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NEW Rescues!!!
3 new rabbits in this weekend via K&R Sanctuary in WI. They are not people friendly because they spent their 5 year lives as food tester rabbits in a lab. They were well cared for but not handled. One is highly aggressive the other two somewhat aggressive, and not handleable. 
Warren, apparently really liked the food he tested :)
Name needed for black boy bunny #1
Name needed for black boy bunny #2
 YOU wonderful supporters make it possible for us to give these unadoptable bunnies a good life!  

Meet new Degus Maggie & Clover too!


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We have 1 ferret still needing a Santa on the Ferret Giving Tree
Sammi Tree23, 

and check out the Secret Santa Event on facebook for hedgehogs too! Our 6 rescues: Lucy, Lucky, Jim, Jelli, Peaches, and Willow  are there!
And 2 NEW Hedgies Citrus & Mango too!


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THANK YOU  to our Tile Donors!!!
Dr. Michel-Ann Fraser
Penny Ramirez
Mary Roberts
The Kruse Family

Goodrich School
Student Council
Woodridge IL

Proud Supporter
of Critter Camp
You are awesome!!!  
 Set aside a bit of your tax refund to honor your family, a pet, a relative or friend. Give your business exposure to thousands of animal loving visitors, tourists and local residents. A donor tile makes a great gift too!  
Tile purchases will be acknowledged on our new Building Benefactor Page   on our Critter Camp website and progress will also be posted.
  Businesses purchasing tiles will receive a LIVE link on our benefactor page, in our newsletter and on our facebook page too! 
As funds are raised work will begin. First the utilities will be connected, then site preparation, etc. 
Tiles and engraving are being ordered through Donor Bricks: 
Critter Camp!!!
Critter Camp!!!
Check out this fantastic funny and cute video The Possum Posse made for Critter Campp! 
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