February 2015
Did you miss the webinar
on Healthcare Reimbursements
by Churches and Ministries?
It's not too late!



On Thursday, Feb. 12, the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability sponsored a free webinar on Healthcare Reimbursements by Churches and Ministries, presented by Danny Miller, legal counsel for benefits to Brethren Benefit Trust, and Allison Gardner, a healthcare attorney who works with Danny Miller. If you were not able to view this webinar on Feb. 12, you can now see it at your convenience by clicking here.


NOTE: If you are not already registered with ECFA, you will have to do so in order to watch the webinar. Registration is free and it takes less than a minute.


Important points in the webinar:

  • Excise tax liability and Form 8928 requirements
  • Compliance and exceptions to the Affordable Care Act rules
  • Definition of the one-participant plan and implications for taxability and reporting
  • Increased taxable compensation as a way to help non-insured employees with private health insurance costs, should they choose to use it to pay for that
  • Tax advantages of group health care
  • The pros and cons of health care sharing ministries

If you are interested in reviewing the PowerPoint slides used for the webinar, please click here.  


There is also a helpful summary document that addresses many of the points in the webinar as well as those listed above. Click here to see that document.    


We realize that navigating the ACA can be a confusing journey, as rules and regulations are evolving. We will do our best to keep you updated with any new information we receive. Please keep in mind that Brethren Benefit Trust does not give tax, legal, human resources, or financial advice. Our purpose in communicating news of this sort is to give churches and other organizations the same up-to-date information that we have regarding tax rules, insurance updates, and other pertinent issues of this nature. This communication in no way replaces the counsel of an accountant, attorney, human resources director, or financial adviser.


Nevin Dulabaum, BBT President

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