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Issue: National Youth HIV/AIDS Awareness
April/ 2013
Today I learned that April 10th has been declared National Youth HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.  Youth around the country are set to participate in the first annual day of recognition.  As many know, HIV/AIDS Awareness is a cause that I believe must be supported.
The statistics are astounding. 
It is the reason I penned the novel, 
The Red Bear Society. A story set at a fictional high school and addresses many of the difficult issues teens are dealing with in today's sexually charged world.
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See what readers are saying about this powerful novel?  I've shared a few of the reviews.  Hope you enjoy!





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What is NYHAAD?

National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day (NYHAAD) is a HIV testing and treatment community mobilization initiative designed to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment among youth ages 12-25 in the United States.


This campaign has four main objectives:

  • Education: Distribute information about HIV/AIDS.
  • Testing: Establish April 10th as an annual day for youth to get an HIV test.
  • Involvement: Increase the number of youth involved in prevention campaigns and community mobilizing around HIV/AIDS.
  • Treatment: Raise awareness of treatment services and information for HIV+ youth.


When is it recognized?

April 10, 2013 (This is also the first year of observance) 

Why is an awareness day needed?

About 1 in 4 (26%) of all new HIV infections are among youth ages 13 to 24 years. About 60% of youth with HIV do not know they are infected and don't receive treatment. This puts them at risk for sickness and early death. These youth can also unknowingly pass HIV to others.


Where are the events?

NYHAAD is a nationwide movement with organizers planning activities and events in thousands of locales. You can plan your own individual events 

 to observe the day as well.

What can I or my agency do? Support youth in telling their stories on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Please remember to review your agency's social media policy before participating, if applicable. Sponsor a youth-led event that raises awareness in your community. Promote NYHAAD in your community through events and online activities. 



Who are the organizers?

NYHAAD is a national initiative of Advocates for Youth. Contact Sulava Gautam-Adhikary, program coordinator, Advocates for Youth:


 (4.5 Stars) The "Red Bear" Society, June 27, 2012 
This review is from: The Red Bear Society (Paperback)
You may be wondering by the cover of this novel and the title of this book, what exactly is The Red Bear Society? The cover alone may not appeal to you but in reading the novel, the cover will soon become very clear. Johnson White High School has a new principal and her name is Sharon Grayson. The day of orientation does not go quite as planned. If anything, it upsets a lot of the parents and students and the media begins to start questioning what makes her qualified to be principal.

The school district's superintendent has hired her for his own personal reasons. He gives her free reign to be creative and do her own thing as she see's fit. Sharon is set on trying to educate her students and parents on what is really going on with teens today. She shows how things are not how they used to be, and how teens deal with so much more than just the worry of teenage pregnancy. When an accident involving one of the students of Johnson White occurs, the students put together a blood drive and here is where a chain of events will happen that will leave everyone in Johnson White affected in some way.

The Red Bear Society by Tracy L. Darity was an EXCELLENT novel. It is a novel that parents and teens all need to read. The Red Bear Society is a novel that will open your eyes to some of the things that teens of today are going through. Startling statistics are written throughout the novel that will have you stunned. Homework that the parents of the novel were to do will surely have you doing the same. This is a novel I would highly recommend. Although, it seems that too many characters were affected, there is a message that all readers are surely able to get from reading this powerful novel. ~URBAN REVIEWS "Your Source for the Best in AA Fiction"
 5.0 out of 5 stars 
 You are not EXEMPT!, April 6, 2013
This review is from: The Red Bear Society (Kindle Edition)

This book jumps off the pages as you read about the mischievous lives of teens & yes even some adults as they live without abandon.Doing what they feel is right, Not giving thought to how what they are doing has a ripple effect on all those around them, it shows that we are not invincible, we all are at risk when we don't take precautions to keep ourselves & others safe from a disease that can change our lives forever! Especially young undeveloped minds that have yet to acquire the wisdom needed to make such decisions.A definite must read for Middle & High school age youth, they need a heads up that they are not invincible, yes this too can happen to you! You are not EXEMPT,We must be responsible for our actions, taking care to stand up for what is right, and uncovering the wrong. ~Lynn Hill~


5.0 out of 5 stars Great Book by Tracy Darity, March 20, 2013 
This review is from: The Red Bear Society (Kindle Edition)
This was a great book by Tracy Darity. I had never ready anything by this author before but after reading this I am looking for more good books. ~Dee~


4.0 out of 5 stars A Much Needed Book, August 10, 2012 
This review is from: The Red Bear Society (Kindle Edition)

I had been meaning to purchase Tracy L. Darity's book, The Red Bear Society upon its initial release but got caught up in some writing projects of my own. The book was always in the back of my mind and after a miss-start with trying to download it on my book reader, I finally got to read it and was truly hooked from the first page. An an educator working with teens, I knew immediately that although fiction, the themes of the book rang true in the world that was my work with students. Darity's book brings us face to face with what many of us would prefer not believe and not deal with and that is the truth about the activities many of our youth are engaged in that are not just dangerous but deadly. The story is fast paced but then so is life in the typical high school setting and the social circles of so many of our teens. We as adults can continue to pretend that the multi-threats of drugs, drinking and rampart sexual promiscuity that increases the risk of STDs, affects other peoples children rather than our own. We can continue to follow the old bury our heads in the sand philosophy but the problems remain and we must decide how many young people must pay with their lives before we as parents, educators, church leaders and other concerned adults acknowledge that many (not all) of our young people are engaging in risky behaviors that imperil their futures and their very lives. Darity does her part in issuing the wake-up call with The Red Bear Society. I highly recommend this book to teens, parents, school and church personnel and all adults in the business of working with and guiding young people. ~Dr. Cynthia Parker White~
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