


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Activity of the Month
This month we feature a great activity for all grade levels, "Over Under, Around and Through
Over, Under, Around and Through
  Cllick HERE to watch!
New CATCH Report Available
The new CATCH Report is complete and is now available online at the CATCH USA website. If you would like to have a hard copy of the report please write:
Kathy Chichester
and get your copy! 
MARCH 15th

To celebrate 25 years of CATCH, we have invited two special guests, Co-Principal Investigator Dr. Steve Kelder and National CATCH Director Peter Cribb.   
This special 45 minute session will cover some of the 25 year highlights of the CATCH Programs and what we can expect in the future.  

Please join us March 15th at 11am (CST). 

If you have a question for our panel please submit to:
[email protected]
goslowwhoa Good Job-Good Job!
GO-SLOW-WHOA is quickly becoming a huge hit across the country in both the CATCH community and in the every day school, classroom and after-school routines. We are finding not just schools adopting this great nutrition education tool but organizations such as the Egg Nutrition Center (ENC). 

This month, ENC is highlighting one of our CATCH communities in Aurora, Colorado public schools and how they have incorporated GO-SLOW-WHOA into their classroom curriculum and food services.

The ENC article also lists other organizations who have adopted GO-SLOW-WHOA such as "We CAN" and K-State. What a great education tool to use in teaching kids how to eat healthy everyday. 

To learn more about the CATCH GO-SLOW-WHOA philosophy please visit the new CATCH USA website.

obesityboys Obesity Lowers Quality of Life in Boys

Newswise - Being overweight or obese significantly reduces health-related quality of life in boys, but not girls, when compared to normal weight peers, finds a new study in the Journal of Adolescent Health. The study researchers also found that youngsters of either sex whose weight status changed from overweight/obese to normal also saw their quality of life (QOL) scores improve.  

Read More  


jaredpantsJared's World
As many of you know, Jared Fogle of Subway restaurant fame has adopted CATCH as his wellness program for The Jared Foundation.

 You can catch Jared at the National School Boards convention on April 15th in San Diego, California where Jared will be discussing the Jared Foundation and CATCH Activities. 

Read more about The Jared Foundation and CATCH by visiting the new CATCH USA website or visit USA Today and to read their article about Jared and his 15 years with Subway.  
keepawayCarol M. White PEP Grant

Attention 2013 PEP Grant Applicants

CATCH (Coordinated Approach To Child Health) is a perfect fit for your PEP application and meets all criteria required in the Department of Education's call for proposals. CATCH is a coordinated school health program for students in grades K-8, has been proven to increase physical activity, change student nutrition behaviors and create healthier school environments. CATCH offers full curriculum, equipment and training support, and can customize packages to meet you school and student needs. 

We have provided the materials you need to include CATCH in your proposal on our new Resource Vault pages. These materials include:

PEP Grant application

CATCH alignment with PECAT and HECAT

CATCH Training Overview

CATCH Research and History Overview

CATCH Equipment Packages

The CATCH Team stands by to assist you in preparing your proposal and for more information please call: 
Peter Cribb (512) 482-6167 or Kathy Chichester (201) 693-3882


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