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Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary took in a group of 69, yes 69! rats last week!!!! All from one mis-sexed stray some kindly folks rescued from a dog's jaws. Well meaning they got her a companion, she had babies, then they weren't separated soon enough, and more babies ensued, and more, and more. We were told it was 20ish ratties, imagine our surprise when we counted out 69!!!
We NEED ADOPTERS & $$$ asap!!!!!!
Resting Momma
Bennie & thumper boys
14 young boys & a daddy
18 young ladies
3 mommas & their babies
Pinkies/prefuzzies from 3 litters mixed!

Congrats to our first T winner: Paige Webb!!
Watch for more give-aways to celebrate our 10th anniversary!
Kids sizes too!

Remember to also donate $10 in honor of Critter Camp's 10 years!
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Quiggly update:
He is acting perkier and eating and drinking on his own, he even poopied! yay! 
His levels remain elevated , but with meds fluids and lots and lots of love we hope to continue his improvement! 
His vet costs are mounting- any help is greatly appreciated! 
The baby guinea piggies will be ready for adoption soon- momma too!
and Momma Mousie had her 12 pinkies too!!

You can also donate supplies directly with our Amazon Wish List!

SAVE the Date!!
Sat. May 3, 2014 Critter Camp's 3rd annual Raise the Woof Comedy Night
To be held at the Moose Lodge in Freeport IL

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Critter Camp's 10 years in operation:
  • Over 15,000 people educated!
  • over 1200 animals taken in
  • over 300 animals adopted
  • over 200 adoptions arranged


  • over 100 rabbits
  • 20 hedgehogs
  • 60 birds
  • over 250 rats
  • over 175 mice
  • over 60 ferrets
  • over 150 guinea pigs
  • 25 degus
  • over 200 hamsters
  • over 60 gerbils
  • over 20 gliders
  • 6 fennec foxes
  • 1 silver fox
  • 1 arctic marble fox
  • 1 alligator!
  • And hundreds of other misc pets such as lizards, turtles, prairie dogs, chinchillas etc.
We hope everyone had a Happy Valentines Day!!

Critter Camp!!!
Critter Camp!!!
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