June 2015



"There's nothing quite as powerful as people feeling they can have impact and make a difference.

When you've got that going for you,

I think it's a very powerful way to implement change."

Anne M. Mulcahy


As we move into summer spending time outdoors with family and friends, planning summer holidays and enjoying the extended daylight time, this is a perfect opportunity to reflect on the gift of a Community Foundation and the impact our organizations contribute to society.


The Community Foundation exists to nurture a healthy, vibrant, giving and caring community that values diversity and supports all people, a community where citizens are engaged, and where a strong and sustainable charitable sector serves the current and emerging needs of the community.  


Imagine a community where citizens are engaged in community building at all levels.  Imagine a community that is healthy and vibrant, that embraces diversity and supports all its members.   Imagine a community where a strong and sustainable charitable sector serves community needs.


Connect People.  Build Community.  For Good, and Forever.


The Community Foundation is unique because we encompass ALL areas of community. We invest in local initiatives ranging from support for seniors, access to post-secondary education, improving the environment, supporting children's programs and many other worthy causes including:

  • Children & Youth - Camp Tamarack. Inspiring confidence in a safe and nurturing camp environment for youth and adults of all ages and abilities.

  • Seniors - Elders Caring Shelter Society. Bridging the generational gap. Uniting elder & youth at a retreat to learn about heritage and culture.

  • Social Services - Salvation Army. Caring for those in need.

  • Sports & Recreation - Winning Edge Seminars on Health & Nutrition serving all ages.

  • Education - Student Awards. Helping students succeed and meet their goals.

Together, we can build more vibrant, healthy and resilient communities across the entire northwestern Alberta region. 


We help drive positive change not only through our grants; we are leaders in identifying community needs and advocating for meaningful social change. Each community has unique experiences and challenges. Our strength is by bringing people together to address these needs.


This month we will be inviting the community to consider our grants for student awards and community impact awards. Follow the link to apply. 


"The Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta announced that we have been accredited under Imagine Canada's national Standards Program. With this achievement, we join a growing community of more than 125 organizations dedicated to operational excellence.  The Community Foundation is the first organization in the area to receive accreditation".


Please feel free to contact me at 780-538-2820 or by replying to this e-mail to discuss how you can partner with the Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta and how you can impact and inspire others in your community.



Great Fundraiser in support of the Sexsmith Community Foundation
June 27, 2015 @ Morningview Golf Course


2015 Impact Grant Applications and
2015 Student Award Applications 
Connect People.  Build Community.  For Good, and Forever.


Calling local charities and post-secondary students! 


Community Impact Grant Application: Our Community Impact grants help a wide range of local charitable organizations make our region a better place to live, work and play.  Completed applications are accepted until September 30, 2015.

Calling local charities and post-secondary students! 


Student Award Application:  Are you a student current registered in post-secondary education?  Visit our website to learn more about the funding options available and to access our current application. Applications are accepted until September 30, 2015.

For more information on the funding applications contact:

Lindsey McNeil, Executive Assistant at the Community Foundation





Save the Date
Nourishing the North Event  


We invite you and your organization to be part of our new event - Nourishing the North.  October 15, 2015 at the ENTREC Center.  


Sponsorship opportunities are still available.  


Together, we can be a powerful force affecting positive change in our communities. Your sponsorship is greatly appreciated and will continue to impact the region through the work of the Community Foundation.


Please feel free to contact Heather Coney at (780) 538-2820 with any questions.  



I thank you in advance for your consideration in continuing to partner in support of our region.


Right to Heal  
Odyssey House Grande Prairie


She arrived in the middle of the night, escorted by an RCMP officer; her young son tightly gripping her hand. The language barrier was immense, but the fear and hopelessness in her eyes was something that transcended languages. Through the help of a translator they were able to hear her story, one that has become all too familiar to the staff of the Odyssey House. She was a woman, trapped in a volatile relationship, who needed help to break the cycle.


Since 1979, women in crisis have arrived at Odyssey house searching for support. Odyssey House and its staff are always there to greet them with a warm smile, a compassionate ear, and hope for the future.


"It is a safe place for women and children to begin to heal. We aim to make these women successful, and success can mean a lot of things" says Marsha; the Acting Executive Director of the Odyssey House.


"Sometimes it is living independently, sometimes it is returning to school, and sometimes it is leaving the area completely. Regardless of what they need, or how many times they return, we are here to offer support, and be their voice when they feel voiceless."


Freedom from abuse is a long road, and for many a few weeks in a shelter is simply not enough time to build the foundations of an independent life. Because of the overwhelming need for continued support the Odyssey house is currently working on construction of a 14 Unit apartment building where women in need can live safely and independently for an extended period of time.


As she prepared to board the bus on her way to a new life, her young son gripped her hand. She offered her thanks, in English to the staff member present. With their help she was able to gain the independence she had been searching for. The fear and hopelessness had disappeared from her eyes, and was replaced with hope that transcended languages.


This is another example of why the Community Foundation's Impact Grants are important to our community.  Organizations like Odyssey House receive funding for programs and initiatives that are 'on the ground' making a difference in our community.   In 2014, through the support of our donors, a $1,000 grant was given to empower women.

written by Lindsey McNeil, Executive Assistant 

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Smart & Caring Leaders 

We are very proud of the continued relationship with the following corporate leaders. It is this dedication and partnership that ensures the work of the Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta positively impacts our community. Please support those who support us!

 Vital Impact



Aquatera Utilities Ltd
ATCO Electric
Auto-Trac Alignment Ltd.
G & M Plumbing & Heating
Greenblade Landscaping Ltd.
LSM - Lee's Sheet Metal (2007) Ltd.
Northern Gateway Pipelines

 Neil Holdings Inc.
Prairie Villa Insurance

Royal LePage - The Realty Group; John Krol & Angie Peters

Willsey Davis & Co. LLP