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 Virginia Environmental Excellence Program
November 2012

Free Webinars and Training
12/6, 1-2 pm: Quick Chemical Assessment Tool: Learn about the new tool developed by Washington State.
Pollution Prevention 1-1 Training Module: Ten 5-20 minute modules on topics such as "How Does P2 Fit in with Other Greening Initiatives?," "Prioritizing P2 Activities," "Evaluation, Recommendations and Recognition," and "Sustaining Success" produced by the Western Sustainability and P2 Network.
Sustainability Curriculum: Three modules (lean manufac-turing, sustainability and P2) developed by EPA R4 for educators at high schools, vocational institutes and trade schools. Complete with handouts, activities, quizzes and facilitator's notes.

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VEEP Sustainability Partners:VEEP Sustainability Partners
Application period closes December 1!

The VEEP Sustainability Partners track is designed to encourage organizations across Virginia to make environmental sustainability part of their culture through leadership, innovation, and continual improvement. Learn more. Applications for calendar year 2013 will be accepted through December 1. Please review the instructions before submitting an application

VEEP Ceremonies Recognize Newest Members
When facilities are accepted into VEEP, either for the first time or when they renew, many opt to have celebration ceremonies. Three new E3 facilities recognized over the last month illustrate the variety of VEEP participants in terms of location, type of operation and size.
  • Hawkeye Manufacturing, Richmond: The company, a hot tub manufacturer, has initiated a number of waste reduction activities and has achieved an 83% recycling rate. Several years ago, Hawkeye entered into a consent order with DEQ that required the development of an EMS. After seeing the savings and improved working conditions that resulted from the EMS, the company has become an enthusiastic proponent of the approach. Their acceptance into VEEP is unique in that it is the first instance of a facility making a complete turnaround from consent order to VEEP participation.
  • Newport News Shipbuilding: The shipyard, the builder of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and nuclear-powered submarines, is also the largest private employer in Virginia and the largest manufacturer in VEEP. Since 2003, the facility has been certified to the ISO 14001 standard. Recent pollution prevention highlights include: implementation of a new sludge press at their Chemical Waste Treatment Plant that saves 250,000 gallons of city water and also reduces electrical energy consumption by 100,000 KW hours per year; an aggressive recycling program that typically achieves a recycling rate in the 70% range; and, the formation of a GreeNN Team responsible for enhancing the shipyard's new waste minimization program.
  • Virginia Paving Company, Alexandria: The first VEEP facility in the paving industry, the site includes two acres of green space and maintains active environmental outreach efforts which have been recognized by the city. Pollution prevention successes at the site include conserving energy by making asphalt at cooler temperatures, installing low NOX burners in the production process, a transition to natural gas to reduce emissions, and a switch to vegetable-based lubricants. In addition, Virginia Paving has adopted a corporate-wide anti-idling policy.


Welcome to our newest members! 


Hawkeye Mfg
Hawkeye Manufacturing (left to right): Jeff Reynolds (DEQ), Bill Murphy, Mario Ramirez, Tammy Bruce, Juan Ramirez, Matt Eger, Casey Murray, and Mike Murphy (DEQ).


Newport News Shipbuilding (left to right): Danny Hunley, Dwain Jenkins, Dru Branche, Ken Allmon, Sharon Baxter (DEQ), Rick Weeks (DEQ), Maria Nold (DEQ), Keith Miller, Bob Fallon, and Hogie Thorn.


Virginia Paving group shot
Virginia Paving Company (left to right): Richard Doucette (DEQ), Mike Cuilik, Chris Monahan, Christine Vineski, David Horton, and Frank Fannon IV (Alexandria City Council).


Virginia Paving banner
Virginia Paving's VEEP banner.
2013 Governor's Environmental Excellence Awards
Just two more weeks to apply!GEEA
Applications for the 2013 Governor's Environmental Excellence Awards will be  accepted until 5 p.m. on Friday, November 30. For 2013, there are two categories of awards:  sustainability and land conservation. 
The sustainability category is new for 2013 and replaces the previous categories of environmental program and environmental project. The land conservation category will continue to have two types of applications:  land conservation project and land conservation program.